Sep 29, 2010

Things I miss...

Since the beginning of the year I've acquired quite a list of things I haven't been able to get to, thus causing me to miss them oh so very much...

1. My Desperately Searching Friends

2. Writing about funny things instead of all the poo monkeys that are invading my life

3. Writing about anything besides poo monkeys in general

4. Editing (Yeah....that's how busy I've been...I actually MISS editing)

5. Tiny pieces of Sanity... I swear I used to see them at least some times!

6. Being called Poppins

7. My little Kindergartner who is gone every day all day now :(

8. Working on things that weren't NECESSITIES...they were just fun.

9. Reading and commenting on blogs every day

10. Twitter

11. Writing Sprints

12. Running

13. Keeping up with everyone's publishing careers

14. Working on my publishing career

15.  Chatting up agents

      As you can see my life has been a bit hectic and all the things that make me all sorts of happy have been missing. So I'm brainstorming on how to get them all back. Unfortunately my brain storm is more like gentle sprinkle....not quenching the thirst if you know what I mean!

      So help me out. Tell me what else I've missed? Who's published? Who's agented? Who's writing a new book? I NEED to know!!!

      tell me Tell Me TELL MEEEEE!


      Jessica Nelson said...

      Oooh, I'm sorry! It's hard when life gets hectic.

      Hmmm, did you know Elana has a book coming out? And Jody's is out...Not sure what other news there is.

      I hope things start slowing down for you so you can get back to the important list stuff! :-)

      Kelly Lyman said...

      Hmmm- I'm kind of out of the loop as well, so I can't really tell you about anyone else and as you know, I"m trying to revise and write a new book but am getting nothing done!

      Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

      That is quite the list, you dont need more - holy crap, lots to do!