Mar 25, 2010

5,236,656 days without twitter/facebook

Ok, well maybe not THAT many days, but it feels like it. Just over a week till I make my big return. I've had some great insight during my moments of twitter/facebook abstinence. I'm quite excited to share them with you!

Hope everyone is doing well. I promise I'll be back to everyone's blogs soon!

Two more days till I move! YAY!!!

Mar 9, 2010

I have officially lost count!

It is possible that in my little attempt to make the biggest sacrifice I could think of, I may have unintentionally cheated. Unintentional being the key word here.

Let me give a small sample of my weeks as of late...

Monday - Mom Taxi. School the child (why yes I did say I was not fit for homeschooling, but I assure you this is temporary...I hope. I'm seriously not cut out for this job.) Find out the Realtor wants to show the house Tuesday. Start cleaning. Mom Taxi for the next two hours. Dinner. Catechism for the wee ones. Home. House, 24, Castle, Bed. And somewhere in between all of that I read.

Tuesday - Mom Taxi. School the child WHILE cleaning the house. Mom Taxi again while avoiding the house with a trip to the library to pick up 4 new books. Start reading one new book. Home. Dinner. American Idol. Read the rest of book 1. Bed.

Wednesday - Mom Taxi (Seeing a pattern here?) School the child. Relax for a bit with book 2. Did I mention I'm really not feeling well by this point? Finish book 2. Mom Taxi. Dinner. American Idol. Bed.

Thursday - Realtor wants to show the house Friday. UGH. Mom Taxi. Still not feeling well so pick up book 3 while schooling the kid. Mom Taxi while reading book 3. (Well not while driving, just while waiting. And you are correct, I did not start cleaning yet. Book 3 is good. Home. Dinner. Or something like that. I'm REALLY not feeling good by this point. Finish book 3. Grey's Anatomy. Fall asleep during Private Practice. (I was pushing it)

Friday - Mom Taxi. No school child, need to make the boys clean their room. Must clean the house AGAIN. Boys watch movies and play video games so they don't mess up their room while I clean, and clean, and OM FREAKING GOODNESS why isn't this house clean already and why does it smell funny? Oh great, something dead in the wall. Now I look like I can't keep my house smelling nice. Mom Taxi. Dinner. Rock Band with Neighbors. Bed. No book :(

Saturday - Recover from Rock Band while watching men cut down trees across the street.. Birthday Party with Neighbor. More watching of cutting down trees. Starting Book 4. Movie with the hubs. Bed.

Sunday - More of book 4. Church (this takes longer than expected.) Finish Book 4. Pack a little more. NOW I start craving twitter and facebook. No more books. Nothing on TV. House still semi clean. Don't feel like cleaning again till Monday even though I'll be rushing because they are showing the HOUSE AGAIN on Monday. Finally give in and just go to bed. Starting to feel better, might as well help it along.

Guess what I did on Monday?

BUT while the house was being shown I went to the library and picked up 10 more books. Finished on last night. I think I may have a problem. An addiction? Do normal people usually read a book a day?

Well the good news is I am through 5 of the recommended books.

13 Reasons Why
Love You, Hate You, Miss You
The Adoration of Jenna Fox
Identical (I think that one was an extra from the Ellen Hopkins books)

On the roster from the Library

I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to Kill You
Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy
When You Reach Me

And three I chose by myself by Maureen Johnson
13 Little Blue Envelopes
Girl at Sea
Suite Scarlett

10 Days worth of Reading. Which do I read first?!?!?

You don't even want to know what my "On Hold" list looks like! (Which includes AT LEAST 13 more books.)

Mar 3, 2010

I almost lost count...

Then I looked back and found that it is day 14. Day 14 without Twitter and Facebook ... and it's going well. The Blackberry is kinda boring, as is the internet, but I love how much I've read.

I've already added two more books. One (Thirteen Reasons Why) I read today. I could not put it down. The ending fell a little flat for me, but other than that to book was great. Over the weekend I read Stephen King's "On Writing". I didn't learn as much as I had hoped while reading it, but I really enjoyed it regardless.

And I have to thank you all for all your suggestions. I am at the library right now picking up or placing on hold at least 75% of them already. I will let you know which one I like the best :) If anyone has any to add let me know. I've only got 26 more days to go!

In other news ... I want to apologize for my sporadic posting. We are moving at the end of the month!!! Unfortunately, the thing about moving is, it takes up a LOT of time! On top of packing I've had to clean and Clean and CLEAN for all the people coming through to look at the place. UGH! So if you don't see a post you can safely assume that I am on another cleaning spree and therefore probably NOT happy! LOL