Mar 31, 2009

The Fate of "Roger" the Ant

A conversation between my children...

Son 1: Look it's an ant! (In the boys bedroom...wonderful!)

Daughter: We need to kill him, we can't have an ant in here. (smart daughter)

Son 1: But that's Roger, we can't kill him (Oh he has a name!)

Son 2: Well I just killed him. (Poor Roger)

Son 1: NO! (Poor Son!)

Daughter: Oh wait he's moving... (twitching?)

Son 2: He may have made it. I think he is still alive. (The doctor speaks!)

Son 1: No he's dead and still moving. (Because a 4 year old knows this is possible!)

Son 2: Maybe we should feed him. (NOOOOO)


Daughter: Maybe we should just kill him then. (Wow, she's really pushing his death...should I be worried???)

Children sneak food upstairs regardless. Mom can't bear to stop the scene in the other room.

Son 2: Look, he likes the cracker (Roger must have told them that...)

Daughter: He's not eating it, maybe we should kill him. (Starting to question my daughters morals at this point...)

Son 1: No, he's eating it (apparently if you look hard enough you can see an ant eating)
Son 2: Maybe not (lol)

Son 1: THAT'S NOT ROGER (OMG!!! This is a tragedy! Although I'm not sure how he can tell the difference between one ant or another...Roger must have had a red stripe???)

Daughter: Maybe we should kill him then. We can't have ants in the house. He'll call his ant friends and then they'll all come live in your bedroom. (Does Roger have a cell phone???)

Son 2: Maybe we should build him a house. (as they break out the Lincoln Logs)

Son 1: Maybe we could step on him (questioning my sons morals now!)

Daughter: Yeah he WAS Roger, but I think we should kill him. (He WAS Roger??? And now he isn't????)

Son 1: I'll just name my Jelly Bean Roger instead!!! (And the problem has been solved! Poor Roger)

Mar 30, 2009

Confessions of a Avid Blogger

Dear Blog Readers,

Today I have found myself in a sad sad state. As I sat here, my hair unbrushed and morning breath lingering, I came across a Blog about Bloggers. I read it carefully and thoroughly, wincing at each accusation as if being spoken to me personally. I placed my mouse on the screen and popped up the comment box, reading each confession with care. I felt like every person was taking the words right from my mouth. It was then I realized, I do indeed have a problem. I clicked open the comment box and slowly typed in my own confession, convinced I too might be willing to get help. But there is not help for me. I am extremely, and irreversibly, addicted to Blogging.

Luckily my friends, I am not alone! No doubt 75% of my devoted readers are Blog Addicts too! It is important that we unite against those who find us mentally estranged. We must stand up to our husbands threatening to divorce us if we don't put down the mouse. (Those words are a dramatization, my husband has not YET threatened The Big D over my Blogging problems...YET being the key word) And
together we must pity our sad, uninformed friends who find Blogging to be a waste of time.

Who's with me?!?!?!

Mar 29, 2009

Cha Cha Cha Changes!!!

What a great song. Personally I don't think David Bowie when I hear that song, I think of Shrek. Tell tale sign ... I'm a mom! Still, my Dear Husband insisted Davie Bowie was the way to go. And since Dear Husband is the inspiration behind my newest change, I indulged him.

What is the change you ask? (NO I am NOT pregnant!!! Why do people always make that assumption first? I have 3 children for goodness sake! That is more than enough for crazy me to handle!)

My new change involves my novel. After discussing, trying to rewrite a scene in my manuscript, and MORE discussing, I have decided to move an entire chapter. AN ENTIRE CHAPTER!!! (And you were going to tell me I wasn't crazy a moment ago weren't you?) Here I thought the revisions on my first draft would be all grammar and spelling. Oh no, this is Marybeth we are talking about....Break out the full plot changes and chapter moving. No need to keep it simple or anything. That would be way too easy! Who would want to leave all the pain and suffering to the query letter alone?

Tell me dear friends. Have you ever made a large change like this after you considered your novel to be complete? Was it as thrilling for you as it is for me? Did you find yourself thoroughly questioning your own sanity as I am now? :) Lay it on me kids.

Mar 28, 2009

Clumsy Writing

While trying to edit the second half of my manuscript, I have stumbled upon some very clumsy writing. Unfortunately, with this particular scene in the book, I have to be anything BUT clumsy. I've hit a wall. I'm not sure how to accurately describe what is happening, although I have every detail in my head.

Have you ever had this happen? How do you fix it?

Mar 27, 2009

Why Motherhood is Masochistic...

The funny thing about being a mom and a wife...we are told just how hard and thankless the job is going to be, yet we jump into it regardless. We spend our entire childhood dreaming up our flawless wedding day and playing with our little baby dolls like they are real and perfect. I don't know about you, but my wedding day was stressful! And my babies, um yeah, VERY REAL, but anything from perfect. What is wrong with us women? Are we masochistic or something!?!?

Today I am wishing to not be a mommy, and to not be a wife. I've had enough of being told how mean I am, how horrible my cooking is, and how poorly I do at grocery shopping. Do I not have a SPOTLESS house 90% of the time? Do I not have a well cooked, piping hot dinner on the table most nights? Do I not make sure everyone has something to wear and a clean pair of underpants every day? Amongst the slew of other things I do to keep this household happy and healthy, do they not see it? DO THEY NOT SEE IT! (One of my favorite lines from "The Story of Us")

Yes, we hear how thankless the job of being a wife and mother is, yet we dive right into it.
We look down at that brutally cold water, thinking it will cool us off and feel wonderful and relaxing. We plunge head first off the diving board of life into a pool that is all too shallow. There is just enough water to sustain us and keep us free from life threatening injury, but the liquid surrounding us is just a bit colder than we may have anticipated. Unfortunately we have all made the dive already. We are in the water and all we can do is swim. Although it feels like I am merely doing the doggy paddle these days, at least I'm not drowning.

I know I'm not alone in this. So I will
abstain from asking for sympathy or pity. But SERIOUSLY!!! Can I at least get me a little slack cut? Can someone throw me a raft or a life preserver to help me float for a bit? No? Ok, can I settle for a big fat glass of Shiraz then?

Mar 26, 2009

Tell Me What You Think!

Not a whole lot to say to day. It's almost time for the usual Thursday line up. Just wondering what you are all predicting? Let me know!!!

Mar 25, 2009

Are You Down with Tweeting?!?!

"All the little birdies on Jay Bird St., love to here the Robins go TWEET TWEET TWEET!"

I used to believe I was mainly addicted to Facebook. Unfortunately I was then introduced to a lovely little website called Twitter. I thought, "Hey, I'll just try this out. I DOUBT it will be as habit forming as Facebook!" WRONG!

Here I sit, months later, now realizing that Twitter has become my marketing tool. That's right kids, I have been attempting to market.....myself. GASP! What? You think I'm a dirty girl... (Suddenly picturing the new Boost Mobile Commercial in my head...EWE) No, I'm not marketing myself, as in my body...but myself, as in my writing, my blogs, my personality. I'm trying to make a name for me! In the process I have begun networking with agents and other writers. I find it to be an excellent networking tool.

Sure Facebook is fun and quirky, but for networking....I'm sticking with Twitter. It's the perfect way to promote my blog and connect with other writers and agents. Go me a Twit, I won't be offended.

Do you Tweet? Let me know your opinions! Or better yet, become a follower. (AFTER you become a follower of my Blog of course!)

Mar 24, 2009

A Possible Break from it Necessary?

I have been considering the fact it may possibly be time to take a break from my novel. I am suddenly dreaming about agent queries and red pens. My back is in desperate need of a chiropractor. Possibly writing a book while sitting on a small wicker stool is a bad idea??? Most recently, I have found it impossible to spend more time actually editing than merely staring at this white piece of paper, adorned in black ink with numerous red and blue pen corrections. (That's correct my friends, I FINALLY broke out the red pen! Gasp!) It has taken on the appearance of pretty art project rather than actual words.

**ALTHOUGH, props to me for keeping my kids alive and well along with a clean house WHILE spending countless hours staring at my manuscript, blogs about publishing, and!!!**

I have been so dedicated to this novel, I have barely spent an entire day away from it in the last six months. My manuscript has become my new infant. I find myself back to the days where I was afraid to leave the tiny little child, the one that barely filled an entire arm with it's petite body, alone with the babysitter. Instead of taking the risk of another person feeding my fragile baby, I forgo leaving the house or having a life outside my precious new creation. I am not afraid to leave the manuscript with a baby sitter of course, actually I refuse to leave it in the hands of any other human being. (Call it "Paranoia" that someone is going to steel it and sell it on the black market for millions of dollars. Some of the same fears I had leaving my children with unfamiliar babysitters....) The real problem is the fear I may never finish it if I leave it alone for a day. If I walk away, I may find myself too burnt out to come back.

Fortunately I may not have much of a choice next week with my children being on Spring Break. Entertaining three children leaves little time for writing and editing. Bring on the coloring books and Legos, the Macaroni & Cheese lunches and the never ending "He's touching me!", "She looked at me first." and "But I don't want to clean my room!" There may be no other choice available than to put down the sentences that "Show" vs. "Tell". It will be time to set aside the Prepositional Phrases. And it will be heart braking to take a week away from the Vivid Red Pen. Hopefully it will be a positive thing.....

My question for all those writers out there....Do you keep going till there is nothing left to write or edit? Do you just keep plugging at it until you could recite the entire manuscript in your sleep? Or is there a point where you just put it down and take a break from it?

Mar 23, 2009

Monday ... Bleck ...

It's Monday...need I say more? It must be something about Monday that instills upon us the assumption it is going to be a bad day? In reality, it hasn't actually been a bad day at all. But I'm still not feeling it. So kids, let me save us all the misery. I'll blog tomorrow, possibly about sunshine, rainbows and ponies. Although doubtful.....I mean who really wants to hear all the things that can shine from our.........

Mar 22, 2009


Cheese is tasty.

Cheese is the perfect word to say before a picture.

Cheese is perfect when smothered over french fries.

Cheese is comforting.

Cheese is wonderfully paired with wine.

Cheese is happiness.

Cheese is the best thing I had to talk about to day. It's been a long weekend. Let's hope for better tomorrow!

Mar 21, 2009

Exciting Saturday....or not...

Nothing too exciting to blog about today. I bought Twilight and forced my husband to watch it. He in return took me out to Burger King for dinner. I suppose I asked for it...

Mar 20, 2009

How Long is TOO Long? Why writing a Query Letter can be so Frustrating!

Where less is more and more is less, is there a middle ground? When writing a query letter, how much of the plot do you really need to expose? Will your synopsis measure up enough to get a request for a partial?

I can honestly say I do NOT find the actual writing of a novel to be the hardest part. Although it is difficult to sit down and come up with a beginning, middle and end to a well written book, it pales in comparison to the actual writing of the query letter. Imagine for a moment, taking an 80,000 word story, and being told that you are only allowed to use about 500 words to explain the entire work of literature. Does anyone else see how this appears to be almost virtually impossible!?!? And this is not the end to the insanity.

Not only do you need to figure out how to insanely condense your hard work into an email or letter, but now you must decide which portions of the story are relevant and important enough to capture your readers attention. Are you merely looking to dangle a tiny piece of steak in front of a starving dog, leaving them with just enough to want more? Or do you want to just throw them the bone, the major piece that holds the steak together and smells of what they want, but leaves off all the beef making them NEED that sustenance? And let's face it, we could always just throw them the whole dang steak and hope it tastes sufficient enough to want the entire cow?

Therein lies the question, how long is too long? Is more less or is less more? And if that wasn't enough to make you lose your mind and consider maybe this novel is not worth the hassle, the process only becomes increasingly complicated.

EACH individual Agent is different. Each has their own guidelines about formatting and grammar. Each has their own style, their own represented genre, and their own preferences about how many credentials you have. There is not going to be just ONE query letter you are writing for this ONE novel. Instead there will be ONE query letter specifically written for EACH agent. What? You had not even considered researching your agents? You were planning on just sending out a "generic form" query letter and hoping one bites? OH! Well I hope you are planning on getting ONE "generic form" rejection letter from EACH Agent as well.

This is the life of a writer my friends. Maybe after reading this you think I am insane and surely I should give up. But maybe, JUST MAYBE, I do believe my novel will capture the eyes of even ONE Agent. It is possible I believe that by writing NUMEROUS query letters, and exposing a different amount of my plot to each Agent, ONE will bite and be as excited about my story as I have become. I may not know the answer to "How long is too long?", but I can assure that I fully intend to find out!

Lesson of the day kids, don't give up because something sounds impossible. If you believe in will become possible! Will MY synopsis measure up? Well I can assure I refuse to discontinue my efforts until it has.

Ok, enough with the speeches and back to the editing... Have I mentioned how frustrating editing is yet???

Mar 19, 2009

Red Wine is like a Prepositional Phrase....

"How?" you ask....well let me explain....

1. Sometimes it sounds good, at others it doesn't. Unless you are a member of my family, then most always it sounds wonderful! (The Red Wine, not the Proposition) But if you are not a member of the fabulous wine drinking family, the question lingers. Same goes for Prepositional Phrases. Sometimes the word THAT just sounds so damn good! What if I want to use it???

2. They are both my enemies! They creep up on me when I'm not expecting...throwing everything off. Especially balance. Confused? Prepositions have the tendency to throw off the balance of a wonderfully written sentence. Too many that's and had's and if's and of's! It's crazy THAT I think THAT after I just HAD a glass of wine THAT I just drank. Now tell me there is balance in the previous sentence! Red Wine...well let's not talk about how horrible my balances becomes after a few glasses.

3. There are times when I am not sure when to use either. It's 4:30 on a Thursday afternoon and the week has been long. Each day has been marked by either a sick child or a naughty son who has been sent home from school. The question is, do I wait until the clock strikes five? Or do I just uncork that seductive bottle of Shiraz and sip it down as though it were water and I had been stuck in the swealtering heat for days without even a drop of sweat to quench my thirst? It's a tough decision. Same goes for those tricky little propositions.


What did you step on? You can't say, "What did you step?" You need to say, "What did you step on?" to make a grammatical sentence.
Although to be true to gramatical form, should you really be saying, "On what did you step?'"

Seriously! This is going to take years to figure out! (The Prepositions, not the Red Wine...)

Do you have any advice? Any tips?

Mar 18, 2009

Where's my Red Pen?

Red Pen
Blue Pen
White Pen
New Pen!

Dr. Seuss is surely an inspiration to us all. I wonder if he had a difficult time editing Green Eggs and Ham? Did he originally call the book Orange Eggs and Beef? Maybe Sam I Am was initially named Buzz I's possible!

I'm in the editing phase of my project right now. Some days I think I have finally gotten to the exciting part of writing, and others I wonder if the never ending crossing out of words and rewriting of sentences will EVER be over. So far...I've concluded that it is unlikely!

I've began editing with a Blue Pen. I'm not sure what it is about Blue Pens that I love so dearly. It could possibly date back to the good ol' Shoe Carnival days where we would prank call each other inquiring "Do you have any Bluuuuue Shoes?" Then once we all transferred over to Office Max (It is not necessary to understand the tie between Shoe Carnival and Office Max to comprehend the meaning behind the story stop wondering) it quickly became the question of "Do you sell any Bluuuuue Pens?" Was this the beginning of the Blue Pen preference? It is very possible.

Or possibly I am afraid of the Red Pen. Just the words Red Pen sound so striking and evil! When I hear Blue Pen, I become calm and relaxed. A Blue Pen looks like perfect little tennis shoe prints covering the snowy white paper, making a suggestion here and a comment there. But the Red Pen, the evil distracting Red Pen, shoots off the smooth crisp paper like giant stilettos stomping over each word they do not like and curving into words of their own. The Red Pen SCREAMS "You've done something wrong you idiot!" while the sweet little Blue Pen whispers "Oh honey, you've made a mistake. Let's fix that shall we!"

Here I sit,
safely hiding behind my little Blue Pen, on the verge of stepping it up. I am slowly preparing myself for the screams of the Red Ink that are about to come my way. I have even considered purchasing a Red Pen of my own. Although I must admit, maybe green or pink would do the job just as well.

I'm in the editing phase of my project right now. And if I have not properly "Shown" you how I feel about editing with this blog, I am telling you right now...."It's stressful!" All I want to do is send out my queries and be done with it all ready. Maybe tomorrow I should focus my blog on "patience"? Just a thought.

Update: Tomorrow's topic...prepositions! Sorry Rebecca, but you asked for it...I've done my research and I have some comments and questions. BUT my Protruding Red Pen is already out doing the dirty do not fear that I have not listened!

Mar 17, 2009

Look at my new face!!!

I bet you are wondering if I had a nose job eh? Well although I do feel my nose is a tad too pointy, it is not my physical face I am speaking of. It's the new face of my blog. My insanely talented (or insane and talented?) husband has been working countless hours trying to personalize my blog. If that is not true love, then I don't know what is.

Together with my relentless pestering and his diligent coding skills I now feel that my blog is my own! Let me know what you think. He still has some updates to make and we are in search of one more graphic, but we are getting there!

Mar 16, 2009

Mar 14, 2009

Birthday Parties

Clean....cook...clean a little more....people flood only half the food.....cake..."Happy Birthday Song...cake and ice cream....presents....pick up wrapping paper....goodbyes....CLEAN AGAIN...

Sigh...leaves no room for intellectual blogging...

Have a great Saturday kids!!!

Mar 13, 2009

Showing vs. Telling

Now we are not talking about your Kindergarten version of Show and Tell here kids, BUT it is a great way to start explaining my struggle. Let us see if I have the concept straight. I'll let you be the judge! Throw on your imagination caps people. I'm about to make you think! (Oh stop moaning and groaning. Even grown ups need to use their imaginations once in awhile!)

Picture this! (Ok, now I have a Verve Pipe song in my head. At least it is a good one!)

Five year old Marybeth brings her favorite stuffed animal to school one day, Donkey. (Now there is nothing wrong with loving a jack ass kids. If you've met my husband you'd realize I'm quite fond of them! Just kidding husband, I love you!) Little Tommy is blind (UPDATE: His eyes were recently damaged by a large Magnext Roller Coaster piece. Thus he COULD see before the accident!) and can not see the pet Donkey visibly and feels a little left out. So sweet little Marybeth, with her curls
bopping up and down in pig tails tied up by fuzzy blue ribbons, wants Tommy to see Donkey. Unfortunately all she has is her words.

She can do one of two things at this point. She can Show with her words or she can Tell. Up until VERY recently I was not aware that there was a difference. And here I sit, my soar back propped up on my wicker stool, wanting to verify that I understand the concept. This is the part where you swoop in with your knowledge and tell me. Have I succeeded, or do I need to do a bit more research?


Marybeth TELLS Tommy

"This is my favorite pet Donkey! He looks like a donkey decorated for Christmas."

Marybeth SHOWS Tommy

"This is Donkey! My Grammy gave him to me last Christmas as a gift. We do not get to see Grammy often, so I sleep with Donkey every night to remember her. He is grey with black hooves and a BIG nose. He also has large teeth and smiles at me. Sometimes I think he wants to talk to me. He even has a red fuzzy Santa Clause hat on top of his little floppy ears."


So how did I do? Was it enough? Was it too much?

Don't be shy now. I want to hear it all. After all, I am preparing myself for all the rejection that comes with sending out query letters!! So give it to me straight.

Mar 12, 2009

When what's Natural does NOT come Naturally!

It was while reading a post today about nursing babies that I began to think. I relished in the way she described how easily it came to her. How naturally it all just happened. Her babies looked at her and smiled. They then latched right on and God said, "Let there be bonding!" And there was! I was jealous. Nursing did not come naturally to me. It was complicated and heart breaking with each child. My babies looked at me, frowned and said "You want me to do what with your nipple?" And it all went down hill from there. I couldn't nurse the first because I had postpartum and needed medication. A medicated mama was better for my daughter than my milk could have ever been. The second just didn't take to it, not sure why. Maybe I didn't try hard enough, but he really just didn't seem interested. He was usually too busy staring at my hair or my shirt to ever concentrate hard enough on what HE was suppose to do. My last child was the worst. At first we bonded. Finally! Nature may be attempting to be kind to me! Or was short lived when I began to pump in order to get ready for going back to work and he decided he liked the bottle better than me. It was less work for him, and who wants to work for their food! Nursing surely did not come naturally to me.

This made me sit and ponder. Why do some things come so naturally to some, and not to others? Why do some of the things that some people do with ease, seem to be such a struggle for me? It's not a complaint really. It's actually just mere contemplation. I do not understand how some of the things that Mother Nature intended for Man Kind have some how eluded to find their way to me.
It's not just nursing either. Let's talk about the entire realm of motherhood. Should I not know the difference between my child needing a bath or just a wipe down from a diaper wipe? But one is so much easier than the other some days! And shouldn't my motherly clock say "Your child is crying, you need to decipher the problem!"? But he's been doing that ALL DAY, can't he just figure out how to flip his underwear around on his own!!! And "Oh SHIT!" how did I miss breakfast this morning, it surely can't be 11:00am already! Motherhood has done anything but come to naturally me. Was I too young to have children? Maybe, or maybe I'm just clueless as to how such a sweet, bright young child does NOT know how to follow simple instructions such as "Go to your room!". Really, I think it's quite a simple task.

We can even go one step further. (Shut your eyes children, your mothers won't want you to read this!) Isn't one's sex drive SUPPOSE to naturally come back a couple years after you have children. Did mine miss me and head over to the neighbors? Or wait! Maybe it just jumped on top of my husband's and doubled his? Well it seems that way at least.....since mine is never present and his never goes away. Um Mother Nature!!!! Give me the boost, not him!

These natural things.....things that are suppose to just "come to us". They keep looking at me and laughing as they pass right by me. How does that work? Does Mother Nature have it in for me? Was it because I picked the leaves off of trees before they were ready to fall when I was 5? Was it that fire fly I smooshed against the pavement, just to look at the "glitter" spread all over when I 7? Maybe it was somewhere in my teenage years that I pissed her off, or possibly in my early adulthood. But seriously!!!
I didn't mean it, I promise.

"A little help here Mother Nature!!!"

Has she passed you by? What natural things, the ones that appear more like talents you were never blessed with, did not find their way to you? I know I'm not alone here kids! Right?!?!?!

Mar 11, 2009

A Dyslexic Man walks into a Bra

Best bar joke ever! Feels more like a metaphor for my life however. I often find myself walking into all the wrong places and all the wrong situations, and welcoming them in order to make those around me happy. Being a "People Pleaser" is a TON of work! And is it even worth it? Conclusion...absolutely NOT!

No longer will I be a "People Pleaser". I am here for myself.

No longer will you find myself just sitting back while children bully my son on the bus and he get's blamed for it. Damn straight I called that bus garage and told them how it was....and has there been a problem since? Absolutely NOT!

No longer will I sit back and let a teacher talk to me rudely in front of a class of 1st graders making me feel like I was one of her students. Did I talk to the principal and make my view on the situation known? For sure! Have my kids had any problems at school since? Absolutely NOT!

No longer will I sit back and let ANYONE disrespect me for who I am or how I feel. I'm me, take it or leave it. You want to be part of my life? Then treat me like you deserve to be a part of it, or walk away. I'm done being trampled over, and do I think I've made a mistake by letting those who did not treat me with respect go? Absolutely NOT!!!!

No longer will I watch as my son plays video games after he has a very smelly situation brewing below. He'll make it to that potty, regardless of whether or not "It takes too long!" to do so or he'll never see Mario Kart again. Have we had any accidents yet? Ok, well kinda, but I'm working on it!!!!

And although I may be an adult, it doesn't make it any easier to not feel peer pressure. Sure I may know the differences between right and wrong, and I may not have my fellow classmates throwing drugs or alcohol in my face, but there are other pressures as an adult. And no longer will take part in the things I do not agree with. I am going to be a responsible adult and be proud of myself for it. Will I really just be missing out on the "fun" I could be having? Absolutely NOT!

I am who I am, and no one different. My morals are strict and a might be a bit too uptight. I may even be considered a bitch, but I'm ok with that. I'm a good bitch. I am who I am kids. And I like that about me. You can concentrate on all my can embrace all the great things about me. I hate to sound conceded, but damn, I'm kinda funny...IF you pay enough attention to notice it. And if you put aside all those flaws and love me for who I am, will you be disappointed? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

A Dyslexic Man walks into a Bra...maybe he should have opened his eyes ;)

Mar 10, 2009

To Share or Not to THAT is the question

In a recent convesation with my husband we were discussing wether or not we prefer to share our work with eachother. I'm not talking about "job" work, but more like our "creations". Aren't our spouses our hardest critics? I know mine is, and vice versa. Always pushing eachother to be the best of the best.

I've recently worked on a big project and I am struggling with the internal battle of to share or not to share with him. Although I am thoroughly convinced it is a work of art, will he? What if he does not believe I have worked out a masterpiece as I do? Will this crush my dreams? I'd like to say not, but would I be lying?

I personally respect my husbands opinions, and that of my good friends and family as well, but is my confidence strong enough to withstand their criticism? Only time will tell! I must remind myself that I AM indeed the greatest and most creative person he will ever meet...and you will ever meet...and all will be well.

So wish my luck fellow bloggers! I am about to share the heart and soul of my last six month with a few select people. Let's hope they think it is as spectacular as I do! After all, I AM spectacular as well!

Mar 9, 2009

A Daily Ritual

I've been thinking about it and I would like to make this "Blogging" thing a daily ritual. I've been very caught up in another writing project so I haven't actually had much time for it. But I hope to from here on out.

Feel free to get me going. Let me know what you feel like listening to me ramble about. Or if there is something on your mind you feel needs the opinion of a random mind, I'll be happy to punch out some mush and make up answers to all of the worlds problems, and yours. Maybe I'll come up with a few solutions to my own issues. (Please refrain from holding your breath in anticipation for that moment however.)

Can't wait to get this thing started...tomorrow.....