Apr 30, 2009

Top 10 Reasons CrackBerry...um ... BlackBerry is BAD

1. It's shiny and pretty and pink and DISTRACTING!

2. It has this really cool little roller ball mouse that I can roll around if I am holding onto the phone and then all I want to do is hold onto the phone so I can roll around the really cool little roller ball mouse....

3. I now have facebook, twitter, and my email all at the tip of my fingers...all day...everyday... I now no longer need to leave my bed...ever! (Except maybe to pee)

4. Can't think of a reason, too busy playing with the really cool little roller ball mouse.....

5. There are buttons everywhere. I try to check my email, CrackBerry asks me to say a command. I want to bring it out of sleep mode, suddenly I'm prompted to take a picture. What's going on here!!!

6. Um hold on a sec, need to check my email, facebook, and twitter on the CrackBerry.

7. I now have a better camera than I did before I got the phone...watch out people...this puppy goes everywhere with me. Put on your "cheese" smiles!

8. Did I mention is it is pretty and shiny and pink?

9. Did I mention my husband is already considering taking it away from me?

10. Does anyone know where I can find a pic of Robert Pattinson to use as my background image????? (Oh wait, that's not a reason...)

Apr 29, 2009

"Tiiiiiiimmmmmeeee is on my side. Yes it is!!!"

“When alive, we spend so much time worrying about time. When we are children we notice how slow it is going. Then, as we get older, how fast time has passed. When at work, while waiting for an appointment, at school, we watch the minutes as they tick away till that time has expired. We pay such close attention that most often; it seems to be all that matters. We worry about how long we spend happy, how long we spend sad. We agonize over how long or short the time is that we have with our loved ones before they die. Living Beings pay attention to the tiniest moments with impatience. They grow impatient watching water boil, waiting for a friend to arrive, wondering when the mail is going to come. Everything is centered on time.”

I could not help but think how silly it was that I too had once worried about all those small, insignificant t
hings. I too had placed the majority of my thoughts waiting, wondering and worrying. I now felt another tinge of regret for wasting so much of that precious time.
This is a small excerpt from my book that got me thinking the other day. (And the day I wrote it, and every time I read it, and when I think about it...) Another writer's blog, "On the Path" had done a posting about beign patient, something I would assume MOST writers (and about all of us mothers) have a problem with.

As a writer I want time to fast forward to the moment an Agent responds to my query and asks for a partial, a full, or wants to get a contract going! I'm like little Violet on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory..."I want it ALL NOW!!" But let's look at reality for a moment...Um Yeah, probably not going to happen. Instead, I am going to have to get off my bum and finish this editing process. I'm going to have to send out queries and get many rejections. I'm going to have to WAIT for that glorious day when my story catches an (the smartest and most intuiti
tive) agent's eye. and I'm going to have to do a whole LOT of waiting till I get published and noticed as well. So why am I wasting so much time worrying about it!?!?

As a mother...aahhh to be a glorious mother...I can't wait for my kids to finally start cleaning their rooms without me asking, taking a shower when THEY realize they are dirty, and ask me if they can do their own laundry while making ME dinner. REALITY CHECK! Not going to happen any time soon. So why am I wasting so much time wishing this will happen?!?!?

Time is a beautiful instrument. It moves on it's own accord and takes no orders from anyone. We can't speed it up, we can't slow it down, and there is no evidence that we will ever be able to turn it back. However, there is not a one of us who doesn't want to do at least one of the above. I myself would like to do ALL of the above in one way, shape, or form!

I want to speed up to the day where I am finally financially stable, with a publishing contract and a carreer I can be proud of. Instead, I should focus on the journey that gets me to that point. I should relish in the lessons I have learned and the friends I have made along the way.

I want to slow down time and keep my kids little and innocent for as long as possible. I am dreading the day I send my son to school finally. Can't he just be 4 forever (notice I say 4 and NOT 3...oh thank goodness 3 is over!!!) I want my daughter to be little and unteenaged! I want her to be innocent and confident for as long as possible. I want my older son to forever want to kiss me before the bus picks him up. He still likes me. Soon, I will be the cause for all embarrassment in his life. I dread that day! I can't slow down time though, but I can cherish these moments with my children, and every day I have with them.

I want to be 19 again! I had a perfect body, not a flabalanche in sight! No children, no repsonisbilities, and a wonderful lusty, lovey-dovey relationship with my husband. It was bliss, it was simple, and it was effortless. But do I really want to not have my children here? Not really. Do I really want to go back to all the insecurities and irresponsibilities? Not really. (I won't bother asking if I want that flaweless 19 year old figure back...because THAT would be a rhetorical question!) Instead, I should keep those memories close and remember how much I have grown since that time, and keep in mind all that I have GAINED as well.

Time is a beautiful instrument. In retrospect, we should all strive to be a little more like TIME, and stop waiting, worrying and wondering so much about it. Because we don't want to get to heaven and think to ourselves....
I could not help but think how silly it was that I too had once worried about all those small, insignificant things. I too had placed the majority of my thoughts waiting, wondering and worrying. I now felt another tinge of regret for wasting so much of that precious time.

Apr 28, 2009

Why say "NO" when you can SING it to me!

So, while in a hurry, I'm getting the kids ready to head out for school this morning. Like usual, they are taking there sweet @$$ time. For some absurd reason, children find it impossible to get ready at a normal human pace. They seem to find it extremely entertaining to instead move in slow motion. So I say to my youngest son, "Please put on your socks!"

Instead of saying "Ok mom, I'd love to!", he SINGS to me "No, I don't waaaannnnt tooooo!" (On perfect pitch I might add. Kinda surprised the other two didn't join in for perfect 3 part harmony!) I mean seriously. Why just say the word "No" when you can sing it! Right?!?!?

Well I can't just answer back in boring monotone mom voice, what kind of mother would I be to not indulge this newly forming Musical? (I'm picturing Larry the Cucumber singing "But it's a MUUUUSSSICCCALLL" I love Veggie Tales) So I SING back, "I wasn't asskkkiiiiinnnngggg, I was telllllinnnnggg....so DO IT!" (Also in perfect pitch, but somewhat disappointed my hubby didn't back me up for the perfect mother/father duet.)

He then looks at me, grabs his socks, walks over to the couch, LAYS DOWN ON IT, and holds the socks up in the air, waiving them back and forth like a little white surrender flag, singing back. "YOOOOOOUUUUU do it!" At this point, I'm singing MANY things in my head, but I cautiously push these unmommylike words aside, end the musical with my eyebrow up in the air, and put on his freaking socks! 4 year old - 1 point, Mommy - NONE! Sigh.... (I hate it when we are in a hurry...I would have loved nothing more than to put those socks on his hands and walk away! Next time....oh just wait little 4 year old...the point will be MINE!!!)

Apr 27, 2009

Irony at it's Best!

So yesterday...I had the Stomach Flu (well, I still have it today, but feeling much better)

So yesterday...Suddenly there is a crisis and everyone has the Swine Flu

Conclusion...EVERYONE must make mention about me probably having the Swine Flu

Conclusion....I must have the Swine Flu too!!!

So if this is my last Blog, it was great to write for ya'll. Seriously, was it necessary for my illness to leave me wide open to all these jokes? SERIOUSLY!!! Could the news not have waited till next week to announce it's new crisis?

ALSO, what I'd like to know is how they came up with the name "Swine" Flu. Wouldn't "Pig" Flu come off with the same effect? Did they need to seem Politically Correct or something?

Apr 24, 2009

Phantastic Phriday - Shampoo or Mountain Dew?

***In honor of it being Phriday, and in rephusal to submit to boredom, I have decided that the Letter F shall phrom here on out be replaced with a PH (except phor in pictures which I have no control over)***

Sitting in my shower the other day (Yes the cat is out oph the bag, I sit in my shower! I'm lazy, why stand when you can sit? Sitting is MUCH more relaxing!)

As I was saying...Sitting in my shower the other day (PHOCUS people! Sitting is perphectly normal!....I think...)

One more time...Sitting in my shower the other day, I looked at my Shampoo bottle and read "Now with Phructose and Glucose!" I paused a moment.....Phructose and Glucose eh?...in Shampoo....Am I the only one who phinds this to be awkward and slightly problematic?

Interpretation - By adding Corn Syrup and Yellow Number 5 to my Shampoo, I would have a excellent bottle oph Mountain Dew. No?

Apr 23, 2009

Is Coffee the Key to Success?

I read a post this morning called "Why I Drink". Well if you are a mother, there is not need to inquire further upon that statement. If we have children, if we have husbands, if we have pets....it's impossible to make it through the duties of wife and mother without a LARGE glass of wine from time to time. (Can I get an Amen!!!)

Then I began to think about my own mother. Although I do remember there being a box of White Zin, (Why yes, I did just say a box. My mama was classy!)I don't recall seeing her drink NEARLY as often as I've witnessed most mothers to do these days. Granted my mother was practically a saint....or so I believed and chose to continue believing... So I questioned this. Since current day mothers now get by with our wine, how did my mom do it? EPIPHANY!!!! She drank coffee! Sigh........

I have, for many years now, been REFUSING to become a coffee drinker. Although my nose perks up and I and savor the scent every time I come in contact with that evil enticing liquid, the moment it makes contact with my mouth I have a natural reaction to spit out the entire sip. (Serious question here! Why does coffee not taste as wonderful as it smells? That's deceiving!) But in addition to the sludge flavor, I refuse to evoke a new addiction. I've had friends, family and co-workers try to convert me. My response being, "I will NOT give in to your peer pressure!!!" (Way to sound like a seasoned teenager eh!)

But back to thinking about my mother, and all these mothers...and heck, let's take it a step further, all my new found internet friends, blog writers, blog readers, mothers, aspiring authors, etc.. There is one thing in common with each and every one of you. Yes, you guessed it! You are ALL evil coffee drinkers! *GASP* I mean seriously, one of my favorite blogs, Pajama's and Coffee, even has the damn word in her title!!!!

Am I truly that naive? Have you all been trying to convert me for better reasons than just peer pressure? Have I been failing to answer the call to the best little bean to hit the earth? (Seriously...It hits the earth, it grows...ok bad joke!) Why have I been fighting so hard? **Bows her head in shame**

So here is the real question kids...answer truthfully...is Coffee really the secret to success? Does it truly make you a better writer, mother, wife, etc....? Tell me....Tell Me...TELL ME!!!

Apr 22, 2009

Desperately Searching for my What?!?!?!

Aren't we all Desperately Searching for something? Sadly, not only am I looking for that little glint of Mary Poppins within me, I am also.....

Desperately Searching for my distant relative that wants nothing more than to hand over the million dollars I am bound to inherit.

Desperately Searching for a Literary Agent. Anyone want to represent my MS?

Desperately Searching for my 20's.I seemed to have missed them?!?! I went straight from 19 to 42 in a matter of 8 years....

Desperately Searching for a bigger better lawn gnome...

Desperately Searching for the reason we can no longer use 2 spaces between each sentence!

Desperately Searching for a serum that makes my hair grow REALLY fast. Not too fond of this short do, eh.

Desperately Searching for 19 yr old figure, it's lost somewhere below all these stretchmarks and flabalanches...I just know it!

Desperately Searching for my sanity! Although I'm not really sure it ever existed.

Desperately Searching for my missing English accent. I'm sure I was born with one.......

Desperately Searching for a way to get my husband to give me a back rub ...
EVERY day.

Desperately Searching for the Fountain of Youth.

Desperately Searching for a the reason they haven't built a Super Target right next door to my house yet.

Desperately Searching for my boombas that never grew in...I think my sister has those though...

Desperately Searching for a pair of jeans that doesn't fall off my arse every ten minutes!

Desperately Searching for the button to press that makes my children to EVERYTHING I tell them to.

Desperately Searching for he button to press that makes my HUSBAND to EVERYTHING I tell him to!!!

Desperately Searching for.....

I seriously could go on and on, but I highly doubt you want me to ;)
What are YOU Desperately Searching for?

(But I can tell you what I am NOT Searching for...a set of these!)

Apr 21, 2009


Sing it with me kids!!! (Cuz I don't know the lyrics past that point. So really, I need your help!)

At Last! I have made some progress in my MS today. I officially have 7 chapters polished and pretty and ready to send off to an agent! (I am the Championnnnn, of the World!!!) Only 20 more to go....................

In the process however, my mind has turned to absolute mush! I am no longer witty or pretty or BRIGHHHHHT! (Seriously, I haven't showered since Sunday. TMI? Have no fear, I am headed there after I post this perfectly awesome Blog!) I'm not sure what it is about back spacing every sentence one space that turns your brain into a Bowl Full of Mush (Favorite Children's Book EVER!!! 2 Points to whoever can name it), but it happened.

I am pushing myself for another 3 chapters between now and tomorrow. I will not rest till I have perfected this novel in every way possible. (Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... Oh sorry, had to take a quick nap there for a minute.)

Apr 20, 2009

Not a Rant....Just a Realization :)

I have been so intertwined in writers blogs, agents on twitter and advice websites about how to write the best book, that it's got me thinking....

(Stick with me here....I'm hoping not to confuse ya...)

ALTHOUGH..... I LOVE all the blogs, I AM ENTERTAINED by twitter, and I'VE LEARNED a wealth of knowledge from all the websites....

At what point should we put it all down and just write? After all, isn't that why we started the craft to begin with...to write? At what point to we throw all the advice into a bucket, sit down at our computers and just spew what our hearts and heads are shouting to us?

(Have I lost you yet???)

Although my crazy, chaotic life is slightly to blame for my lack of accomplishments lately, I will admit that all these blogs, tweets and web articles have also hindered the completion of my MS. Sometimes I need to remind myself that the reason I am sitting in this uncomfortable kitchen chair, staring at my unforgiving red pen, is because I had an idea, an idea needing to be shared with the world (or anyone willing to read...which SHOULD be the world, cuz I'm that awesome!)

There is no blog that will tell me what happens next in my story. No one is going to send me a tweet about where my protagonist is going to figure out she's made numerous mistakes and there is no website or article that can tell me what my reader is going to feel when they read the last sentence of my novel.

True, they can all teach me and tell me how to mold my craft....BUT....they can't write the story for me. In the end, I am still the author, the writer, and the creator of my characters' worlds. Nothing I read on the internet is going to change that fact.

So how bout you? At what point do you put aside all the advice and knowledge and just write from your heart?

Proof that the internet does not have ALL the right answers!
(Although where can I find me some sky gnomes yo!?!?)

Apr 19, 2009

It's 5:41...

...and I am completely aware that this time holds exactly no other significance than the fact that most of the day is gone and I have yet to Blog.


How could I???

Welcome to Sunday my friends. Lazy, lay back, take a nap and relax Sunday! I regret to inform you that my mind has turned to mush, my belly has turned to Jell-O and my eye lids are being held open with tooth picks today. THUS, I have nothing to say.

Now how is THAT for an awesome Blog!?!?! Ok, so all I have left to do is to post this picture and let you reflect upon it....ENJOY!

Apr 18, 2009


Roger is NOT an Ant....he's a FISH....

***I was informed of this devastating news this afternoon while explaining the Ant Invasion to my Mother In Law....This changes everything...or nothing....I'm so confused!!! Only a 6 year old could bring about such confusion to a parent!!!***

The Invasion...

Apparently Roger The Ant's Family learned of his massacre. Or maybe the kids were right, maybe it wasn't Roger at all. Roger probably escaped shortly before the murder and scurried to tell the whole family...just as my daughter predicted! Regardless,all the brutality has sent them on a RAGE against our home.

I arrived home yesterday evening to find 10 of them planning their revenge on my kitchen counter. I couldn't let this go on...I enlisted the help of my husband and we quickly removed them from the premisis. Unfortunately, violence was used, but I sheltered my innocent children's eyes and let my husband at them with no mercy!

Shortly after the raid was complete, I left home to go to a party (A wine tasting party!!! Oh and Tupperware...but mainly wine tasting!) When I returned home, I removed my shoes and wobbled my way upstairs, holding onto the railing to keep balance. I looked down and saw three of them marching on my bedroom floor. I know I had a couple of glasses of wine and all, but surely I wasn't THAT tipsy... Although I have no other way to explain what I saw. I swear they had picketing signs that read "Hell No We Won't Go!" Oh, but they went!!!

I was positive we had won the battle, I didn't see more than 1 or 2 wandering my kitchen when I awoke this morning. I took care of those guys, introduced them to my dear friends, 409 and a paper towel. Then I sent them packing into their new home, my trash can. All was well. We took my daughter shopping for a birthday cake, she picked out one that had chocolate, more chocolate and was covered in chocolate. (I'm breeding a monster, of this I'm sure!) I set the cake on the counter and looked down and saw one lonely little ant running towards my microwave. I grabbed my bottle of 409, pushed over the kitchen appliance and found another 10 hiding out!!! They were all nicely huddled together, until they saw me. Once their beady little eyes made contact with my big angry face, they scattered in all directions. They were talking about me, I know it! So I silenced them.....

While at the store looking for our cake, I had a moment of "sympathy" wash over me. I decided it was best to be a bit more hospitable to our new house guests. So I bought them their own hotels! They are these Shabby Chic little hotels. They come equip with full bar, stocked with all the best "beverages" an Ant could want. What's better than a little sugar water, right!?!? Oh did I mention it was poisoned? Yeah, I didn't mention it to them either....I hope they feel right at home!

Apr 17, 2009

Phantastic Phriday

(In honor of it being Phriday, and in rephusal to submit to bordom, I have decided that the Letter F shall phrom here on out be replaced with a PH.)

Happy Phantastic Phriday Phriends!!!
Nothing better than the end to an insanely long and hectic week. Phriday could not have come sooner to me, but I'm glade it's here!

Trying to keep up with #queryday today on Twitter! Easier said than done! But quite entertaining to say the least. I'm hoping I'll be able to catch up tonight when I get back home. Iph you haven't had a chance to look at #queryday and you are writer, I suggest you take a look. Not to be conphused with #queryphail, which seemed to have bombed out!

Unphortunately I have a phuneral to go to today, so there is not much time to write one oph my super awesome phantastic blogs. But I wish you all a Phantastic Phriday and I hope your day moves swiphtly!

Apr 16, 2009

Otherwise Known As......

I have decided I have, by a landslide, had the most interesting and quirky Nick Names ever! I feel I need to share....in chronological order...my random aliases

Marybeth - ahh yes...this indeed is a nick name...derived from Mary Elizabeth. I refused to answer to this name by ANYONE until about high school By then it was too late, but I tried to push it regardless. It was a way to be "different". When I married I highly enforced this name....there is something about being called Jane Doe, um I mean Mary Smith, that I am just NOT ok with....

MB - Compliments of my father....it explains itself

Lil Bit - Apparently I'm "small"....I just don't get it. Since when is 4'11 3/4 small!!!!!

4. Buck Toothed, Hand me down Down, Farmer Girl, Mary - (Highly blushing out of embarrassment right now!)Aren't siblings WONDERFUL? I'm gonna go ahead and say....NO!

Girl - I guess it wasn't obvious. Although it may have started when I started calling him Boy??? Ahhhhh, young love......

Big Blue - High School brings about interesting things ... Boys can be so entertaining sometimes. I even owned a shopping bag that said "Big Blue" on it. For some reason I was proud of this name. It's best not to ask questions.

Pedro - I was deemed Pedro, she was deemed Juanita ... I was her pimp ... we worked at The (s)Hoe Carnival... I guess stocking shoes get's to be a little boring.

8. Turtle - Do I look like a turtle to you? Yeah I didn't think so either. I brought in a stuffed beany turtle to work one day (Earnest), and suddenly Turtle was my name for a week. Compliments of my MANAGER from Shoe Carnival

9. Little Puppy - Again with the Manager of Shoe Carnival, Big Dog......Turtle just didn't work, he decided to get a bit more creative.

Tater Tot - Well if one Manager has a name for me, why can't the other! Did I mention Shoe Carnival was an entertaining job?

Honey - The Dear Husband....not nearly as creative as my Manager, but also not nearly as dull as previous boyfriend. At least he didn't need to remind himself what gender I was....props to him for noticing!

12. Mega Death - Get it, Marybeth/Mega Death....once again...Why do Managers feel the need to give me new names?

Poppins - The name that inspired this post. Pajama's and Coffee calls me it every time she mentions me and it just cracks me up! I suppose I was asking for it with the name of my Blog and all :)

What is the most obscure Nick Name that you've had?

Apr 15, 2009

I now KNOW How Long is Too Long! (For a query letter of course!)

After participating in Nathan Bransford's Agent for a Day Contest, I have found an answer to one of my Previous Blogs... "How Long is TOO Long? Why writing a Query Letter can be so Frustrating!" There is something about reading 50 Random Query Letters that brings a little perspective to writing one yourself. Here are some key things I learned this morning....

1.) Short and Sweet = Sure to be read, not skimmed over!

Some of the query letters were SO long and over descriptive that it took everything in me to read through to the end. I was excited when I came across a query which was only a few paragraphs.

***Note! Not to be confused with queries that had TONS of missing info.***

2.) Know WHEN to just stop talking!

I'd get hooked on the first paragraph, then they'd try to elaborate, and I would lose all interest. If your one paragraph can hook a reader...seriously...just STOP TALKNG!!! ( I know that sounds harsh, and who am I to judge, but please keep in mind I just read 50 Query Letters in 3 hours!)

3.) If you have a query, it really doesn't matter how long or short your query is. If you've got a good story, it will hook someone. Which brings me to 4.

4.) You aren't going to hook EVERY agent, but that doesn't mean you won't hook ANY of them.

I read through a bunch of the comments as well. One thing that was consistent throughout ALL of them was this- Everyone likes something different. With over 200 Agents for the Day, not many of them picked the 5 same books. Lesson: Just because one agent rejects you, it does not mean they
ALL will reject you.

If you haven't had a chance to check out this contest, even if just to read through the queries and some of the comments. I highly suggest you do so.

If you HAVE had a chance to check it out....what did you think of it? Did you find it resourceful or just redundant? Tell me how you felt!

Apr 14, 2009

Back on the Wagon Again!

So kids, it looks as though I've fallen off the wagon. (No, I'm not a drunk! Although I understand the concern after all the comments about wine....Mmmmmm Wine......Ok Marybeth...FOCUS) The writing wagon is sitting next to me, bouncing up and down, and begging me to jump back on.

It looks as though not only did I "consider" taking a break from my novel, I actually took quite an extensive hiatus from my precious manuscript. How could I!?!?! So today, it is with great enthusiasm that I announce...."I'm editing again!" My gnome has guarded my story long enough. It is time, I am going to embrace my characters and their stories. I am going to take them to a place they never thought they'd see....not sure what that place is just yet.....but they'll see it damn it!!! :)

I know I've said it before, but this time I mean it. (Oh dear...that doesn't sound convincing does it???) Well, I have no choice. May 1st is lurking, and it is my personal deadline to finish the 2nd draft before that day. So wish me luck friends!

Have you ever fallen off the writing/editing wagon? What did it take to get you back up on that ol horse?

Apr 13, 2009

I'm NOT Judgemental, I'm PERFECT!

....or possibly the EXACT opposite, and I am ashamed to have to admit it.

I unfortunately have watched the news, with all it's stories of death and horror. I've watched as they spin a story of a parent who left their child unattended in the car while they went inside to buy Lotto tickets. They careless parent had left the door unlocked and running as they stayed for countless minutes chatting it up with the cashier about the latest score of the last Piston's game. Not only moments later was the child kidnapped and taken off to a sweat shop and worked for pennies on the hour while being starved to death. All the while painting the parent as the most negligent, unloving human being on earth.I'd stand up and spout about how horrible that parent was. How could they neglect that poor innocent child! I'd judge and I'd slander that parent, sure that I would never do ANYTHING like that.

Actually the story probably went more like this...The parent had a sleeping child in the car, a child who hadn't slept in days and they couldn't bare to wake them up. The parent had pumped the gas and unfortunately only had cash on them. (Maybe they had lost the credit card, maybe their credit wasn't good enough for them to have a credit card, regardless, it happens) They knew they'd only be in there for two seconds, so they took a chance. It was a sweltering hot day, so instead of suffocating the child, they rolled down the window a bit. They grabbed the keys, locked the doors, ran inside and realized they didn't have exact change. They kept glancing up at the car every few seconds while searching through their pockets, but SOMEHOW, the kidnapper got their arm through that open window, unlocked the door, and hot wired the car, driving off with the innocent child. Leaving the parent in RUINS! Their child was missing and their heart was in pieces.

But did the media care what the real story was? Did they bother to get the fact straight that the child was actually 9, an ideal age to begin leaving a child alone in the car, and not 5 as they had spun the story? The child LOOKED 5 in the pictures. Did they bother to talk to anyone who knew how the kidnapper got away with the car? They drove the car away, so the parent MUST have left the keys in the ignition. All the little facts, spun into a web of untruths. And there I sat, feeling no respect or sympathy for the parent who MUST have neglected this child.

Well my friends, this is something I will never do again. I now realize how cruel and inaccurate the media can be. After the death of my friends child, I have come to be shocked and sickened by how the media can spin a story. I am disgusted by how other people, people who know nothing of the truth, can slander and judge and comment on how horrible and negligent my friend MUST have been to let this horrific accident happen to their child.

These poor parents, who have just lost their son forever, who were forced to pick out his very last set of clothing ever, who will never again hold their child in their arms, have not as much as been given a chance to mourn and or make funeral arrangements. They are not able to go home and collect their thoughts, as their home is swarmed with news vans and press. How heartless people can be.

How often have I left my child playing in their bedroom, gone to the bathroom, and came back only to find them sifting through the refrigerator. My own parents had put me down for nap, gone to the kitchen to start the dishes, and received a knock on the door only moments later from the neighbor who had found me playing in the middle of the street. We are human. We are parents. We are FAR from perfect. This could have happened to anyone, even twice! We have to keep in mind there are more circumstances behind the scenes than what the news has to offer. Even the small details, such as "only having cash" can happen to all of us, but still end up to be such a HUGE factor in something so dreadful.

So my request of you guys today is this. Don't believe everything you hear on the news! Don't judge a situation without knowing the characters involved. My heart is aching for my friend and her family. If anything, please find yourself just a tad less judgmental today. I know I have!

Apr 12, 2009

An Easter with a Heavy Heart

There is no bounce in my step today, no sarcasm to share, no whit to be found. My heart is in pain as I hold my dear friend and her family in my prayers.

It was about 4 1/2 years ago when I met Crystal. We met through a mutual website. She posted looking for cheap Christmas gift ideas. I posted back with some of the Great Deals I had found while being a parent. Soon we got chatting and realized we had a great deal in common. We laughed because our youngest sons were both named Preston. We became excited to find we were both pregnant and due on the same exact day, March 21st, 2005. We waddled through our pregnancies together, becoming fast friends. Irony filled the air when I found out her husband had been best friends with one of my high school best friends. In fact, they had gone to our Junior Prom together. It was indeed a small world.

The world was not right on February 19th, 2005. Crystal was not online! When I called to make sure she was ok, I found her mother on the other end of the phone tell me she had had her son, Trenton, a month early. (I will admit, I was a tad jealous I had to remain pregnant a month longer than her...) I was so excited for her. When my son was born a month later our friendship grew.If it were not for Trenton and my son, Crystal and I may never have met.

Unfortunately Trenton was soon diagnosed with a condition called Alagille's Syndrome. In the first few years of his life he has survived a liver transplant and numerous heart surgeries. Trenton has been a fighter through every moment of it, and Crystal and I have remained close friends.

Last night I received a text message stating they were taking Trenton to the hospital. He had fallen out a two story window and was unconscious. This morning, it is with a heavy heart that I say, they informed me that he did not make it. My heart is aching for my dear friend at this moment. I can only imagine what she is going through. It was difficult to watch her lay next to her lifeless son in the hospital this morning. I feel helpless, as there was nothing I can do to ease her pain. So please dear friends and Blog followers, please say a prayer for my friend and her family as they go through this difficult time.

Apr 11, 2009

It's ok, don't cry!

I found my computer weeping this morning, after spending so much time away from me. The keys on the keyboard were calling my name. Unfortunately I had a Dr. Appointment to attend before I could comfort them. By the time I returned, the desk was soaked in salty tears! (What!?!?! You didn't know keyboards could produce salty tears? Well they can! No I don't know where they come from!!!)

I can only imagine how all my Tweets (Twits, Twats? What are they suppose to be called anyway?), all my Facebook Friends (even the ones who I don't even really know...) and all my Blogger fans must have felt in my absence. BUT IT'S OK KIDS, I'M BACK!!! Nothing too exciting to talk about today. Well, I did get enough blood drawn from my arm to drain the entire limb. Vile after vile, they stole the precious Cullen loved liquid from my arm. I'm surprised it didn't go limp! But that is about the most exciting thing to happen today. (Which is quite comforting, considering the excitement that was had this week.)

Next week I get back to my WIP. Hold me to it friends! I will not back down from my red pen any longer. I will get my arse in gear, and I WILL get to work. Hopefully then will I have something interesting to Blog about! Till then.......................................

Apr 10, 2009

It's a Late Start, but...

Just a quick blog today. I know I know, I just got back to it! BUT.........It's Good Friday I've decided I need to do something worth while today. And since we've all witnessed my blogging/twitter/facebook/(insert social media site here) obsessions...Oh wait, you didn't know about the last few. Well um, see I um....OH DEAR!!!!

Continuing on....
Since I have a sad obsession/addiction to the internet in general I have decided to give it up for the day as a way of fasting. I know it's late and the day has started, BUT it's never to late to in my books to start fasting. So you meant to not eat today and you already slopped down an entire 5 course breakfast. Well don't eat lunch and dinner. Know what I mean? So friends, your blogs will have to wait till tomorrow. My Tweets will have to spend a day without me. And my facebook friends will spend the day in complete awe of my absence. I CAN DO THIS!

So are you fasting today? If so, what have are you fasting from? Remember, it doesn't just have to be food! It can be the internet, your writing, tv, Edward(?), video games. If I can do this, anyone can fast!!! Seeya tomorrow kids :)

Apr 9, 2009

Why I Read YOUR Blog...

I'm finally back to Blogging today. Unfortunately, real life kicked me in the ass this week. So I realized this morning, when I finally got a chance to catch up on all my favorite Blogs, how much I missed slipping away from reality for a bit each day. I never much occurred to me before, that I do indeed read blogs for an escape, a break, and a moment of solace. There are other perks of course.

Some Blogs, such as Rachelle Gardner and Nathan Bransford's, are insanely informational and helpful in regards to the career path I am pursuing. They provide insight about the world of writing and wonderful tools to help when searching for agents and/or publishers. They're Blogs have become a must read every day.

When it comes to writing I have also found it helpful and comforting to find a network of Bloggers whom are going through all the same experiences as I am. With their words and experiences, I find confidence and motivation. I am eteranally grateful to have found the Blogs of T. Anne, Jessica, Hillary, and Kate, amongst MANY others! You guys keep me moving along on my current WIP!

And then there is the ever tedious job of being a mother! I have no idea HOW our mothers did it. They had no Blogs, no Twitter, no Facebook, no Mommy Boards. OMG, I don't even think they had the happy pills so many of us rely on! Wine...that's all I can think of...wine....wine and Jesus. :D But when my children have left me exasperated, I rely on my favorite mommy Blogs. My favorite is hands down from a friend of my sisters. As a fellow woman in the writing industry, her eloquant words capture my attention with every Blog. The Momplex is also a must read for me! But if she hasn't updated, I keep my eyes on other Blogs. The Mommy Rambles, Mission Motherhood, and Happy Meals and Happy Hours are amongst some of the best! You girls are the key to my sanity some days!

I also have a few key Blogs I follow for mere entertainment and laughs. The best being Twitarded! Nothing better than a couple Edward Obsessed Fans! I also love Pajamas and Coffee. How can I resist reading about stories that involve a gay gargoyle! Thanks for the laughs. You girls ROCK!!!

So here's to you fellow Blog friends. I know I missed a few, but I love ya all the same. Keep Blogging, if only for my sanity. Because when real life kicks me in the ass, it's you I look for to put a bandaid on it! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Apr 5, 2009

Out of Office Instant Reply Message:

I will be out of the blogging office for a few days. After which, I will be returning all comments. If you need to get ahold of me before then please feel free to visit my twitter. I MIGHT be able to get back to you before I return :)


Apr 3, 2009

Flabbergasted Friday!

We know about the following....

Manic Monday
Treacherous Tuesday (ok I made that one up too....feel free to add your own word)
Hump Day
Thirsty Thursday

And now I am pleased to announce....

Flabbergasted Friday!

(flāb'ər-gāst') Pronunciation Key
.v. flab·ber·gast·ed, flab·ber·gast·ing, flab·ber·gasts
To cause to be overcome with astonishment; astound. See Synonyms at surprise.

Friday is the day of the week where we become astonished with the fact the week is FINALLY over!!! We are astounded that we have once again made it through a LONG week.
Today I have a case of the Fridays! I'm anxiously awaiting 5pm, the moment where I can watch the delicious red liquid pour delicately into my anxious round glass. Or is it I that is anxiously awaiting the consumption of heavenly fluids? Regardless, bring it on. Please let the weekend move slow and steady. I am in no hurry to make it back to Monday, the day my husband returns to work, leaving me here with my three children who are now on Spring Break. There is no rush to enter into the dreaded 5 days full of fighting and whining. Monday can wait.....for a very long time!

How bout you? Are you happy it is Friday? (I have a good feeling that is going to be considered a rhetorical question!)

Apr 2, 2009

Are comments contagious?

When you see a Blog that has been commented on, what do you do? Do you read each comment? Do you feel compelled to comment back? Do you send future comments to your email? Do you comment back to those who commented on your comment? COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!!!

I answered yes to ALL of the above. I'm not sure if that makes me lame, or just like every other Blogger! I love to comment on everyone's Blog. I feel important when I can contribute to the conversation. I enjoy sharing my opinion with the other 10 to 1000 followers who have read and decided to comment back as well. It's a rush! It does not matter whether I am on a Blog, Facebook or Twitter. If you have posted, I will comment! It's contagious, like a yawn or the chicken pox. I cannot just simply stare at your comments and leave them be. They'll be lonely and isolated. They need a friend. They NEED another comment. They need MY comment.

How contagious are comments to you? Please leave your comments...you know what will happen next....

Apr 1, 2009

The Sky is Falling!

It's the first book I remember writing and publishing...

I was in the 5th or 6th grade. I wrote the book with such thought and care. Putting detail into every scene. I illustrated the entire book, page by page, meticulously coloring in every object with my Crayola colored pencils. Our school computer lab had a publishing department. It was my first experience with binding and finishing, but definitely not my last. I got much experience with binding and finishing at Copy Max in my late teen years. It seems I have been working up to this moment my entire life! Technically I've been a published author since I was 10.

(UPDATE!!!) A Change By the Sky
Written and Illustrated by Mary(Insert Maiden Name here)

I knew after writing that book, I was born to be an author. I never really stopped after that. Straight A's on almost every essay I ever wrote. I began journaling at the age of 11 and continued on till I was 22, when I took a brief 5 year hiatus. Then, in August of 2008, I picked up the pen again. I started journaling once more. I enjoyed reading my words over and over, impressed by the way I gracefully worded each event in my life. It was at that point I remembered, I was born to be an author.

Here I am now, April 1st, 2009, editing my first novel. Pushing myself beyond all boundries to perfect each chapter, paragraph, sentence, word. I do not doubt that I will eventually be published. I know it sounds conceded and I may possibly be setting myself up for some large disapointments. But in my heart, I know it will happen, one way or another.

When was it for you? What was your first experience with writing? When did you KNOW you were born to be an author? Or better yet friends, when did you KNOW you were meant to do what you dream to do? Whether it be an accountant, a writer or even a stay at home mother. How did you just KNOW it was what you were put on this earth for?