Apr 16, 2009

Otherwise Known As......

I have decided I have, by a landslide, had the most interesting and quirky Nick Names ever! I feel I need to share....in chronological order...my random aliases

Marybeth - ahh yes...this indeed is a nick name...derived from Mary Elizabeth. I refused to answer to this name by ANYONE until about high school By then it was too late, but I tried to push it regardless. It was a way to be "different". When I married I highly enforced this name....there is something about being called Jane Doe, um I mean Mary Smith, that I am just NOT ok with....

MB - Compliments of my father....it explains itself

Lil Bit - Apparently I'm "small"....I just don't get it. Since when is 4'11 3/4 small!!!!!

4. Buck Toothed, Hand me down Down, Farmer Girl, Mary - (Highly blushing out of embarrassment right now!)Aren't siblings WONDERFUL? I'm gonna go ahead and say....NO!

Girl - I guess it wasn't obvious. Although it may have started when I started calling him Boy??? Ahhhhh, young love......

Big Blue - High School brings about interesting things ... Boys can be so entertaining sometimes. I even owned a shopping bag that said "Big Blue" on it. For some reason I was proud of this name. It's best not to ask questions.

Pedro - I was deemed Pedro, she was deemed Juanita ... I was her pimp ... we worked at The (s)Hoe Carnival... I guess stocking shoes get's to be a little boring.

8. Turtle - Do I look like a turtle to you? Yeah I didn't think so either. I brought in a stuffed beany turtle to work one day (Earnest), and suddenly Turtle was my name for a week. Compliments of my MANAGER from Shoe Carnival

9. Little Puppy - Again with the Manager of Shoe Carnival, Big Dog......Turtle just didn't work, he decided to get a bit more creative.

Tater Tot - Well if one Manager has a name for me, why can't the other! Did I mention Shoe Carnival was an entertaining job?

Honey - The Dear Husband....not nearly as creative as my Manager, but also not nearly as dull as previous boyfriend. At least he didn't need to remind himself what gender I was....props to him for noticing!

12. Mega Death - Get it, Marybeth/Mega Death....once again...Why do Managers feel the need to give me new names?

Poppins - The name that inspired this post. Pajama's and Coffee calls me it every time she mentions me and it just cracks me up! I suppose I was asking for it with the name of my Blog and all :)

What is the most obscure Nick Name that you've had?


Brian said...

get it right...hand me down...not hammy down!

Marybeth said...

There, fixed...Again with the siblings being oh so wonderful thing....grrrrrrrrrr to you, the co-founder of that absurd nick name!

JM81 said...

Jellybean... which was stupid and lasted for about a week. And didn't I have some shirt in high school that had some name on it that people started calling me?? I can't even remember anymore. Other than that, I have no nicknames LOL

JM81 said...

PS: Your tater tot picture is making me hungry.

T. Anne said...

I like Poppins!

Litgirl01 said...

Yummy tater tots! People just call me Trace! :-)

Roninjinn said...

I've had all kinds of nicknames, from Richie, to Lil' Richard, and Porto (For being Puerto Rican), Rican, Rico... They pretty much run the gammet.

marymac said...

Hey, Poppins. You're welcome for the nickname. Couldn't resist because I was a Mary Poppins WORSHIPER as a kid- had her doll with it's velveteen blue robe and matching hat w/pink flower. She rocks and so do you! Thanks for reading www.pajamasandcoffee.com!

(the nickname that has practically become my real name)