Apr 11, 2009

It's ok, don't cry!

I found my computer weeping this morning, after spending so much time away from me. The keys on the keyboard were calling my name. Unfortunately I had a Dr. Appointment to attend before I could comfort them. By the time I returned, the desk was soaked in salty tears! (What!?!?! You didn't know keyboards could produce salty tears? Well they can! No I don't know where they come from!!!)

I can only imagine how all my Tweets (Twits, Twats? What are they suppose to be called anyway?), all my Facebook Friends (even the ones who I don't even really know...) and all my Blogger fans must have felt in my absence. BUT IT'S OK KIDS, I'M BACK!!! Nothing too exciting to talk about today. Well, I did get enough blood drawn from my arm to drain the entire limb. Vile after vile, they stole the precious Cullen loved liquid from my arm. I'm surprised it didn't go limp! But that is about the most exciting thing to happen today. (Which is quite comforting, considering the excitement that was had this week.)

Next week I get back to my WIP. Hold me to it friends! I will not back down from my red pen any longer. I will get my arse in gear, and I WILL get to work. Hopefully then will I have something interesting to Blog about! Till then.......................................


Jenny Penny said...

Ohhhh, I'm pretty sure they're not called Twats! Ack!

Jessica said...

I need to get on my wip soon. Sigh.
Sorry to hear about your computer. Maybe he needs a friend for when you're away. ;-)