May 31, 2011

Big Fat Awesometastic News!

So, unless you follow me on facebook (In which you've seen me announce this at least once or twice) I have some BIG NEWS!

Wait for it .....




Yes, I know that's probably not as big of a deal to everyone as it is to me, but I've never gone to college. Never knew what I wanted to go for. But now ...

Now it's like the heavens have drizzled upon my lack of direction and their puddles have formed little arrows that say, "UM IDOIT, what is it you do again every day?"

Ok, well I run a website about bipolar disorder, but what's that got to do with college?

And then it started to poor and all the little friendly raindrops got all nasty and slapped me in the face. (Jerks!)

I was all like, "Ok ok, I get it. I should go to college and study psychology. Now stop raining!"

And then since I live in Michigan, the rain obeyed and turned into sunny weather. Which would be great, had it not been accompanied by scorching hot and humid 90 degree temperatures.

So there you have it. I am going to school! 10 Years of Educational Bliss all to become a psychologist. Is it insane that I am EXTREMELY excited?

May 24, 2011

How Secret Life of the American Teenager is preparing me for the near future ...

The beginning of 2011 rang in with a flu bug. Runny noses, aches, fevers. Needless to say, I was stuck in my bed until I got better. And how does one get through a week of being sick ??? Why hello there Netflix, let's be friends.

Now Netflix and I have been friends for awhile, so what was left to watch, well it was slightly limited.  And So I came across this series ...

I'd seen it before. A little bit of the first season. All I could recall is that it went something along the lines of this...

You know, one of those shows you can't take your eyes off of. There's just one train wreck after another and you NEED to know what happens next. All the while you are rolling your eyes and laughing at it's absurdity.

Well it was either watch that or Veggie Tales. Train wreck The Secret Life of The American Teenager won.

Before long, I was glued. I watched pretty much every single season available.

In short, this is how it went down ...

First it starts with 6 teens

 The school year starts and they are all cozied up into their cute little couples.

 But backtrack!!! Let's not forget Ricky and Amy's little "special time" alone at band camp!

Which led too...

Kinda threw a chink in all the cute little couplings, but fought forward. And all was well ... Mommy daddy cuddled up to their new baby Jon and ... wait ...

Who's that kissing Amy?

OHHHH That's Ben. He didn't want Amy to be alone and since they were SO in love at the age of sixteen, they decided to get fake ideas and get married. So they went through the whole ceremony and in the end ... it too was fake!

This is just going to cause more complications and stress and it's all just too much. So Ben and Amy decide to "take a break" up. Amy keeps to her self, but it seems like Ben isn't versed in his episodes of "FRIENDS because he gets a bit lonely. Here is further proof ...

Please take note of Exibit C for this is where our story takes a huge turn in events. In this picture we witness Ben and Adrian alone in a car ...

Break's over Buddy. Time to fess up. Why not take the private jet out to New York for a night so it can be more personal.

Now no story would be complete without everyone's BFF's involved ...

Is it just me, or do all these faces seem to lack a tiny bit of support? It's probably just me.

Moving on, amidst all this chaos, Jack and Grace split because they had sex and Grace thought doing it made her dad die. Then she found out Jack had also been with Adrian doing "something" and refused to go back to him. So she met grant.

And since Jack had no one else to turn to, seeing as everyone else is taken, she chooses Madison (Token BFF) They're a bit rocky right now.

So, moving on... Now that Ricky and Amy are starting to get along better, Ben and Adrian decide they need to make the most of their situation and become a couple. Oh yeah, and they are getting married cuz Ben's dad is buying them a Condo. (Ben's dad is the Sausage King, which makes him rich)

But if we're being honest, I don't really care much about Ben and Adrian because it seems like Ricky is changing his ways and trying to become a family. Good for him!

And so, we start the show with one pregnancy and it seems we are ending this new season with another. Aren't they cute little pregnant teens?

OMG NO!!!!

And this is just a quick synopsis!!! It's only a fraction of how train wreckage this is!

So here is what I learned from watching all 3 seasons in the past two months ...

  • Even as young as 13, all teens think about is sex.
  • If you watch one episode of the Secret Life and took a shot every time they say the word "sex", you'd be drunk within the first half. (Works much better for the earlier seasons) And NO I haven't tried it.
  • Kids talk to their parents about sex and actually ask their permission before doing it. 
I'm sure I've missed a few things.

Have I mentioned that I'm 30! 30 years old and I religiously watch this ridiculous angsty show every week!

I can't lie though, as my daughter just turned 10, I pay more attention to the parents than I do the adults. I'm not sure that the parent/child interactions are actually realistic, I do kinda hope I've gained at least a few nuggets of information to take with me in these next few years.

May 20, 2011

Bones vs. Grey's Anatomy

As a new born favorite show of mine, Bones has actually managed to trump Grey's on Thursday nights. Well at least since American Idol decided to bump Bones up to 9pm. (And it's not even a good season!) So on Thursdays I watch Bones, then Friday I Hulu Grey's Anatomy. It all works out.

BUT THEN ... it turns into Season Finale week. ARGH!

So I have to decide which one I want to watch more. So I'm pretty much ...


(That's me pulling my hair out by the way...MS Paint isn't very intuitive!)

So I had to go and make a pros and cons list.

Bones ... it has Hodgins ... and last weeks episode ... it was pretty good!


Grey's ...well it has a stellar history of spectacular season finales. Like SUPER spectacular finales.



Awesome Finale?

Possible awesome Finale too?


Definitely awesome finale?

So I caved. I let the past decide for me. And it was Grey's, no doubt. I still had McDreamy after all. He couldn't disappoint me ... could he? I mean I'm a die hard fan. I've been watching it since the first show. It's almost like I owe them my loyalty. How could I not watch it?

So I do it. I watch Grey's. I'm held in suspense. Something good is DEFINITELY going to happen. I mean Meredith totally just botched the Alzheimer's trial!

Alas ... I was disappointed. There was no cliff hanger! No dying heart patient boyfriends. No dying new doctors. No dying 007. (See the trend here) Nope. No one died. No one stood in the middle of a field saying they were in love with McDreamy. NOTHING!

Grey's Anatomy Season Finale FAIL!!!!

So I of course, first chance I get today, HULU Baby!  Must watch the Bones Finale.  It's going along and I'm all like, "Meh." I'm totally going to be disappointed again. I just know it!

But then ... 1 minute left ... and ***SPOILER ALERT***

O M G!!!! Best season Finale EVER!!! Bones totally pwned Grey's with authority!

Conclusion ... Next year. Totally watching Bones before Grey's. I never thought I'd see the day ...

May 19, 2011

You don't bring me flowers ... anymore!

That's right, I totally just quoted Neil Diamond.

Annnyyywwwaaayyyy ... I've decided I miss my blog. I spend so much time on my other blog. Time where I have to write about specific things. My creativity has been stunted. I NEEDS me some time to just be me.

Time to post things like THIS ....

And all THESE ...

How can I continue to rob my favorite Poppins Followers of my utter insanity. That's not right. It's cruel.
It's selfish. It's downright as bad as breaking the law!!!

I totally almost put up a pic of pink fuzzy handcuffs ... Then I thought I better not restart off on the wrong foot!

As I was saying ... 

My intentions here are to provide you with my written (and possibly illustrated ... I've been inspired recently) masterpieces and a semi regular (and/or possibly regular) posts. After all, there's a new Harry Potter movie coming out and I'm hoping to top the last story!!!

So sit back, relax ... but be prepared! What comes next is going to be a whole new Poppins Era!!!