Dec 31, 2009

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2009

Per Google Analytics, here are YOUR...

Top 10 Readers' Favorite Blog Posts from 2009

10. It was Kinda like Playing Dress Up, But Not.
(Yeah I really liked this one too! Though I'm not sure I'd like to experience that day again!)

9. My Birthday Wish List
(These all go for next year two. Minus Mini E! Me an him have had good times together!)

8. Not So Fun Sized
(No need for short jokes!)

7. We're Splitting Up
(It's amazing what this title does to people! I was just talking about my websites! LOL)

6. Dish to Pass
(Ahhh...good ol butter)

5. Poppins as Compiled by Facts and Numbers
(Ok I'm going to admit that regardless of what I say below. THIS is probably my favorite post!)

4. Is Coffee the Key to Success?

3. My Big News
(Or was it actually kinda small news that was big at that moment)

2. Craigslist Listings Gone Bad
(Classic...this one was fun)

And of course I'm sure all my long following blog friends can guess that the NUMBER ONE Post is.......

1. The Fate of "Roger" the Ant
(This puppy even won me an award!)

I considered leaving it at that, but pretty much most of my favorite blogs weren't in there. Now maybe I have different tastes but...I don't want to leave you out in the cold.

So ... per Poppin Analytics these are (in no particular order) MY ...

Top 10 (ish) Writer's Favorite Blog Posts of 2009

10. Why Motherhood is Masochistic

9. Where's my Red Pen

8. The Fate of "Roger" the Ant but only when paired up with The Invasion

7. Why Gnomes are Gnessesary

6. The Importance of Owning a Lawnmower

5. Who Cares about Lions and Tigers and Bears

4. Yawn...My Adventure Last Night

3. Tour de Chateau Poppins

2. Home Schooling and Me

1 1/2. Getting Pretty FAIL

1. Isn't it Ironic

What were your favorite Posts? Did I leave any out? It's been a PHantastic Year blogging for everyone. I want to thank all my followers for stalking me through it all and I'd really like to thank everyone who comments for making me feel loved ;)

Can't wait to write for you some more in 2010!!!


Tamika: said...

I look forward to trailing along in 2010! Thanks for spotilighting your best, I'll have fun reading through and catching up.

Have a great New Year!

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

You've had a great year of blogging, Marybeth! I'll enjoy going through your links of the year's best. :)

Mystery Writing is Murder

Simon C. Larter said...

Happy New Year, good lady! When I get a chance and the kids aren't running around destroying the living room and I don't have laundry to get out of the wash and put in the dryer and don't have errands to run and sauce to buy for this evening and a shower to take and clothes to get on and phone calls to make and a kid to put a sweater on and nails to cut and coffee to drink and all that stuff and stuff and more stuff, I'll have fun clicking through your archives. :)

Have fun tonight, and see you in the #NewYeeeeaaaaarrrrrr!