Jun 25, 2009

In attempts to confuse my dear readers....

I realize I have spent many a blog laughing about my children, sharing my experiences as a writer, ranting, raving, laughing, and rambling on about anything and everything, however, I have only spent a FEW postings telling you who I really am. I'm not sure what has inspired me to introduce myself further, but I just feel like today is a good day for it.

Hello! My name is Mary. Oh wait, you know me as Marybeth don't you? Well that is what my mother has always called me. My name is actually Mary Elizabeth. (My mom had to get in a little of Jesus' mom and Aunt in there, she wanted to make SURE people knew how perfect I was!) At first I hated the name Marybeth, then it grew on me, then I married a Smith! I now hate to be referred to as Mary Smith, so you can call me Marybeth! (Confused yet....oh just wait!)

Now I know you all know I LOVE gnomes, but did you know that I am equally as fascinated with my new Mini Edward? I take him everywhere with me. We even went Strawberry picking together!

I'm sure you have realized how quirky I am, but let's just make sure you have the full picture...

I love gnomes ... but I never travel...

I love Harry Potter and Twilight to a very unhealthy extent...my husband will verify!
Although my favorite stories are about witches and vampires, I'm still a very devout Catholic (GASP!)

I RARELY swear, unless I've been drinking, then unfortunately I am a connoisseur of the F Bomb. But when Sober you will almost NEVER hear me use that word. I rather kinda loathe it. I'm not sure why....I just do!
HOWEVER!!! Some of my favorite blogs use the F Bomb quite religiously. And they don't bother me a bit. Usually it is quite fitting with their posts.

I'm a prude ... married to a sailor.
That's right....it makes no sense to me either ... or him for that matter

The mommy wars confuse me...and make me nervous.... or maybe I should be confident I (HOPE) I will never find myself in them because I am not like most mommy's. I can't find myself on either side of the war.

I never breast fed BUT I find breast feeding very beneficial
I bought disposable diapers BUT I agree that clothe are more earth friendly
I sometimes spank my kids (GASP) BUT I prefer not to and USUALLY use time outs or take away toys
I drink wine after a LONG horrible day with my children BUT it is rare and far from regular

So what does that make me? A bad mom with good tendencies or a good mom with bad tendencies? Or am I just a good mom gone bad but desperately searching to try and become good again or vice versa or WHO THE HECK STARTED THESE WARS ANYWAY!!!!

My blogging habits are unusual. I say this because I am not only about reading one TYPE of blog. I love mommy blogs, I love writer blogs, I love Cake Wreck blogs, I love man blogs, I even read techy blogs sometimes. The funniest thing about me, I think, is the fact that some of my favorite blogs are VERY Christian and wholesome and inspiring while other favorite blogs can range from smutty Twilight fan sites to mom sites that just tell it like it is regardless of what the world thinks!

Is any of this making sense to you?

So in short I am....

A gnome, mini Edward, Harry Potter loving Catholic who hates to swear but is entertained by those who do, all while trying to be a good mom in a bad moms body and then occasionally drinking away all the confusion while reading a smutty Twilight blogs right after I read a devotional blog about the Baby Jesus. All this until my sailor swearing husband comes home and I roll my eyes and tell him to watch his language all night!

So um....does all this make me a hypocrite?

If a woman yells at her husband in the middle of an empty forest does he still hear it? (Oh wait...answer to that question! NO, they wouldn't hear us if we are right in front of their faces!!! LOL)

Oh and have I mentioned how random I am?

Ok...it's alright to admit I have confused (and possibly scared) you! I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page about who I am. (Which we can all admit...I don't think any of us really knows who that is!)

***Please take a moment to visit my Website out and help clear up another tiny bit of confusion! LOL***


Ann said...

Love it!

You're just a REAL mom doing the best you can, living in a REAL world....be who you are...I love it!

Katie said...

Okay, that had to be one of my most favorite posts. I feel like I can see into your soul now.

I am a Christian... actually, I sometimes hate that word, because it's cliche and because so many people call themselves Christian and what they really mean is they go to church every now and then. This does not communicate how important Jesus is to me. So I like to call myself a Christ Follower. A person who wants to know Him as deeply as I can.

With that said, I echo your love for Harry Potter and Edward. I know - GASP!

P.S. Am I behind on the times? What is a mom war? Should I be preparing for battle?

T. Anne said...

I think you are awesome! Now please go and travel =) It would make me feel better.

Theresa said...

now that we all know you a bit better, try and figure out the rest of your 5 siblings and fill us in on who WE are!!!
i'm quite sure you've over-analyzed the whole mary thing...you are who you are, and you are loved. everything else is just the chocolaty ganache between layers of fluffy frangelico sponge cake.....(i love relating mentality with food....)

In Bug's Drawers said...

Be yourself and enjoy it. Love your blog!

Jody Hedlund said...

Marybeth, interestingly enough, none of what you revealed today surpised me in the least! Because I've been reading your blog for a while now, I think I've gotten to "know" you and your voice quite well! You're very real, and I appreciate that! :)

Jessica M. said...

If you weren't who you are, you wouldn't be such an awesome friend to me :) I'm pretty sure of that!! Loves ya! Awesome post!!!

CMOM Productions said...

and after all that, we still love you! lol Seriously, it's good to be the person you are all while trying to be a better person in the process. Not that you need to be a better person at all... you are fantastically awesome! :) Mommy wars... blech! Every mom is different and has their own mommy style so nobody is better than the other.

Krista Phillips said...

LOL! What fun knowing more about you:-) *note to self: no mean Harry Potter jokes on my blog!*

Mrs OMG Pregnant said...

I think you shoud have finished the sentance: So in short I am.... with the word: CONTRADICTION ... LOL :P

CKHB said...

Hee! I just happened across this post (a month late) and it is making me smile because you are a devout Catholic who likes some profane blogs, and I am an atheist who is currently having a blast hanging out with all the Christian writers I've met through Rachelle Gardener's blog!

Random is good, and there's no reason for any of us to pigeonhole ourselves.