Jun 17, 2009

How I get Happy!

Yesterday I had one of those days. You know, one of those days where you can't seem to do ANYTHING right? No matter what you do, you can't stop feeling like a bad mother, wife, friend, and in my case, writer. No need for specifics, those are quite uninteresting. So TODAY I am determined to have a happy day!

So far so good. "Why?" you ask. Well because it's raining of course! I love the rain!

When the morning starts off with the rain falling all is well as far as I am concerned. I would take the sound of the water falling onto the trees and slapping into the ground over the sun shining in my eye first thing in the morning any day. The sound of rain is incredibly relaxing. I love relaxing!

Rainy days give us moms an excuse to turn on a movie and let the kids veg out ... in silence. There is no reason to run around like wild monkeys and scream at each other because, "He took my toy!" or "She hit me with my Light Saber!" or even, "Nobody wants to play Barbies with me." There is no reason for any of this atrocity because a movie is playing and my children are glued to it like little hypnotized rabbits ... and they are silent. I love silence!

A rainy afternoon just BEGS for me to curl up on my bed during nap time and read a good book or pull out my pen and paper and jot down some new ideas. The sound of the rain creates little scenes in my head and lets my imagination run wild while at the very same time letting me remain calm and sedated. I love being sedated! (Um wait...I can explain....There were no substances used in this afternoons sedation....I promise!)

So I checked the weather and what do you know! Rain all through the day and all through the night! Should I start singing with joy now? A rainy evening too! What to do what to do? Possibly another movie. Rainy evenings are the perfect nights for living room picnics with pizza. I LOVE living room picnics with pizza!

The night will end with my window open as the sound of the rain sings me to sleep. The gentle pitter patter of the rain drops hitting the leaves and splashing against my window will lull me into a deep slumber after a wonderful relaxing rainy day. I love rain!

And besides...we all know how much I LOVE umbrellas!

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Jody Hedlund said...

You are absolutely HILARIOUS!! I could never derrive so much pleasure from another rainy day in June! But after reading your post, I decided that maybe a movie day is a great idea! Perhaps then I will be able to actually hear the rain! :)

Danyelle said...

I love your posts!



I'm a sunshine person. I need the sun. I love the wind and rain though. And storms! If only they didn't have tornado potential. :S

Krista Phillips said...

Mmmmm, rainy days are good for hot chocolate by the fire, siting in my rocking chair (I have a rather nice and comfortable one) with a good book! Or my laptop writing:-) And yes, they are PERFECT pop in a movie days with the kiddos!

Sammem said...

Haha! I love the rain too! I hope u have a very relaxing week!

Paula J said...

I secretly agree with you about the rainy day activities (movies etc.). I don't really like the rain, but it does give you an excuse to stay inside and do indoors stuff, instead of feeling like you need to be outdoors all day because it's nice out.

Have a good one!

Alexia said...

I always sigh in relief when it's raining LOL