Jul 12, 2011

The Self Publishing Project Month Two (HOLY $@#*!!!)

So the first month was pretty pitiful. I sold about  20 copies and gave away probably another 15. All in all a big fat thumbs down.

So, obviously feeling a bit defeated, I decided to put my book on a one month promotion for FREE. Yep, FREE. Then this past weekend I went to Chicago for the NAMI National Convention. (Amazing!) and didn't really have time to look into any of the sales numbers or anythings. Didn't really expect much anyways.

The weekend finally over, my brain slowly coming back, I sat down to my computer yesterday morning and was blindsided. And I mean BLINDSIDED. Apparently people like my book when it's FREE. Like REALLY like it. So much in fact, that today is day two of my book being ...

Let me break that down for you in case you are in as much disbelief as I am ...

First word

Ok ... Bestsellers ... that's cool, but that could be out of anything. Oh no ... it's not anything! It's the ....

Yep THE ENTIRE stock of Children's eBooks in the KINDLE STORE! And out of the top 100 books that have been listed for free ...

That's my frocking book! MINE! And it's only been FREE since Friday.

So needless to say, I'm kinda in shock. I mean I know that it's just a FREE book, but still. How many FREE books exactly are there on Amazon? (Cuz out of those I'm #32! Just saying ... )

The moral of today's story kids is, my Self Publishing project is going a bit better than I had anticipated. I may have not made much money yet, but I'm okay with that. Because the sheer number of people who have downloaded and read my novel far outweighs what I ever anticipated, Free or not!

Stay tuned ... I have no idea what's going to happen after it goes back up to $2.99!!!

Jul 5, 2011

An Opinion that will Surely Bite me in the Ass!

All day long the talk has been the same. On Facebook, twitter, at home and with friends. Everyone is enraged with the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial. "How dare the system let her walk free after such a horrible crime!" I know I've seen it and heard it about 20 different ways since this morning.

I, on the other hand, refuse to make a judgement about what happened to that poor little girl. I do not fault the jurors whose job it was to decide if or not a woman was guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt". The evidence was mostly circumstantial at best and the two most important pieces, time and cause of death, were missing. Ethically, regardless of how I felt about Ms. Anthony, I could not have convicted her either.

I'm only going to say this once (and I will probably regret it) ... just because a jury says someone is not guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt", does not mean that the person who committed the crime will go unpunished. Imagine carrying that guilt around. Imagine the life that will come after this trial. Imagine what lies ahead of the guilty when he or she has passed on from this life. The one responsible will be punished, just not in a way that any of us will visually be aware of. Nobody gets away with murder. They may think they do, but everyone will be judged in the end. And we should not go around being upset about this verdict, instead we should pity a woman who is obviously not emotionally stable and who is about to go through (or to) hell after all that has happened.

This does NOT in any way condone what has been done, its just to say that we shouldn't judge and we should not throw stones. We weren't there. Just because we believe someone is guilty, it doesn't make it so. I know there is something very wrong about the entire situation, but I believe the person responsible will pay a price much greater than the death penalty.

So tonight, not only will my porch light be on for precious Caylee, but my prayers will also be with her mother and/or the killer, that one day they will come to realize the harm that was caused and seek forgiveness. I know that it sounds absurd, but I believe everyone deserves to be prayed for, especially the ones who commit the worst actions. They are the ones who need prayers the most. Caylee will be ok, she's in heaven (and/or whatever afterlife you may believe in) She's dancing with the angels, something her killer will never be able to do. And I truly pity that person, whoever it was.

*ducks to avoid cans and veggies tossed her way*