Jun 18, 2009

Does this mean my kids are Future Snobs?

Last week I got the BEST news a parent can get. Well maybe not the best, BUT it felt like the best at that moment.

It was an ordinary day like any other. I was cleaning the house for my play date with my Fantastically Awesome friend Mindy and her boys. I was taking out some trash and spotted that the mail had already arrived strangely early. Sweet! So I grabbed it and walked back into the house to continue my cleaning.

I flipped through the envelopes and spotted two very professional looking envelopes. One had my daughters name on it, the other had my sons and both with the little seal on the top corner. My children had finally received their Hogwarts Letters!!!! Oh wait...they are still too young for that. These letters were from National Heritage Charter Academy.

I did not get too excited at first. We had applied for them to attend three of their academies thus far and two had already responded with my children being on the waiting lists. I could not deny however that these envelopes DID look different than the others. So I ripped them open! Here is what they held!

That's correct kids. These Gold Embossed letters with shiny gold lettering were acceptance letters showing my children would be now attending one of the wonderful Charter Academies! No longer will they be a part of the Public School District that has been less than mediocre and no longer will they be stuck riding a bus full of older children.

Life is Happy!

(I've ripped apart the first chapter of my novel. Read about it on my WEBSITE)


Katie said...

I laughed out loud about the Hogwarts letters! Too funny. Congrats on the charter school! PRetty fabulous!

Ann said...

Congrats on the acceptance! Though, it makes me a bit sad that your public schools aren't so good....

In Bug's Drawers said...

Congrats - that's awesome!! I'm sure they will love it

Danyelle said...

Congrats! Just a few more years until Hogwarts. ;-)

CMOM Productions said...

I spent the quiet time I begged my husband for to catch up on MB blogs! :) Going back in time, starting from newest to oldest, I came upon this blog and felt very special to know that I am Fantasically Awesome! And I must add... as are you Marybeth... as are you! :o) YAY for the kids getting into the charter academy!!!