Jun 1, 2009

Walk like an Egyptian!

Well I was thinking more along the lines of "Think like a writer!", but with the same tune. I'm wondering if there is a dance to go with this new song I've created? Any takers on putting together some wicked choreography? (We could even try to get it on So You Think You Could Dance!)

Well the moral of the story, or the point of the comment that is, is that it seems to be all I do lately. It doesn't matter what I am doing or thinking, it always feels like one big narration of someone's life being told in my head. I am constantly thinking like a writer. I actually narrated my entire shower Sunday morning, then blogged about it as a comment on Katie's Voice Lessons Post. I think I've seriously crossed over to the Dark Side (I'm really hoping they have cookies!)

How much has writing taken over your brain? Are you still able to go to the bathroom without thinking,

"She sat down slowly upon her porcelain thrown. She'd
had to pee for hours now, but as she had spent the entire morning blogging and jotting down ideas for her new novel, she had put it off."

? Or am I the only crazy one here? (Ok, so I am slightly exaggerating with the whole bathroom reference ... but not much!)


Alright, so the moment we have ALL been waiting for! AWARD TIME!!! Bring on the ceremonious music and confetti. We now have a gname for the (previously known as The Roaming) Gnome!!! He shall now and forever be know as Gnorris! (not to be confused with Chuck Gnorris, although equally as awesome!)

Thank you Hilabeans for coming up with the perfect gnome gname!!!

You are now the proud winner of The Wee Little Garden Gnome (complete with your own Gnome Guide!)
Please email your shipping address to mb@marybethsmith.com


And as promised the next 3 winners of my Favorite Gnome Approved Blog award are...

Pajamas and Coffee
- Entertaining and informational when it comes to parenting! She offers some great advice on Mommy Getaway Time. You Rock Marymac!

Booking It - One of the best blogs when it comes to aspiring writers. Her insight and advice have had a large impact on my writing abilities. Thanks Jessica!

Brain Throwup - Well the name alone makes it an award winning blog, but again her take on writing and motherhood are often inspiring. (Not to mention she's a fan of both Harry Potter and Twilight, which makes her a winner in my book anyday!) I love it Katie!

So check out all three blogs. There will be no disappointment involved! Tomorrow I will announce the final winner and the last 8 AMAZING facts about me.

Also, I elaborated a bit on the earlier part of this post on my website today! Check it out!!!


Katie said...

You ROCK Marybeth! It's my very first gnome award! Gosh... I'm blushing!

Jessica M. said...

Eduard of the Sparkling Meadow will have to go for another gnome another day. Congrats Hilabeans! It's an awesome gnome name!

marymac said...

(eagerly grabs Gnome Award, though will continue referring to Poppins Gnome as Chim Chim-i-gnome) I would like to thank the Gnome Academy for their approval. You like me! You really like me! (tears up)

Marybeth Poppins said...

marymac you crack me up!!! I better see that award posted on your blog!!! LOL

And yes Jessica...we will find another gnome to name for you. (It may have to be an adventure we go on one Saturday!)

Jody Hedlund said...

My mind is forever filled with writing ideas! Sometimes I wish I could turn it off! But alas, even in the deep hours of the night, I can't keep my story from waking me up!

Marybeth Poppins said...

I know exactly what you are talking about Jody. I actually woke up at 6am this morning trying to complete the plot to my new idea. Heaven forbid I actually get rest while writing a novel!

Miss Behavin said...

I'm kinda crazy like that. I have notes scattered all over the place from jotting down my neurotic thoughts in the middle of the night to something idiotic a stranger does or something funny I hear a kid say. It's all useful material - haven't figured out for what yet though.

Danyelle said...

Congrats, Hilabeans!

Thanks for the links, Marybeth. :D It's also good to know that I'm fairly normal--in a certain group. I also have an internal narrator. >.<

T. Anne said...

In writer mode much? oh yea. How do we get off this runaway train? I'm not sure there's a safe exit, just keep you wheels spinning. You'll be bound to find more fodder for your WIP or dare I say blog?

Hilabeans said...

WOW! I never win anything. This is awesome. I'd like to thank the academy, my family, but most of all, the fans... just kidding.

I'll email you with my address, Marybeth!

Thanks again!! :) Go Gnorris!


Cindy said...

Lol about narrating your shower. I don't think I've gone quite this far but I do sit at dinner and ask myself what my character would be doing or thinking if he or she were doing what I am at that point. I've been known to laugh out loud or say something to the effect of "oh, really?" after learning something new about my character right in the middle of those dinners. We're always talking to each other :)

CMOM Productions said...

I have officially caught up on my Marybeth blog experience today! :) Thank you for all the great reading material! I must admit I too find myself narrating random things, like my drive to school etc. Embrace it! It's the only way to survive! lol I've been quite productive today and knew you'd be proud! I blogged and I even started writing another one about your favorite topic... the heavenly store! Hopefully I'll be able to finish writing that one tomorrow! :)

Jessica said...

First, thanks for the award and nice words. :-)

Second, you cracked me up again!!! LOL Sitting on the porcelain throne, priceless! Heeheeee.

I'm not sure I do an inner narration that much, maybe because chasing after kids doesn't make me think of an interesting scene. LOL But music (when I'm in the car) can usually get my mind going. I do daydream a lot about writing, though not necessarily about narration.

Congrats to the other winners and the gnome winner!