Jun 12, 2009

Phantastic Phriday - Someone Stole my Phunny!

It happened late in the night. I saw it slink past me on the floor, covered from head to toe in what suspiciously looked like a 'Spider Man Blanket'. It covertly crawled to the other side of my bed and lay dormant. My first thought was, "Surely this is my son refusing to sleep in his own bed for the million and tenth time." But when I woke up and found him MIA, I knew I had been wrong.

It was the funny thief. The funny thief camped out below my bed and sucked out all my funny while I lay dreaming about insanely obscure fantasies (about wild family parties that involved normally sober relatives drinking beer and singing Karaoke while my sister attempted to sneak out a window to a better party...best not ask! I'm not comprehending why a fully grown adult needs to sneak out a window either!).

And now it's gone...there is no room in me for a PH ridden Friday, topics allude my brain, and my imagination has been placed on lock down. So to cure this (hopefully) temporary writers block missing funny, I enlisted the help of a Topic Generator!

This was not just ANY Topic Generator!!! This offered a variety of options to base your chosen topic around. Of course I could not help but find this insanely entertaining! (Is that a bit of funny returning??? MAYBE!) So instead of choosing just ONE generated Topic, I HAD to choose one from each category! So here it goes. Each Category, the Topic Generated, and my quick 140 character or less repsonse. (Why yes that was twitter inspired!)

All - "Hiking Near You"
FAIL!!! Dude I live in a big city. The best hiking that can be done is around a nasty polluted river in the middle of the city. Next topic!

Opinion - Math or English?
Hmmm...let's think about this...I'm a writer, so um, I'm gonna go with ENGLISH!

Health - "Avoiding the Flue"
(Is it just me or did they completely misspell the word flu??? What kind of Topic Generator is this!) Um...my answer is Use Sanitizer :D

- "Origin of the Catholic Religion"
EASY! Um JESUS! (Ok granted it may be a bit more complicated than that...I have a good point!)

- "The Manhattan Project"
So I'm not a scientist, but I doubt they are talking about the Cocktail garnished with a Maraschino Cherry

- "The autonomy of naked art"
I suppose that's better than asking us to discuss the anatomy of a naked art?

- "Studying Abroad"
Why yes, I'd love to go to Europe. Anyone willing to fund a trip??? Ok, I'll settle for Ireland!

- "The Birth of Jazz"
Louis Armstrong???

- "A business that builds itself"
Selling Bunny Rabbits!

- "The Need for Love"
All we need is love...da da da da da....all we need is love Love LOVE LOVE!!! I love Love Actually....it explains this topic perfectly!!!

Technology - "Anti Gravity Technology"
Now that is something I'd like to read about!!! Is that like a computer that floats or something? (Is my blondness showing yet?)

People - "The Boldest Celebrities"
Brittany Spears, Marilyn Manson, Boy George, Prince, Jon and Kate plus 8....the list goes on folks!

Recreation - "The history of Football"
I don't know about you, but researching the history of Football does not sound very recreational to me...just sayin....

So there you have it kids, my completely Topic Generated Blog Post :) Let's just hope I find get my funny back soon!


(Read about how to decipher Agent Responses and my thoughts on Crit Groups over at my Website!)


Jessica M. said...

Now I know what to do if I ever run out of topics of conversation!!! :)

Katie said...

You got your funny back as soon as you mentioned the mispelling of flu! HA! That was halarious! I would have been thinking the exact same thing.

Also...another thing we have in common. Love Actually is in my top five fav movies.

and what in the world is naked art?

Marybeth Poppins said...

Love Actually is by far one of the best movies EVER!!!

Jessica M. said...

Love, Actually IS the best movie ever!!!!

Danyelle said...


You're funny even when you think you've run out of funnies. :p

As for avoiding the flue--perhaps they were talking about chimney sweeps? o:)

Marybeth Poppins said...

Maybe they new I was searching for my inner Mary Poppins and decided to make a Burt Like Reference?

(Kay, bad joke...I know :D)

Jody Hedlund said...

Sorry you didn't get much sleep! That's hard on the Momma and the writing!

Krista Phillips said...

Ohhh, the hiking thing, that's MY MOnday topic.

As I sit here on the couch with hips more sore than after I gave birth. Seriously people, PAIN, I say, PAIN.

LOVE the Spiderman blanket covered ghost in your room, er, i mean funny thief. I have the "half the bed" thief sometimes when I wake up with like an inch of the bed while a little girl who just MAGICALLY appeared in the middle of the night is sprawled out between me and my husband. How does a 30 pound little one push over a 1XX mommy who is in a dead sleep? Doesn't that like go against the laws of Physics or something?

Jessica said...

LOL My three year old always covers himself with his blanket and will lay on the floor.