Jun 3, 2009

Random Acts of Blogging

So here is how I feel this morning....

Now this goes for doing the dishes, folding the laundry and all acts of cleaning in general. It also goes for bathing the children, reading to the children and feeding the children. (Can't they feed themselves already...oh wait...THEY CAN...BONUS!) I also don't feel like looking for new houses today, writing a new story or working on the budget. And the whole showering thing...that's up in the air too!

Needless to say...I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get my way... for the most part at least.

So after spending a good hour flipping through someecards.com for the perfect birthday cards for my friend, I have decided that it is time to blog and get my day started. (Begrudgingly)

First off, I want to point out that I am disappointed no one I seem to talk to remembers these... (You did read the title right...RANDOM acts of blogging...there's a key word in there)

Every time I mention that I wish they still made these, I get blank stares. Coincidentally...I'm not sure that they actually still MAKE these, but after a google search to find the pic, I did find out that they still SELL them. (Do you find this comment as disturbing as I do? I mean we're talking they haven't been out since the 80's!)

NOW...moving on to more important events and topics...

"Producers, please dim lights. Drum roll...After the world wide, record breaking vote of 1 total vote, Marybeth has decided that the Final Favorite Gnome Aproved Blog award will be announced ..... after the break."

A message from our sponsers...which are...well ME! So I am now here to present you with this wonderful list of the last 8 Random but INCREDIBLY AWESOME fact about me!

1. I am fully aware that my random idiocy has probably made my bounce rate go up to about 90% today, but I am enjoying this post more than most others. Because well...fact number one about me...I'm astoundingly incredibly Random!

2. I dislike my CrackBerry. That's right, after owning if for merely a month, I don't like it. I want a full key board and a really cool touch screen.

3. By starting a new blog I have inadvertantly spawned 3 new blogging friends! Who knew I could be so inspiring!!!

4. I don't like it when my friends wear heals around me. ESPECIALLY the tall ones. (You all know who you are!) If you are truly a good friend...throw on the flip flops...leave the heals to me yo!

5. I've misplaced my headdress of creativity and am feeling quite devoid of my writing genious as of yesterday afternoon. I've considered putting a picture of it on a milk carton...but can't recall what it looks like minus the frilly feathers and sparkly sequins. Any help would be greatly appreciated in the search for this very important item! Thank you....

6. I think Yoga Pants are the most comfortable invention ever. I aspire not only to one day be a novelest, but to also one day be able to live in a world where only yoga pants are necessary as a daily artical of clothing!!!!

7. I LOVE stars...and camping...and fires...and nature...BUT I hate bugs and setting up tents and all the work that goes into enjoying those things, so I don't enjoy them often!

8. I wish I had as much tenacity to become a singer as I do for becoming a writer. If I'm not writing I prefer to be singing. Alas...I am now 28 and am no longer young enough to try out for American Idol and I am afraid the dream has been lost

"Now, the moment we've all been waiting for. Producers, please dim lights...again.. Drum roll...After the world wide, record breaking vote of 1 total vote, Marybeth has decided that the Final Favorite Gnome Aproved Blog award goes too....Krista's Reflections."

It was a tough decision and I hated having to choose between all my favorites! So after a suggestion from my wonderful intelligent husband, I have decided to give out the Gnome Award once a month. Although he's going to help me make it a little prettier! (Once I'm done with it feel free to replace it with the current one!)

Now I will stop my random ramblings and bid you all farewell! Back to normal, contest free, randomless blogging tomorrow!!!


Patricia Stoltey said...

Entertaining and funny post, Marybeth. I found you through your comment on Lynnette Labelle's blog, just to tell you not to fear critique groups in general. It's best to start a group of your own, however, and try to get one more experienced writer to come in and serve as a mentor for a couple of months to get you started. If you want to see the guidelines my group uses, touch base with me at my blog.


Krista Phillips said...

Oh my goodness! I'd like to thank my husband, my kids, and the acadamy of MaryPoppins for making this award possible!!!

Seriously, Thanks! And LOVED your 8 random facts!!!! (and I really don't feel like working today too, but alas, will do it anyway!)

T. Anne said...

Yay Krista! I love Krista. BTW, I wear yoga pants daily until it warms up to where I can wear a dress with flip flops. ;)

Oh and they sell otter pops at costco.

Randy David said...

Pretty prolific post for someone who lost their headdress. Great job!

Marybeth Poppins said...

Thanks Pat! I checked out your blog and LOVED your post today.

I'm so glad you like it Krista...the voters were unanimous with their decision...glad they made the right one! ;)

Cuz yes T. Anne...she does rock! And I need to get me arse to Cosco and soon!

Thanks Randy, imagine what comes out when I do have on the headdress!!!! (Scary thought..I know!)

Ann said...

Love the post! and the 8 random facts.....I bet your a blast to be around because I love your posts!

Amanda said...

I will try to not wear heels around you anymore :)

Jessica M. said...

#1. I totally have found Otter Pops at Meijer...and totally remember them. LOVE THEM!

#2. I refuse to wear flip flops in the winter, but I will try to only wear my flat boots when out with you during those times of the year :)

#3. Thanks for #3!

Marybeth Poppins said...

Ann...I have my moments ;) People still keep coming back for more...so I can't be that bad!

Amanda...now that we've gotten that out of the way, I feel we can truly progress with our friendship...LOL

Jessica! next time I see you, you BETTER have Otter Pops for me! I know we've had the flip flop discussion before and I must say, you have abided by my ridiculous rule quite well :) Oh...and you're welcome. <3 U!

Jessica said...

Yay! Congrats Krista! :-)

I love to wear heels if I'm dressed up. I tower over people. *wicked laugh*
And otter pops, so weird, but I've never, ever, ever heard of these until this morning on the radio. The guy was saying he missed them and no one knew what he meant, so he had to explain. And now you mentioned them. So weird. Maybe they're making a comeback....LOL

Paula J said...

I loved reading your facts - funny! And I've never heard of Otter Pops but now I feel the need to find some and try them - you did say they still them, right? And they probably stain your tongue, teeth AND lips, right?

Marybeth Poppins said...

Jessica...if I ever meet up with you at a conference someday, I am going to bring you a pair of flip flops! ;)

See I'm not crazy...many (in this case so far 2) people of not heard of Otter Pops! This is just so wrong!

And Paula...they wouldn't be good if they didn't do ALL of the above :D

~Jamie said...

I thought they upped the AI age to 30? I think you're still totally food!

Marybeth Poppins said...

I'm food???

Katie said...

You could lie about your age on American Idol!

Katie said...

Let me just clarify... not that I approve of lying... I just know you could pass for much younger! And I'm pretty sure Taylor Hicks lied about his age... c'mon now!

Marybeth Poppins said...

Yeah I'd go on the show and they'd say I wasn't old enough to try out! LOL (Gotta love being 28 and looking like your 12!)

CMOM Productions said...

I must say that Otter Pops are simply the best! My husband did not grow up in the midwest and knows nothing of them. He looked at me like I'm making something up when I have mentioned wishing they still made them.