Dec 13, 2009

Harry Potter Fantastic Favorites!

So I gave Shannon over at Rambling of a Wannabe Scribe (one of my new favorite blogs!!!) my Favorite Gnome Approved Blog Awards. She completely rocks! And she decided to put together a little "Favorites" Q and A for winning the blog. It was a three part blog series and her last one was my absolute Favorite! The Harry Potter Favorites!!! Did I mention that Shannon is awesome? Ok so I couldn't help it. I totally need to answer these questions. They are absolutely some of the most important questions ever!

So because it's Sunday and I have tons of other things I should be doing but am now in Harry Potter mode ... here we go ...

Favorite Book: The Half Blood Prince. I was completely drawn into all the horcruxes and could not put this book down for even a moment.

Favorite Chapter: Chapter 26 of The Half Blood Prince - The Cave ...Harry and Dumbledore go into the cave where Tom Riddle tortured two young children to find the hidden locket. I could picture every moment in this chapter. The movie did not do it justice. (But it didn't suck either) although it was a close second to Chapter 1 in The Goblet of Fire. I loved that scene!

Favorite Scene: The Deathly Hallows where Ron and Hermione finally kiss. It was like "It's about damn time!" and it was entertaining all at the same time.

Favorite Muggle: There really aren't a whole lot to choose from. I really do love that Hermione's parents are muggles though. That entertains me :)

Favorite Teacher: I'd have to go with Slughorn. He was by far the most entertaining teacher.

Favorite Class: Potions. Though Snape was kinda a dink, imagine the possibilities with creating the perfect potions. Imagine going to a writers conference and slipping an agent a little Amortentia ... they'd fall in love with you and want to sign in an instant!!!

Favorite Gryffindor: Ginny! I adore Ginny. She's my favorite everything.

Favorite Hufflepuff: Cedric Diggory. Isn't he everyone's favorite Hufflepuff? I mean look at his cute little red cheeks! (Looking at this picture and thinking is cute makes me feel just as naughty as I do when I say Taylor Lautner is hot!)

Favorite Ravenclaw: I'm with Shannon...all I can think of is Cho Chang. (Well except for her friends. And I totally didn't like her friend Marietta. That little snitch!)

Favorite Slytherin: Slughorn!

Favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher: Lupin. After all he was pretty much the only one who taught the kids anything! Plus without him how would Harry have ever learned how to do a Patronis???

Favorite Quidditch Match: The one where Ron kicks some major arse. Especially in the movie because he just looks like an idiot and it makes me laugh.

Favorite Wand Ingredient: Dragon Heart String. I'd totally want a piece of Dragon in my wand! Does that make me a pyro?

Favorite Wizard Band: Wasn't The Weird Sisters the only one? That's the only one I remember (And yes completely by memory! I've read Harry Potter THAT many times!)

Favorite Library Book: I admit I hit up Google...I tried so hard to keep Google out of it...but I couldn't. All I found was "Quidditch through the Ages"... that'll do!

Favorite Textbook: Hogwarts, A History

Favorite Hogesmead Store: The Three Broomsticks. I want to meet Aberforth's goat.

Favorite Diagon Alley Shop: Weasley's Wizard Wheezes and get me a Pigmy Puff!!! I've always wanted a Pigmy Puff...sigh....

Favorite Weasley Twin: Fred ... it's the name... sorry. (Friends from high school need not comment. Thanks!)

Favorite Fight: The one between Ron and the Locket. That Locket was a bizach to him! All making him believe Harry and Hermione were a thing when clearly Harry is in love with Ginny. I was more than happy once Ron stabbed it with the sword!

Favorite Couple: Harry and Ginny all the way. Ginny is my favorite character overall so I was super excited when she finally got the boy she wanted. And I love that she told everyone he had tatoos!

Favorite Scene in a Graveyard: The moment where Harry's parents and everyone comes back to help him and Lord Voldemort flips out cuz he disappears. Eat that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!!! FAIL!

Favorite Villain: Bellatrix. She's like uber B! Just her hair alone makes her quite the awesome villain. Though she is kinda whiny. That is a pretty big turn off. So I would probably say Voldemort if he wasn't already the obvious choice :)

Favorite Trelawney Prophecy: The prophecy from the Hall of Prophecies. I felt it was so well worded! Plus I really liked the orb.

Favorite Ron Line: Bloody Hell!

Favorite Dumbledoreism: "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." I know that is really kinda cheesy, but I think it is so true in life. But my favorite snarky comment is "--yet, sadly, accidental rudeness occurs alarmingly often. Best to say nothing at all, my dear man."

Favorite Beast: Is a Pigmy Puff considered a beast? If not I'm going to go with Thestral. Those are wicked cool, though I wouldn't be able to see one myself.

Favorite Movie: The Order of the Pheonix at the IMAX. The 3-D scenes in the Ministry of Magic are unforgettable. I loved that scene!

Favorite Scene in the Hospital Wing: The one where Ron asks for Hermione in his sleep right in front of Lavender. (I'm mean!)

Favorite Method of Getting to Hogwarts: Well you can only take the Hogwarts Express of course. I mean there are magical enchantments preventing you from apperating and all that other cool stuff! Duh! I mean I suppose you could fly, but I'm super afraid of heights.

Favorite Patel Twin: Parvoiti. I love the line, "Arm, leg, I'm yours!"

That was slightly harder than I expected. But super fun! Enjoy your Sunday!


Shannon Messenger said...

Okay, I'm definitely falling in love with you. Compliments? Awards? And awesome answers? You really are the best.

Oh, and I totally agree with so many of your answers (you picked a lot of the things I was torn between, so I feel more satisfied now, because they got their shout out somewhere.) I want to read all seven books again and then watch all six movies. :)

Jessica M. said...

No commenting from me??? Awwwww, but I could say so many things! LOL

Marybeth Poppins said...

I spent a week watching all the movies before the premier of the sixth. I'm a Harry Potter freak! We are totally in love! LOL

And listen here Jessica, AKA peanut gallery. Comments from you will provoke comments from me and it could get ugly! Bwahahahaha

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

LOL! Thanks for following my blog Marybeth-Im following you now-love it here its so much fun!

Who came up with all of those crazy questions?? ;)

ajm said...

My husband just started reading the series, and me thinks I shall be next. We've seen and enjoyed all the movies, but we heard that the books are where it's at. Your post makes me look forward to beginning!


Marybeth Poppins said...

Frankie those are by far the best questions ever :) It was a great exchange for the awesome award you got! LOL

Andrea you MUST read the books. At least the last two. They are my favorites!

Jessica said...

I wanted to comment, but reading this was like reading a foreign language.
*covering ears as Poppins lets out an unearthly shriek*

I admit, I've never read Harry Potter or seen the movies. *ducking as Poppins hurls a garden gnome at my head*

But I'm glad you're so into it. *wink....then frantically xing out of your blog*


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Like everyone else in the world (except Jessica apparently! LOL) I love Harry Potter! Great answers and a fun post. ;-)

Marybeth Poppins said...

Jessica you are cool and all...but I uh...I'm kinda disappointed. Still I will not throw gnomes at you. They might break and breaking a gnome would be a great tragedy!

Shannon you rock!!!

Natalie said...

Wow, I didn't think your awesomeness could get any more pronounced but you just stepped up another rung on my ladder of coolness. I love, love, love Harry Potter, and your answers were all excellent.