Dec 30, 2009

Even I have Goals!!!

It looks to me like everyone is coming up with lists of goals as 2009 draws to an end. I simmered on this for a moment, considered whether or not I should do it myself. I mean I'm not much for following trends, BUT then I decided to go with the flow. It sounded fun enough!

So here we have it kids.
Poppins 2010 Goals

1. Consider giving up dairy. I feel that as long as I am giving it consideration I am making a large step forward. Maybe next year I'll actually do it. But I really like cheese!

2. Acquire more gnomes. I have come to the heart felt decision that 4 gnomes and 2 gnome pictures are not NEARLY enough for a Gnome Connoisseur like me. (That's right! I no longer feel that the term 'Gnome Lover' applies to me! I'm SO much more than that!)

OMG Someone PLEASE make me some of these!!!

3. Stay free and clear from #blogwars! While at the very same time making sure to enjoy every moment of them. (Now this is going to be more difficult than one might expect. I have to watch my P's and Q's and make sure to NOT AT ANY TIME let anything embarrassing about me slip. I'm really good at embarrassing myself on this blog so it's going to be quite the challenge!)

4. Finish editing my book, write a KILLER query, score a perfect agent and sign for an awesome book deal with a HUGE publishing house. It can just wait and see!

5. Go to the movies ... a lot ... this is going to be one of the best movie years EVER! Percy Jackson, Toy Story 3, Eclipse, The Deathly Hallows, Shrek 4 ... and seriously the list goes on. I'm stoked!

6. Get a second car. I'm hoping this can be accomplished after I complete number 4. I'd REALLY like a mini van with a DVD player and heated seats. Is that really too much to ask for?

7. Have fun with my blog and remember it's not about how many followers you have, it's about how many of those follower love you! (Luckily for me ALL of my followers love me ... right? Right! RIGHT?!?!)

8. Continue building awesome relationships with all you awesome bloggers and writers and mommies. You guys have truly made 2009 one of the best years ever! I'm in love with each and every one of you. But I'm sorry, I'm married. So I'm going to have to keep our love at bay.

9. Find new and innovative ways to waste time and/or keep up my obsessions with twitter and Facebook. (Easiest goal to obtain EVER!)

10. Be me .... um ... or figure out who me is. That might be a better start.

So what are your goals for 2010? Has 2009 been good to you?


Jessica M. said...

I don't get this "no dairy" thing. Why are people doing it?? Calcium is important! Don't go complaining to me when you start shrinking because your bones don't have enough calcium... pass me the cheese!

My goals for 2010 are as follows:

#1. Survive 2010.
#2. Survive my new job for second semester, work on being kick ass teacher for first semester next year.
#3. Be happy (it's harder than it sounds!)
#4. Maybe run a 5k.

That is all.... I don't make goals because I never follow through :)

Tamika: said...

2009 has been great, better than I could have hoped for.

My goals looking ahead are:
1. Pray with all my heart
2. Love with all my heart
3. Write with all my heart
4. Edit with all my heart
5. Read will all my heart
The rest will fall into place!

Marybeth Poppins said...

Jessica, Cheese makes my belly hurt. I should probably stay away...I just can't do it!

Tamika I am with ya! Excellent goals :)

Simon C. Larter said...

I'd happily give up dairy if it weren't for cheese. And whipped cream. And cheese. Plus, it'd be hard to give up cheese.

And I'm with you on the #blogwars avoidance, though I might already be too embroiled to stay out entirely. (Doh!) It sho' is fun to watch, though. :)

Yay you, and havahappynewyear!

Natalie said...

Well this follower loves you, that's for sure :) How can you even contemplate giving up dairy? Two words: ICE CREAM! And I am so excited about all those movies too!

Goals: Become organized (it's really more a dream than a goal)

Icy Sedgwick said...

I love your goals - they're so much more realistic than mine! Good luck with the querying and whathaveyou - I have a feeling that 2010 will be a great year for literature!

ElanaJ said...

Excellent list of goals. I'm with you on #4 and #6, especially. I hope 2010 is the most excellent year for you yet. :)

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Love the goals and Id totally help you with the no cheese thing! Tofutti makes an excellent cream cheese.