Dec 29, 2009

I got SPOILED for Christmas!

Christmas was a little bit tight this year. So my husband and I kept our focus on the kids and bought Rock Band 2 (Just the game, we have The Beatles Rock Band with the Rock Band 1 Set) and a few new songs. Nothing too exciting, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

Needless to say this Christmas came with zero expectations. I hadn't asked for anything.

SO ... when I got totally spoiled by my friends and family I was in my own little Chateau Poppins World!!!

And I couldn't NOT share with you some of my favorite presents!!! Well all of my presents were my favorite, but I think you'll understand why a few of these REALLY appealed to me.

Starting to get an idea yet?

Well let's look at these items a little bit closer shall we!

(OMG I'm so excited just thinking about them!)

First up was my Biggest Surprise because it was on my door step when I got home Christmas Night? I didn't even know the post office delivered on Christmas!

Look at these cute little Stationary Cards I got!!!

Homemade for JUST ME by my Mindy!!!

So I pulled out the cards and just look at how cute they are!!!

From the desk of Marybeth Smith
(And she even spelled Marybeth as one word. I'm in love!)

So at our family party on Christmas Eve I got pulled aside. Earlier this year I had inspired my sister to paint something incredible (wait till you see!) and apparently she loves me so much she gave me the painting. BUT not without a box to put it in.

OMG How cute is THAT!

And when you open it up it has all these Gnomes and Gnome Facts!

But the best part I didn't notice till the next day...Look at the umbrellas. (Tears are glistening in my eyes right now guys.)

She even decorated the bottom of the box. My sister rocks

And so inside the box held the coolest painting EVER!!!

And I inspired it!

Oh but I couldn't leave this out...FLUFFY BLANKET!

And to top it ALL off, one of my BFF's sent me this...(Along with some super cute Twilight stuff!)

Aren't we Adorable!

AND on top of all that I got a bunch of other stuff ... Including a super cool dutch oven with all the fixins for Cherry Cobbler and Chili and Cornbread from my parents for camping this summer (Going back to those childhood memories! My parents rock.) A gorgeous necklace from the in-laws and all sorts of other stuff. I can't even think I'm so overwhelmed with all the #windinmyhhhaaaiiiirrrr!

So thank you to all my awesome friends and family and super awesome husband who apparently has something brewing in the background for me once the Holidays are over...sneaky husband!


PS I hit 201 Followers which totally means Party Time! I'm shooting for the first of the new year, so you better watch out. We're going to ring in 2010 with a big bang!


Diane said...

Awesome haul! Fun presents. :O)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I LOVE the darling gnome box! That is too cute for words. What a great sis! :)

P.S. I had a link on the side at the top for my contest, but I moved it back to top middle. Come on back - you can't miss it now. ;)

Southern Princess said...

Wonderful! Love the box - too adorable! So glad you had a good Christmas!

Marybeth Poppins said...

Thanks Diane! I do feel pretty grateful!.

Shannon I didn't realize that I already entered. I'm totally rooting for me to win!!!

Princess...seriously isn't it the most adorable box ever! I keep the super cute cards in it :)

Scott said...

Sometimes, the best gifts of all, aren't the fancy-schmancy expensive gifts, but the gifts that come straight from the heart!

I love the gift your sister gave you!


Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Awwww, best gifts. Truly. You must feel so loved! And congrats on the 201 followers! Party party party!

Happy New Year!

Simon C. Larter said...

Congratulations on a spiffy Christmas, good lady. I quite like that box, and though I'm arriving at the Marybeth party a bit late, I get the feeling there's a bit of a gnome theme going on here. Am I wrong? Sometimes I'm not too perceptive.

I got my wife a fluffy blanket too. So apparently I'm sympatico with, uh... whoever sent you the blanket. Weird.

Happy almost New Year!

(Plus, word verification is "shaxe." What's that? Sounds like a made up curse word. I shall use that from now on...)

ajm said...

My sister loves gnomes almost as much as you. I myself am a fan, but I do not have any hiding about my house (that I know of), so maybe I should start a collection?

Super cute! Happy holidays!

Marybeth Poppins said...

Scott the best gifts are absolutely the homemade ones!!!

Carolina thanks! Hope you can come to my party.

Simon...oh dear Simon. Lets not be so Shaxe ok... And you are totally an awesome husband for getting your wife a fluffy blanket! I told my husband that I think his mom loves me more than he does.

Andrea I'm not sure it's possible for anyone to love gnomes as much as me! But remember, it's never too late to start a collection!

kanishk said...

LOVE the darling gnome box! That is too cute for words. What a great sis! :)

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Tamika: said...

What thoughtful gifts! The personalized stationary is so beautiful! The best presents are the unexpected ones:)

Hilabeans said...

Very cool. Merry Christmas!!


Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Yay awesome presents!!! But, did you get any #windinyourhaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiir??

Patti said...

I would love someone to make me personalized stationary since I am so inept with that stuff. I'm jealous.

Tamara (TC) Staples said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful Christmas and received some really special gifts! Hope you have a wonderful New Year, too! ;-)

CMOM Productions said...

Super awesome gifts... and not just because I made one of them. :) It was one of the most fun gifts to make this Christmas. Love the box!