Mar 22, 2009


Cheese is tasty.

Cheese is the perfect word to say before a picture.

Cheese is perfect when smothered over french fries.

Cheese is comforting.

Cheese is wonderfully paired with wine.

Cheese is happiness.

Cheese is the best thing I had to talk about to day. It's been a long weekend. Let's hope for better tomorrow!


JM81 said...

OMG I love cheese! :)

T. Anne said...

I wish my love affair with cheese would cease before it all ends tragically on my thighs. *big sigh* Why can't cheese be good for you in large quantities?

Marybeth said...

And why does the best cheese always seem to be processed into a cheese sauce of some that even real cheese? Ya know there are other places for that fat to land...and in my thighs and buttox are not the places I am referring to !!!