Mar 18, 2009

Where's my Red Pen?

Red Pen
Blue Pen
White Pen
New Pen!

Dr. Seuss is surely an inspiration to us all. I wonder if he had a difficult time editing Green Eggs and Ham? Did he originally call the book Orange Eggs and Beef? Maybe Sam I Am was initially named Buzz I's possible!

I'm in the editing phase of my project right now. Some days I think I have finally gotten to the exciting part of writing, and others I wonder if the never ending crossing out of words and rewriting of sentences will EVER be over. So far...I've concluded that it is unlikely!

I've began editing with a Blue Pen. I'm not sure what it is about Blue Pens that I love so dearly. It could possibly date back to the good ol' Shoe Carnival days where we would prank call each other inquiring "Do you have any Bluuuuue Shoes?" Then once we all transferred over to Office Max (It is not necessary to understand the tie between Shoe Carnival and Office Max to comprehend the meaning behind the story stop wondering) it quickly became the question of "Do you sell any Bluuuuue Pens?" Was this the beginning of the Blue Pen preference? It is very possible.

Or possibly I am afraid of the Red Pen. Just the words Red Pen sound so striking and evil! When I hear Blue Pen, I become calm and relaxed. A Blue Pen looks like perfect little tennis shoe prints covering the snowy white paper, making a suggestion here and a comment there. But the Red Pen, the evil distracting Red Pen, shoots off the smooth crisp paper like giant stilettos stomping over each word they do not like and curving into words of their own. The Red Pen SCREAMS "You've done something wrong you idiot!" while the sweet little Blue Pen whispers "Oh honey, you've made a mistake. Let's fix that shall we!"

Here I sit,
safely hiding behind my little Blue Pen, on the verge of stepping it up. I am slowly preparing myself for the screams of the Red Ink that are about to come my way. I have even considered purchasing a Red Pen of my own. Although I must admit, maybe green or pink would do the job just as well.

I'm in the editing phase of my project right now. And if I have not properly "Shown" you how I feel about editing with this blog, I am telling you right now...."It's stressful!" All I want to do is send out my queries and be done with it all ready. Maybe tomorrow I should focus my blog on "patience"? Just a thought.

Update: Tomorrow's topic...prepositions! Sorry Rebecca, but you asked for it...I've done my research and I have some comments and questions. BUT my Protruding Red Pen is already out doing the dirty do not fear that I have not listened!


Theresa said...

put your big girl red panties on and just relax! a cup of red rooibos tea, maybe even some red lipstick and nail's all good. so far, your project is fantastic. the red pen is your friend.

Jenny Penny said...

I love this entry! You are a super blogger!

Marybeth said...

I wonder if Theresa could sew me up a jumpsuit and cake for my new super power??? What do ya think Trixie...ya up to it. I could be SUPER "B" you think that would get misinterpreted?

JessicaM81 said...

Red pen anxiety is exactly why I use pink and purple pens to correct student assignments!

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