Mar 11, 2009

A Dyslexic Man walks into a Bra

Best bar joke ever! Feels more like a metaphor for my life however. I often find myself walking into all the wrong places and all the wrong situations, and welcoming them in order to make those around me happy. Being a "People Pleaser" is a TON of work! And is it even worth it? Conclusion...absolutely NOT!

No longer will I be a "People Pleaser". I am here for myself.

No longer will you find myself just sitting back while children bully my son on the bus and he get's blamed for it. Damn straight I called that bus garage and told them how it was....and has there been a problem since? Absolutely NOT!

No longer will I sit back and let a teacher talk to me rudely in front of a class of 1st graders making me feel like I was one of her students. Did I talk to the principal and make my view on the situation known? For sure! Have my kids had any problems at school since? Absolutely NOT!

No longer will I sit back and let ANYONE disrespect me for who I am or how I feel. I'm me, take it or leave it. You want to be part of my life? Then treat me like you deserve to be a part of it, or walk away. I'm done being trampled over, and do I think I've made a mistake by letting those who did not treat me with respect go? Absolutely NOT!!!!

No longer will I watch as my son plays video games after he has a very smelly situation brewing below. He'll make it to that potty, regardless of whether or not "It takes too long!" to do so or he'll never see Mario Kart again. Have we had any accidents yet? Ok, well kinda, but I'm working on it!!!!

And although I may be an adult, it doesn't make it any easier to not feel peer pressure. Sure I may know the differences between right and wrong, and I may not have my fellow classmates throwing drugs or alcohol in my face, but there are other pressures as an adult. And no longer will take part in the things I do not agree with. I am going to be a responsible adult and be proud of myself for it. Will I really just be missing out on the "fun" I could be having? Absolutely NOT!

I am who I am, and no one different. My morals are strict and a might be a bit too uptight. I may even be considered a bitch, but I'm ok with that. I'm a good bitch. I am who I am kids. And I like that about me. You can concentrate on all my can embrace all the great things about me. I hate to sound conceded, but damn, I'm kinda funny...IF you pay enough attention to notice it. And if you put aside all those flaws and love me for who I am, will you be disappointed? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

A Dyslexic Man walks into a Bra...maybe he should have opened his eyes ;)

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