Mar 10, 2009

To Share or Not to THAT is the question

In a recent convesation with my husband we were discussing wether or not we prefer to share our work with eachother. I'm not talking about "job" work, but more like our "creations". Aren't our spouses our hardest critics? I know mine is, and vice versa. Always pushing eachother to be the best of the best.

I've recently worked on a big project and I am struggling with the internal battle of to share or not to share with him. Although I am thoroughly convinced it is a work of art, will he? What if he does not believe I have worked out a masterpiece as I do? Will this crush my dreams? I'd like to say not, but would I be lying?

I personally respect my husbands opinions, and that of my good friends and family as well, but is my confidence strong enough to withstand their criticism? Only time will tell! I must remind myself that I AM indeed the greatest and most creative person he will ever meet...and you will ever meet...and all will be well.

So wish my luck fellow bloggers! I am about to share the heart and soul of my last six month with a few select people. Let's hope they think it is as spectacular as I do! After all, I AM spectacular as well!

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