May 5, 2009

My Birthday Wish List

That's right kids, my birthday is Friday ... and I'm going to be old(er)! I'm counting down to the dirty thirty...two more years! Maybe by then I'll LOOK 18 and stop getting carded when I buy my husband cigarettes. (Doubtful!) So I decided to let you all know WHAT it is I want for my birthday. (Someone please send this link to my husband!!!)

1. First I'll need a Pedicure to start out my "Special" Day.
We can't be having dirty feet!

2. Then I'll need a Camera to take pics of my "Special" Day.
The CrackBerry phone just isn't cutting the mustard!

3. How am I going to get through the day without some tunes?
I'm gonna need a Green Nano.

4. Speaking of green...I need to finish my book soon.
It would be WAY easier with my own green laptop.
I've tried a pink one, it just didn't do the job well.
I am SURE a green one would improve my manuscript drastically!

5. Summer is creeping up, as is swim suit I could use a Personal Trainer...who looks like this....

(But I'll settle for one that looks like this)

6. I would also LOVE a Literary Agent

7. And I NEEDS me one of these so I can write blogs like

8. I'd also like one of these

9. And one of these..

10. And a pair of these to make it ALL match :D
**Notice the open toe, to show off my pedicure!**

So if ya'll could get started on that...that would be GREEAAAAATTTT!!!!!


Jody Hedlund said...

I think I can help you out on number eight, the dream house. We have about 4 or 5 of them on our street alone! Actually, you could probably have your pick of the market right now, especially in Michigan!

Katie said..., did you get the memo? Because number 7 is already taken. I love you Office Space shout out! HI-larious movie!

I really would like an agent in a package as well!

Marybeth said...

Jody...are any of those houses free? Or are you giving me one???? I'd be all about that! Is Midland close to Okemos???

Katie...ummmmm yeah, if you can just go ahead and find me another #7, that would be Greeeeaaaaat :)

Jessica said...

Happy birthday! :-)

marymac said...

LOL on all of it, Poppins- except your age. jesus- i think i might be old enough to be your mother! nice work and if you find that agent- let me know! i will be 40 on may 21 and my list would consist of just that one thing!!

Windsong said...


Happy Birthday!

I loved the literary agent in a bag! Can I have one too?

Anonymous said...

My goodness don't let KC see this! cars can be sensitive ya know

Litgirl01 said...

You are one funny gal! LOL I love this! My birthday is May 17th!! Happy early birthday!!!! ';-)

JM81 said...

Dammit...Great, your present is going to be late now. Geez.

Krista Phillips said...

Very very funny!

Welcome to the 28's by the way!!! (I reached the milestone a month ago!)

Cool shoes!!!! Although the heel made my foot hurt just looking at it! (I'm one of those wierd ones that drool over cool shoes but don't wear them because I love my feet and don't wish to punish them...even for flippin awesome shoes! LOL)

T. Anne said...

Oh, Oh! If you get a literary agent, can I get one too? Happy almost Bday!!!!! Great list. Go get that pedicure the shoes are on the way ;)

N A Sharpe said...

I just found your blog and will definitely be back - love the look and feel! BTW, Happy Birthday (just had one myself this past Friday and Taureans should stick together!)

Good luck with the literary agent, that's on my Christmas list :D

NA Sharpe

Cathie said...

I need to get those Twilight dolls! Imagining the blogging ideas from them alone? I am thinking you are in a green mood!

lexylou said...

Just found you and digging you Twilight lurve...I need to get me one of those Edwards... Ahhhhahahaha that blog link made me laugh so hard.
Have you seen Pocket Edward facebook group? It is similar and oh so HILARIOUS.
Office Space shout out, priceless...