May 12, 2009

But I like to Play in Traffic!!!

As an aspiring novelist ...I like the word novelist better than author or writer...doesn't it just roll off the tongue so nicely...say it with just gives me goosebumps! So as I was saying ... As an aspiring novelist, I find that it is important to build a platform. (small word...Big meaning, I know...didn't quite understand it myself at first.)

Although it wasn't the only reason I started this blog, I have found it to be quite relevant toward making a name for myself. (Keep in mind, the networking and support system I have gained has been much more rewarding than simply getting my name out there!!!) Unfortunately simply building a blog doesn't exactly guarantee you readership. That piece of the puzzle is a bit more difficult to put together. And let's be honest here...regardless of WHY we are blogging, we all want more I wrong? (Who said never play in traffic...I love traffic!!!)

So here are a few things I have started that have helped build traffic.

Facebook has been an AWESOME tool for me. By building a
Page, starting a Group and participating in Networked Blogs...I have brought on a good amount of new readers (Thanks guys...I LOVE YOU!!!)

I've become very active in Twitter. Although I haven't gained a ton of readership, I have gained contact with other aspiring novelists (there is that pretty word again! Novelist...) and publishing agents.

I've also joined other sites such as
Blogher, Blogged, and MomLogic but unfortunately haven't had much success with them yet.

I think the best method of building traffic is comments. I know when someone new leaves a comment on my blog, I immediately check out their blog in return. I've also noticed when I leave comments on new blogs I have visited, I often get a comment from that blog owner.
Comments ARE Contagious!

What have you found to be helpful? If you are a fellow writer, has blogging helped build your platform? Let me know what you think!!!


Jody Hedlund said...

I'm not sure that blogging has helped build my platform yet, but it has helped me to connect with other writers--novelists! I've learned a lot through these connections about the writing world. Perhaps someday when I finally am published, these great connections will help spread the news of my book, but maybe not. But in the meantime, I'm enjoying meeting new writers and continuing to learn so much!

~Jamie said...

hey I can't get to your twitter page :)

Jessica said...

Like Jody, I think blogging has helped me network a lot and to meet some cool people. Will it be a good platform? I'm not sure, since most of the people I interact with are fellow writers.
But I sure do love blogging! :-)

Marybeth said...

Nothing wrong with interacting with fellow writers! I absolutely love it!

And I most definitely LOVE blogging (possibly in addiction sort of

Jamie, glad you finally got the link :) Glad to have you on Twitter also!

Katie said...

How do you connect to facebook? Could you be so kind as to walk me through that process? My email is Thanks!

Marybeth said...

I sent you an email Katie...let me know what part you need help with :D

T. Anne said...

Blogging is addictive but then I love socializing too.

Kristy DeWalt said...

I think you're doing a great job. When you first start blogging it's overwhelming and you don't know where to start exactly. But I agree Twitter is one way to get your blog reconized and I was invited to join Networked Blogs and that's where you will run into some of the more advanced bloggers. Are you fimiliar with Twitter Moms? I recently joined them as well. It looks like you know what your doing and you're right Comments are Contagious. Not only that but as you leave more comments, You will start seeing more traffic and all it takes is Word of Mouth. But it does take time, but I know you know that by now. I started my blog a few months ago but now I'm back at it again, especially since I starting school again to get my Associate's nd Bachlor's Degree in Computer Information Systems. You mentioned your husband was a Web Designer, that's great because that's what I'm planning to pursue before I graduate and establish my home business. I would like to stay in touch, so if you have yahoo messenger you can IM me at Twisttafate or if you use AOL instant messenger look for Twisttafate79.I have a google account but I mainly use my yahoo email address Thanks,
Kristy DeWalt

Marybeth said...

Thanks Kristy! I'd love to stay in touch. Your website is lovely on the eyes! Thanks for your encouragement :)

StephanieM-K said...

I wish I could blog. I started one a year or so ago and posted periodically until I got this job. Now, I post for a living on a corporate site and have little left (that I'd be comfortable having anyone read) on my personal site. So it sits neglected. Remind me to go mow it soon before I get ticketed for weeds, will you?

I love your blog and hope it grows and grows (in the way that doesn't involve city workers knocking on your door). Good luck!