May 31, 2009

Information Overload

Lots to cover here on this EARLY Sunday morning. First, a question for you. Can you explain how on school mornings I can't seem to wake up until I've hit snooze 3 times but on Saturday's and Sundays I can't seem to sleep in past 6:30AM, even though my alarm is set for 7AM?

Well it's the last day of May. How fast it flew by, almost faster than I hit the snooze button on a weekday, but not QUITE that fast. Overall it was a rather pleasant month. (Considering my favorite guy won American Idol and all)

In the lovely month of may I finished editing my book, started sending out queries, got one full Manuscript request, turned a year older, got some great birthday gifts, got MSG Poisoning and found the best treasure at Big Lots during our 'Great Deal' excursion, the Method Aroma Pill - Fresh Cut Grass Scented!!!

I also want to point out the top 5 blogs this month. (Because it makes me feel speshal!)

1. My Big News was a Big Hit! (I was pretty excited too!!!)

2. Phantastic Phriday Contest. YAY! (Although I still feel like not everyone participated! Did you? If not you better!!!)

3. Belated (and possibly my favorite) Birthday Present (hehehe)

4. Feeling Victorious (A big day for me...although I'm still waiting to hear back)

5. Oh No She Didn't! (Surprisingly my Memorial Day weekend was interesting???)

Big things to look out for in June are as follows...

* More updates to (Got some great content going up soon!)

* Hopefully more MS requests!

* The Last Day of School!!

* A Big Event on June 6th and 7th called Batten Awareness Day


I hope everyone has a Wonderful Sunday afternoon. Can't wait to see you all in June!

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Jessica M. said...

I like this reminds me that tomorrow is June...and June means rest, relaxation, and vacation!!! :) Yay! May certainly has been a month full of accomplishments for you!!!

Ann said...

Wow, May did fly by! Bring on June, may it be a great month for us all.

Marybeth Poppins said...

Yeah I'm quite ready for the school year to be over myself!

And let's hope June is a VERY good month!!!

Jessica said...

Did I know you had a full request? That's awesome!!! If you don't mind my asking, who's the lucky agent? LOL
Hmmm, phantastic phridays...somehow I didn't realize there was a participation thingy going on. LOL Thought you just regaled us all with your phantastic spellings. LOL Have a great day!

T. Anne said...

must comment to say perhaps you wake up early on weekends for the same reason I do, you see years ago I was conditioned to get up at the crack of dawn by the promise of Saturday morning cartoons. They always delivered in delicious technicolor. *sigh* I miss the smurffs...