May 26, 2009

Oh NO She Didn't!!!

Oh but I did! I actually took a day off from blogging yesterday. *GASP!* I figured it was a long weekend and I needed to spend a little more time with the family and less time on the computer on the 'Extra' day off. (Translation: I spent too much time taking naps and reading and being flat out lazy to make it over to the computer. Still quite amazing in of itself!) But it was such a lovely weekend, regardless of how busy it was!

Here are some highlights:


Took the wee one to the park with the neighbors. We had a great time. (Minus the moments where the kids would only admit to having to go to the bathroom AFTER we had just returned from the restrooms with another child...Oh No...we asked EACH child before leaving the first time, they just decided to LIE and hold it till we got back for entertainment, or at least that's my theory.) Once the kids and husband were home we went to Meijer for some awesome grocery shopping and to buy a bike for the middle son who was in need of an upgrade. (Killer Friday night hey! Grocery shopping!) Got home...threw the bottle of wine in the freezer to get it cold... cooked dinner then put the kids to bed and went to bed myself after reading for a small bit. EXCITING TIMES!!!


Woke up and let the kids ride their bikes since middle son had just gotten a new one. The two older children winched (yes I made that word up myself) and complained because it was too hard without the training wheels while the 4 year old hopped right on his and crashed and burned a bunch of times, but it didn't stop him! I think he'll be riding a 2 wheeler before the other two. So ANYWAYS... new bike had a bent rim... back to Meijer. Ran to the back, grabbed a new bike and walked past the wine section. (OH $H!T! Frozen Wine Alert! Ironic Story Actually...) Came home...blah blah blah...had some family over, quite enjoyable time. (Especially the part where we put in Harry Potter for the kids to watch and they took off to play and only the adults were watching it.) Then I went out to a Moms Night Out Yoga class. Loved body, not so still hurts! But I'd go back! Came home, more reading, sleep!


UP EARLY (UGH!!) Nephew had First Communion and Confirmation. Had to go into our hometown to attend, nothing better than an hour and a half road trip at 8AM on a Sunday morning! Well we got there early. (Oops...apparently I have a bad perception of time.....) So we stopped into Meijer. (Catching onto the trend yet?) Then mass, party party party, drive home, dinner, reading, bedtime. Oh but I got an awesome framed pic of a gnome from my dad as a late birthday gift. My dad ROCKS!!!


We wake up and realize that our flour supply is low. BACK to Meijer!!!! This time the kids say "Um, why are we here AGAIN?" I was thinking the exact same thing! Lunch, naptime, more reading... (such a nice break from writing, and it's the first time I've done it in the last 8 months!) then we decided it was time to do something fun with the kids. I suggest the Park, maybe a movie. My husband says, "No, those just don't sound fun. Let's go to Chuck E. Cheese!" (Because running around and chasing our children in a small restaurant where 500 other children are running around and screaming and not listening to thier parents DOES sound like fun...) Well it was actually a good time. The kids were great and minus the one little boy who kept trying to steal our tickets and tolkens (Um where were his parents????) it was a great time. Then back home, more reading and bedtime!


Doesn't that sound so exciting!!!! Well it was pretty relaxing actually. And what wasn't relaxing was entertaining. So I'm not complaining. I hope everyone had an equally as wonderful long Holiday weekend as us!!!

BIG NEWS TOMORROW!!! Make sure you tune in!


Jody Hedlund said...

Marybeth! I just love reading your blog! The way you describe your life is so entertaining! Sounds like a great time with family and that's what is so key. I hope your big news tomorrow is more about that one query that wasn't a form letter! I'm anxious to hear more!

Jessica said...

That does sound fun! :-) I love that you made up a word. I like to do that too, and my computer underlines the word and says it's not in the dictionary, and I'm like, who cares? Shakespeare made up tons of words. LOL!
You had an awesome weekend and good for you for taking time to read. I do that all the time. Heeehee!
Can't wait to hear your news!

Marybeth said...

Thanks Jody! I'm glad I keep you entertained :)

Jessica...I LOVE making up words!!!

Can't wait to share the news ;)

JM81 said...

If this "Big News" has anything to do with cryptic messages this weekend, YOU'RE KILLING ME!!!! LOL

Marybeth said...

JM81...sadly it does not... BUT after all the cryptic "Secret Message" comments you've been throwing out there...I'm not so sure I feel so bad ;) HAHAHA

Now I'm starting to worry I'm going to disappoint everyone tomorrow ... oh well... lol

Paula J said...

Hi Marybeth! I love reading your blog and wanted to pass along an award I received to you! Honest Scrap Award is passed along to blogs which you read and like. If you'd like to accept it you just visit my blog and let me know, and you can get a photo of it which I posted last week. Then you choose 7 blogs you like and tell why and also list 10 facts about yourself. And I will definately be back on your blog tomorrow for your news!!

Have a good day!

JM81 said...

I'd tell you about my secret messages, but you'd just think I'm crazy LOL

Marybeth Poppins said...

I love crazy people!

Stacy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marybeth Poppins said...

Thanks Stacy! I hid your comment because it exposed part of my secret for tomorrow. But I'm glad you liked it!!!

Danyelle said...

Good to have you (and your sense of humor) back in the blogosphere! :D

Katie said...

Good times Marybeth! And since you're an Office fan, I have to leave you with this quote....

Secrets, secrets
are no fun
secrets, secrets
hurt someone

Michael thought that female "dancer" was so profound. Now so do I! Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Marybeth Poppins said...

Patience Young Grasshopper!

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