May 30, 2009

Bring out the Stress Ball called Writing!

I've had a pretty crappy weekend thus far. No need to go into the details, it's pretty much the same ol shit same different day kinda thing. But for goodness sake! It's the weekend! I don't want to sit around and wallow in self pity, I can save that task for a Monday. (That IS what Monday's were made for right?!?!)

So I woke up and had the urge. (Kinda like the Herbal Essences commercial but without the shampoo and orgasmic noises) The urge that starts with one tiny thought and ends with a million words (ok, maybe not a MILLION...) upon the paper and opened up on my computer and me desperately searching for answers. Granted there is not one scrap of a normal paragraph started, but the ideas are multiplying and taking form and it's starting to come together and make a bit more sense.

This book is a tad more exciting than the first one. The first one just came to me. I knew what I wanted to write about and the first paragraph just flowed from my pen as though it had always been swimming around in my busy little head. This time all I have is one tiny little scene that I have to build an entire world around. So many unanswered question that will lead to this scene. A scene that means everything to this world. It's invigorating and exciting. I don't even get to know what is going to happen next!

So how did your novels start? Did you know what you were going to write about? Did you have to rack your brain for ideas? Were you just writing to write, or were you writing to finish an idea that was swimming around in your head?


Alright Kids! It's that time again! (No not Howdy Doody Time! Geez!) Award number 3 is being given to The Momplex. This is the site that got me started on my own blog. I fell in love with her stories and decided I wanted to start one of my own. She's hilarious and creative and she writes as though she picked up a pen while she was still in the womb. Congrats Momplex! You Rock!


Katie said...

How do my stories start? With a little teeny idea. Usually an image, or a character, or a short little scene that must become a story. With my first story was born out of my desire to write about my trip to Kenya. My second came because this old lady with lots of cats wouldn't leave my head. And my third - I was at Target looking for a birthday card, and I imagined what it would be like if I were looking through Sympathy cards and then I thought how cool would it be if a story were to start that way... even though this story doesn't even start that way anymore. But that's at least where the idea came from.

WOW! That was a long comment! I know how frustratingly difficult it can be to get an idea and turn it into a novel. That's often the hardes part for me. I always remind myself that it eventually comes together. Patience is the key word. :)

Jessica said...

Hmmm, I usually have different, nameless characters walking around in my head, but I don't usually start a story until I see the opening scene/conflict that gets the story ball rolling.

Congrats on your new idea!!! :-)

T. Anne said...

Sometimes I just jump in, if I have an idea of time and place, genre and general characters. But If I don't know where it's going by end of chapter one I stop and outline.