May 15, 2009

Phantastic Phriday - Oooooooooo Scary!

***In honor of it being Phriday, and in rephusal to submit to boredom, I have decided that the Letter F shall phrom here on out be replaced with a PH (except phor in pictures, which I have no control over)***

Happy Phantastic, Phantasmagoric, Phriday my Phriends!

I've been pondering a question lately. (See what querying does to a person!!! All these questions and memories and AHHHHH!) I can't decide which is more terriphing. Success or Phailure? Here are my explanations phor both phears.

Phear oph Phailure

Somewhat self explanatory. No one wants to be a phailure. All the rejection hurts and tears down on our self confidence. It makes you wonder if you are always going to be a phailure, which is unlikely, (I'm taking the Poster Paint out to my card board box JUST INCASE this afternoon. One needs to be prepared!) but the pheeling is there regardless.

Phear oph Success

A bit more complicated. Most people crave success, as do I. But I'm still terriphied of it! My entire liphe would change. (No need to worry about Poster Paints, someone give me the number phor a contractor! He can do the painting!) Some oph my problems would disapear, but what iph new ones arrise? Will I become a diphpherent person? Will my phamily still love me iph I change? See how scary that sounds!!!

I am not sure which scares me more, but I did hit send on my phirst query letter today, so maybe it is Phailure. But then again, it was Nathan Bransphord...kinda shooting high with that one, maybe it really is Success.

Which scares you more? Phailure or Success?


T. Anne said...

Phailure is a phunny thing. It can paralize you into not pursuing your goals or give you pause when you try your hardest and don't achieve them. Mine is phailure.

Marybeth said...

Yeah I think I'm with you! I got my phirst rejection today and I can tell you I did not enjoy it...BUT I rephuse to stop there!

PS Readers...I here (once AGAIN) that my comment section isn't working well. Keep on trying though...I think I'm gonna have to call up the owner of Blogger and tell them to work this stuphph out! :D

JM81 said...

I phear phailure more. Always have... Success makes me anxious, but it's a totally different pheeling phor me. BTW when you get phamous, you better not ditch me phor richer, cooler phriends...or else I'll take back your bday present! :P

Katie said...

Dephinitely phailure!

Krista Phillips said...

You can't succeed if you don't risk phailure. And if you phear success... does that mean you love phailure? Ugh, that doesn't sound right!

I DO have a phear of phailure... but I also have a strong will to overcome it. Phear is from the devil and dadgumit, I'm bound and determined to punch him in the nose and tell him where he and his stupid phear can go:-)

Jessica said...

LOL I think success. Phailure motivates me. I don't want to Phail! LOL But the pressure of immobilizes me. Like, when I had a full request, even though the manuscript was complete, it took me three months to mail it.
Scaredy cat.

Marybeth said...

I think you nailed it's not so much phear...but pressure!

Thanks phor your comments girls!

Danyelle said...

Good luck with your query!

I think in some ways I fear success more than phailure. With success comes certain expectations, real deadlines, and an even greater chance phailure.

MeganRebekah said...

It's so funny that I just came across your blog this morning and read this post, because I was just thinking about this last night. Fear of success is often much more scary for me than failure. Probably because I abhor change!
Anyways, great post!