May 7, 2009

Before I'm Thirty

After tomorrow, I have only 2 years left before the Dirty Thirty! I've decided to compile a list of Goals to fulfill before May 8, 2011. And because you guys are so wonderful, I have decided to share this list with the form of a poem! (Did I mention I suck at Poetry?)
Before I am Thirty
a Poem by Marybeth Poppins

Before I am Thirty there are many thinks I'd like to accomplish.
Before I am Thirty I want to know how Roger turned into a fish!
(I mean seriously, how does an ant turn into a fish!)

Before I am Thirty I want to publish my book.
Before I am Thirty I want to be the worlds greatest cook!
(So that my kids will finally eat my food without complaining!)

Before I am Thirty I want a 28 inch waist.
Before I am Thirty I want to teach my young daughter how to copy and paste.
(Starting to have trouble with the rhyming thing...)

Before I am Thirty I want to really big house.
Before I am Thirty I want a smoke free spouse.
(Oh maybe I shouldn't have said that out loud, I LOVE YOU TOBBY)

Before I am Thirty I want my hair to be long.
Before I am Thirty I want to write a killer song.
(Because as you can see, I'm an AWESOME Rhymer!)

Before I am Thirty I will be famous and loved.
Before I am Thirty will be something else that rhymes with loved.
(I couldn't think of a way to put 'doved' into sentence, and what does it mean to be 'doved' anyhow?)

Before I am Thirty I will b
e SUPER Successful.
Before I am Thirty I will be Fantastical.
(That's right! Fa

Dr. Seuss should make a book out of this! Isn't it the best poem you've ever heard? Maybe I should try to get it published??? Hmmmmmmm......


Jody Hedlund said...

What do you mean you aren't good at poetry?!? ;) Very cute, Marybeth! It does sound like it should go into a Dr. Suess anthology!

Marybeth said...

Thanks Jody. And seriously...that's probably the worst poem ever written! LOL

T. Anne said...

You did Suess proud girl. :)

sherrinda said...

Hi Marybeth! I saw you over at Jody's blog. I love the poem! Though I have to say, the big house would get sooooo tire of cleaning it! I am really ready to downsize! Of course, if you get rich and famous, you could certainly hire some maids! ;)

Marybeth said...

I should have added the maids thing to the poem...if only it had rhymed with love!

Litgirl01 said...

You GO girlie! ;-)

Katie said...

Scratch novel writing! I think you're the next Emily Dickinson!

Marybeth said...

Katie! I knew I had a hidden talent :D

Cathie said...

I liked the poem.

I got a dozen red long stemmed roses for turning 30 from my hubby. He said he was never going to be buy me roses. I cried.

Now I am 32 and no one cares.

Human Dimensions said...

Great Poem - Hard to believe U R getting that close
: ? )

Enjoy your Birthday Today !!

(take my word - it isn't as easy to enjoy when you hit that "Hordy Forty")