May 9, 2009

Bread and Water

I love my kids, sweetest little devils on the earth I tell ya ! I woke up to my daughter in my face saying, "Mommy, we made you breakfast. Toast and Water, your favorite!" What a beautiful gesture. Breakfast in bed! I love her. But.....I'm not so sure Bread and Water is my "Favorite"...LOL

So let's explore this statement a bit further...

If Bread and Water WERE my favorite...

I would be an excellent candidate for being homeless. (I hope they have butter!)

I'd be Jesus's BFF! He loved Bread and Water! (Which WOULD benefit me in a great way, considering he turns water into wine!)

My grocery bill would be significantly LESS!

Bad breath would never be a problem...BONUS

AND I would have a theme song!!!! (Please watch this, it's one of my favorites!)


SO.... After exploring my options a bit further, I have decided that my daughter was correct. Toast and Water IS my favorite! Way to go darling little daughter, you know me better than I know myself!


T. Anne said...

The breakfast of champions!

Windsong said...

Aren't kidlets the best? :D

my4kidsma said...

Yeah toast! That is aren't as dumb as we give them credit for.

N A Sharpe said...

Out of the mouths of babes comes such wisdom. Happy Mother's Day!

NA Sharpe

Nicole said...

Well it's the thought that counts right? But I bet your stomach didn't feel that way! :) lol
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Loren Christie said...

Thanks for visiting me on Blogher. I just found your site and I love it. I bet we could trade funny kid stories. I also try fiction on my blog, usually on Fridays. Best Wishes,