Jul 13, 2009

A Dish to Pass

Day two of the Harry Potter Marathon begins in one hour! I can't believe the 6th movie is less than 48 hours away!

*Poppins squeals in delight*

So we are going over to a friends for a play date and to watch the 3rd and 4th movies since we watched the first 2 over here on Friday. The kids are excited to go play in a basement full of toys that they do not own. (Not to be confused with us locking the kids in a dark dreary basement as we watch Harry Potter...just saying...)

As a play date tradition the hostess makes lunch and the visitors bring a "Dish to Pass". Love this tradition, especially when lunch isn't at my house. Nothing better than getting out of one of your daily chores!

Driving back from dropping my hubs off to work I decided that there is nothing in our house that is "Dish to Pass" worthy. I know a trip to Meijer is in order and I decide to ask the boys (daughter is at the In Laws for the week) for ideas.

Older son says, "I don't know mom, the only side dish I like is Ap
ple Sauce."

Fair enough. Kind of an odd thing to
bring. I pushed them for more ideas.

I said, "How bout some fruits or veggies."

No Response.

"No more ideas then?" I asked.

"We should bring butter!" Younger son exclaims.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

My daughter likes butter on EVERYTHING.

My son likes ketchup on EVERYTHING.

What does this say about my cooking? :)

Mystery Writing is Murder

Katie Ganshert said...

Halarious! Butter! And Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Behavin said...


Corbin would have most likely told me Ranch. He wants Ranch dressing on everything these days, and not just any old Ranch. It has to be Hidden Valley Ranch. When he sees the commercial on TV, he immediately makes a mad dash to the refrigerator to retrieve the Ranch.

Jody Hedlund said...

Too cute!! How about apple butter? I might have some you can borrow.

Sounds like an incredibly fun day! Enjoy!!

Danyelle said...


You gotta love the answers kidlets come up with!

Marybeth Poppins said...

I suppose I"m not any better...I love cheese on everything!

Jessica said...

LOL! Kids are hilarious.

My five year old did his first sleepover tonight. When my step-mom came to pick him up (she has a 6 yr old) she asked him what his favorite food was. He thought about it and then said, "Green beans."
LOL Kids!

HOpe you all have fun. My sister is a HP addict.

Jill Kemerer said...

Have you been watching Paula Deen? Cuz that women slathers butter on everything!

I'm quite impressed with the fruits, veggies, and applesauce. Mine would have shouted brownies. And Funyons!

sherrinda said...

My 3 kids at home already have their opening night tickets ready and they are soooo excited. I opted to not go and embarrass them. I'll make a date night with the hubby and see it. :)

CB said...

At least there's someone else as crazy as I am out there. I did the book marathon before the sixth movie release. Now I need to start my movie marathon.

Cathie said...

Butter is good for piling on bread and giving to kids. At least my kids think so.

YAY HP is coming soon! Stoked!!!! Did the HP movie marathon as well!

Helen Ginger said...

I say melt the butter and stir into the applesauce. It's Harry Potter. Give it an exotic name and serve with fruit dippers.

My son loved apple juice as a kid. That's one of the things that I should have bought stock in - one of the apple juice/apple sauce companies. I know we made them a ton of money.

Straight From Hel

CMOM Productions said...

you can never have enough butter! LOL