Jul 1, 2009

Craigslist Listings Gone Bad

I could be wrong ... but I believe these things are SUPPOSED to be used ... slightly concerned!!!

ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT! - $150 -Gently down the stream? Are they selling a boat or a quartet that sings in rounds?

LETS GET PHYSICAL!!! - $75 - Can you sell that stuff on Craigslist?

Mount Hope Cemetery Plot - $500 - Apparently someone has risen from the dead and become immortal. They will no longer be needing this. But if it has already been used...I don't think I want to go near it.

Casket-Custom Built - $850 - Custome Built? Shouldn't this be a service and not a "General Item?"

3 things 4 sale - and they are.....

DOG WASTE PICK UP SERVICE ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS - (TOP DOG POOPER SCOOPER SERVICE) pic - I'm not so sure I need to see a pic of this...but thanks!

Pure Romance Stock - Kay...if you KNOW what Pure Romance is, I can assure you probably don't want someone's USED stock!

HIHIHIHIHIHI HIGH WATT LIGHTS for PLANTS - And exactly WHAT KIND of plants do you think they were growing with these HIHIHIHIHIHIHI lights?

100' Communications Tower - $500 - I've always wanted one of these!?!?!?! Imagine the cellular coverage I could get!

Crutch for tall people - $5 - Well that's just not fair...always leaving out us short folk!

"fish" tank cover - "fish" not "snake" or "lizard"...can we say inappropriate use of " "...LOL

Cute Snowman - $20 - unavailable till the winter....

Buy my Yard Sale / Most of the Contents of My House - $3500 - I don't think that's gonna fit in the trunk of my car....

***LOVESEAT*** - $100 - Are we putting emphasis on the fact that it's a "Love" seat?

Dang its HOT....I have your Air Conditioner --SOLD...Thanks Bob - $40 - yeah so um...it's kinda warm outside...but you're out of luck!

stanly 1/4 midget for kids - $900 - Only a quarter Midget! And how do you get the clearance to sell midgets on Craigslist? And why is it only for kids? Why can't I buy a midget? (Possibly because I am practically one ... if my husband try's to sell a quarter of me.....)

Need a Bar For Your House? - Does it come fully stocked?

And then you always have the option to look for FREE stuff where you can find items like THIS!

Patio Chairs FREE -

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Jessica M. said...

Have you ever gone to the Best of Craigslist site?? It never ceases to amuse me :) LOL http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/all/

Ann said...

Ha!!! Too funny.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Love it! I needed a laugh today, too...

Mystery Writing is Murder

Jessica said...

Glad I don't frequent that place. LOL

Alone in Holy Land said...

I don't know what Craiglist is (I assume it is a listing of stuff people sale) was it was hilarious!