Jul 6, 2009

Vacation Hangover


It's Monday already? How did the last 10 days go by so quickly?!?!

My Staycation was so LOVELY. I slept in every day and stayed up late reading every night. We accomplished many things, yard work being amongst the most important. We were lazy. Our diets went down the drain and our belly's were well fed. I made some massive headway (or the exact opposite...it's still up in the air) on my book. It was just the most lovely week ever!!!

And it's over.

Now I am stuck with a vacation hangover. You know what I'm talking about...I'm sure of this. It has nothing to do with booze or beer. No...this is the kind of hangover that can only come from having an entire week dedicated to relaxing and enjoyment, then having it END. Now I have an "I don't want to do the laundry" Headache, some "Oh crap, what am I going to cook for dinner!" Nausea, and a little "What do you mean we have to all wake up at 7am!" Dizzy Spells. And this all comes complete with an overwhelming urge to eat McDonald's French Fries!!! (Because no hangover would be complete with out it!)

Did you see my new photo on my WEBSITE? I LOVE IT!


Katie Ganshert said...

I am anticipating a MAJOR vacation headache when I have to go back to school in August. NO!!!!!

Jessica M. said...

Order me up a double cheeseburger, just ketchup, while you're getting those fries, will ya?? Glad you had an awesome vacation! It's always so tough to get back into the day to day stuff afterward. PS: Awesome photo! You put up my fave :)

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Glad you had a good one! I'm looking forward to taking a vacation later this month.

Great pic on your website!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Jody Hedlund said...

Sounds like a heavenly week!! No wonder you're having to transition back into reality! Glad you had a good photo shoot! Where's the pic with the umbrella? :)

Danyelle said...


Glad the vacation went well for you though. :D