Jan 1, 2010

Let's Get This Party Started!!!

Holy Crap! The first day of the new year is almost over! I'm not quite sure where the rest of the day wandered off to, but I'm pretty sure it's long gone. So considering that it is almost 10pm I have decided to make our Blog Party a Pajama Party!!! (Partially cuz I'm not in the mood to actually get up and get dressed and all that other good stuff you are supposed to do when you go to party's What?!?! I don't actually have to get up and get dressed to go to my Blog Party? I can stay in bed the entire time? EVEN BETTER! But I still expect everyone else to attend in their PJ's)

So here at my "Yay I Hit 200 Followers Blog Party" we are going to have a great time. I've got Rock Band going over there in my living room. Watch out though...that mic is totally mine! Ok fine, you can play for a little while, but you better not sing any of my favorite songs! (What? It's my party, I totally get to make the rules.)

Now back in the kitchen there is a full buffet style snack station. I guarantee you that if you want it, it's there! Seriously, go look!

And as promised my party comes with contests and prizes. YAY. The prize will not be announced until Monday, but the contest will go for a week, so if you NEED to know what you are competing before you start playing for I suppose you can wait, but c'mon...that would just be lame!

My contest is going to go on a points system. The follower with the most points at the end of next Friday will be my winner and we will have a celebration for them!!!

So here is your first task ... "I'll take gnomes for 500 Alex!" ...

I will give you a series of 3 questions that you will need to answer in the comment section. Each correctly answered question is worth 1 point. And the answers will not be revealed until next Friday. (So you can copy every one else's answers, but there is no guarantee they are correct!)

Question Number One
Why did I buy my first pair of gnomes?

Question Number Two
What is the gnome in the right hand corner of my blog's name?

Question Number Three
How many gnomes do I wish I owned?

****The answers to all of these questions may or may not have appeared in previous blog posts****


Simon C. Larter said...

1. You bought your first pair of gnomes in a very small store in a back alley in Hong Kong. The owner of the store was a blind, 120-year old, half-Thai hooker (retired). She sold you the gnomes for three true tears and a half-pint of belly button lint. (What were you doing there, though? Seriously!)

2. Don't ask me why you chose such a weird name, but it's Marjorie Stephen Xavier Melanie Habbakuk van der Wienerschnitzel. Why, Marybeth? Why do that to the poor fellow?

3. You wish you owned pi gnomes, which is a pity because it's an irregular number to which mathematicians have yet to find an end, so no matter how precisely you divide up that fourth gnome, you'll never be able to get it exactly right. Anyway, how would you choose which 0.14159625... of the gnome to keep? That's a tough choice.

So what do I win?

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Ahahahahahaha can I second Simon's answers?
Ok fine.

1. You bought your first pair of gnomes because on a particularly windy day when no matter what you did, you couldn't get out all of the #windinyourhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiir and you met a retired kitchen witch on the sheet who told you that if you bought these two gnomes from her you'd be able to control the #windinyourhaaaaaaaaaaaaaair. So you did. They didn't work.

2. His name is Windy Gnome 1. Named for the reason why you bought him.

3. You wished you owned 1007 gnomes, because you heard every 1 in 1007 gnomes actually does allow you to control the #windinyourhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiir

Katie Ganshert said...

What a fun party! I know I know the answers to these questions. I especially remember you blogging about number 2 and 3, but can I remember? No-ooo. The answers are lurking in a deep dark corner of my mind.

I'll try anyway.

1. At a garage sale

2. It starts with a G. Like Grindaloon, or something. Okay, so that's not it. But I swear it starts with a G.

3. 500. No idea, that number just popped into my head. So there ya go.

Marybeth Poppins said...

Ok, so far none of these answers are correct, but I am enjoying them SOOOO much more than the actual answers. I may have to consider giving out points for creativity!!!

Rebecca said...

1. Your trip to NC
2. Gnorris
3. 412% more than what you already own.
I better win this contest!

Mindy said...

I'm a recent follower of yours so I really have no idea to the answers but I'm gonna guess

1. Because they stared at you and you became so creeped out by it that you eventually bought them...later falling in love with them lol

2. Patrick Dempsy or Mary Poppins

3. *In Doctor Evil voice: ONE MILLION GNOMES*

Southern Princess said...

1. Trip to NC (Roaming Gnomes ;o) )- in Target just had to buy them & tried to convince your cousin how GNOMES ROCK!
2.Gnorris (never to be confused with Chuck Norris)
3.412% less give or take a few Gnomes you need to own...either way one is a picture from your father so it is debatable

Such a fun contest!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

1. NC trip with husband. Saw them in Target and had to have them. After that trip it was total Gnome love, and you had to have them for everything. (nice series of pics showing your gnomes in the visor, on maps, etc.)

2. Gnorris - the name was suggested by hilabeans and approved of by you. her prize = garden gnome.

3. 412% more! After all, it's total gnome love and you need them for everything! hahahaha

be impressed - I actually spent two hours finding these on my own!

Karen said...

I want to win that paintable gnome so bad, I can't put it in to words. Okay, so I cheated and waited for others to find the answers to these:

1. Trip to NC with your hubby
2. Gnorris (Why do I want to round kick someone right now?)
3. 412% more than you already have (and that is a lot.)

***this is me dreaming of how I would paint said gnome if I win him***

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