Jan 19, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Ahhh good ol Ren and Stimpy....

I know you were hoping for answers today, BUT I was going to give everyone one more day to load up on questions. SO if you haven't had a chance to ask me any embarrassing and/or deep questions yet, go here! The answers portion of this game shall be interesting to say the least AND might take up the rest of my week!

But first ...

So apparently people kinda like me. (I know right? What's up with THAT!) And two of my favorite followers, Frankie and Southern Princess, happened to give me not one, but TWO awards (each) last week! And we all know you can't receive an award without passing it on and following the rules.

The first award they gave me was the Happy Award.

The rules being, I have to tell you 10 things that make me happy and list 10 blogs that make me happy. And sorry, but I'm not as cool as Frankie so I refuse to vlog. (Plus I haven't taken a shower so you don't even want to know what I look like)

So here it is... (In no particular order)

10 Things that Make ME Happy!

1. Showers (I just don't get to them as often as I'd like)

2. The smell of Fresh Cut Grass (Yum!)

3. Cheese!!!

4. My kids, husband, family, friends, etc.

5. A really good book (Reading OR Writing one)

6. Going to the Movies! (Percy Jackson is in less than a month! Oh and Avatar was AWESOME!)

7. Going out to Eat

8. MUSIC! (I love to sing...I'm just not very good at it anymore)

9. Presents (I like green! and Sparkly things!))

10. Fun emails from friends.

10 Blog Friends that make me Happy!

1. Frankie

2. Southern Princess

3. Shannon Messenger

4. Mindy!

5. Karen (She blogs about Dr. Quinn...we are in blove!)

6. Natalie

7. John Green (What? His vlogs super make me happy!) (Well I can pretend we are friends...can't I?)

8. Dawn

9. Scott

10. Hilary

I suppose there are no rules to this one, but they have been passing it on to their good blog friends...so I shall do the same!

1. Mindy

2. Frankie

3. Shannon

5. Courtney

You guys put #windinmyhhhaaaiiirrr!!!!


Southern Princess said...

lol! Thank you!!
I have to say that I have not yet posted a question...need to do that.
Oh by the way I love that you put 'Cheese'. I mean truly is there anything better than cheese? ON EVERYTHING!! yum...hungry now...cheeeeessssse...

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Congrats!!! I should have grouped family and friends together too. Now I'm gonna eat some cheese. :)

ali said...

You are dang cute. Congrats on the awards!

Dawn Hullender said...

Wowza, thanks MB, this is awesome. This is my new blog's first award and I shall wear it with pride! Woohoo.

Simon C. Larter said...



Frankie Diane Mallis said...

awww SQUEEE you sent it back:-) You p0ut the #windinmyhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiirrrrrrrr!!!