Jan 23, 2010

And so my Prize Becomes an Adventure!

This is the best gnome post ever! (I know right, even better than mine. that's saying something)

So here ya go kids ... head right on over to Southern Princess' Adventures of Gnick the Gnome to see how my contest prize was brought to life!

(I am so swooning over here!)


Shannon O'Donnell said...

There is no question that it's the best gnome post known to man. But...

OMG, Marybeth - "Don't lick Gnick!" I was ROFL! That is too funny. I may never be able to stop the laughter. I start to be fine, and then I think about it again, and then I die laughing some more! :-)

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

A truly delightful post! Gnick looks beautiful in his new clothes. What a great prize.

Marybeth Poppins said...

Yeah I saw the dog practically eating Gnicks head off and I had a temporary moment of fear. Gnick must not be licked!!!

Carolina I think that was my favorite prize yet. Especially because I got to see what became of it after.

This may become my "regular" contest prize...I may even have to buy one for myself!

Southern Princess said...

YAY! I am so glad you like Gnick! yippee! You SO have to get one for yourself! He is adorable. My husband thinks it is the best prize!
Oh and Peanut loves Gnick. I need to post the after pic where he laid down beside him and napped! lol

Thanks for the post here!!! ;o)

I will be sure that Gnick posts any great adventures! We plan to take him everywhere! ;o)

ajm said...

Wow, that Gnick is really going places! So funny! Maybe he should visit more bloggers for pics from around the country -- kind of like a gnomey version of Flat Stanley? :)

Natalie said...

That was hilarious.