Jan 13, 2010

The One Who Eats the Onion Deserves a Prize!

(I can't help but say that in the voice of Buffalo Bill..."She puts the lotion in the basket or she gets the hose." ... don't ask!)

I've made a ton of concessions and compromises in my marriage, but none as big as my decision to force a liking for onions. Yes you would think that stopping after three kids, (which turned out to be a good compromise in the end...) handing over the super fluffy feather pillow, (this is a close second) or moving to an entirely new city to accommodate a job change would be bigger sacrifices, BUT no...

Learning to like the onion is by far the largest change I have made for my husband.

Before I met the love of my life I could barely walk into a room that smelled of rotten onion juiciness. I could not fathom eating an ounce of food the awful root had plagued with it's juices. And if you ate anything onion related you might as well stay over there....in the next room...at LEAST 20ft away from me.

So it is with great pride that I announce today, that last night I ate cooked onion...PLAIN cooked onion, well ok, sauteed onion, with my dinner!


I liked it!

Now where is my prize?

What is the largest change/compromise you have made for your significant other that might appear to others as something tiny?


Frankie Diane Mallis said...

I LOVE onions!!! And no sig other, so I can't say.

Karen said...

I wish Hubbykins would make the onion compromise. But he has some onion trauma in his past (don't ask.) So bland dishes it is.

Biggest compromise (for both of us) would have to be level of house cleanliness...me keeping it cleaner than I would otherwise & him putting up with some clutter.

Southern Princess said...

lol! Glad you enjoyed it - thankfully I love sauteed onions so no need to adjust to that one down here.
My biggest concession would have to be: WAR/HISTORICAL MOVIES. My husband is a history buff, loves The History Channel, A&E Military documentaries, and any sort of World History. I know, I know just go to another room when he is watching one - NO. He makes an effort to really enjoy my heavy on the romance chick flicks so I take the time to be in the room/theater/whatever when he is watching his. Granted if it is one we own and there are other things I can do around the house I will do them. But to be utterly honest..I enjoy some of them. I am a sucker for underdog/rise to the occasion/find your potential/discover the reason for the fighting stories.
Plus another admission would be: I learn from these things and I enjoy that.
So even though it is a few television shows/movies it was big for me to join in and find things I like about them.

Oh don't forget to scoot over to my blog - having a giveaway myself! ;o)


Patti said...

My son has loved onions for as long as I can remember. Greatest compromise. To enjoy camping and hiking. yeah definitely the hiking.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I can't eat onions. God was kind enough to give me an onion allergy, because I hate them regardless. My husband LOVES them. He gave them up for me, the big sweetie.

For him, I have worked to curb my hereditary shopping genes. I was raised to be a shop-til-you-drop girl. Hubby was raised to be a thrifty, save-it-don't-spend-it boy. Not a good combo. For my darling, I have learned to be a budgeting, once-in-a-while shopper.

Jonathon Arntson said...

I have no significant other, but I can tell you what would I would lobby for my phantom sig other to like: olives (b&g), peanut butter, and black cars. In fact, if someone didn't like these things, I'd have a hard time being in a LTR with them.

I am single.

I wonder why.

Hilabeans said...

Onions are awesome, especially cooked.

Blue cheese is the spawn of Satan. Horrible, rank stuff. I may have thrown up a little just now thinking about it.

My husband loves the mold, but I'm not as good of a wife as you. No blue cheese or GAGonzola in this house, my friend. No way. Na uh. Ne-ver.


Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Hahaha! Good for you! Onions are great. Funny story...when my oldest was two years old, she loved onions. And one day, she asked me for some--just raw. But she wanted the whole onion (it was small--about plum-sized, I think), so I gave it to her, and she ate the whole thing like an apple. I couldn't believe it. And then she puked it all up. The end.

I saw the title of your blog post and it reminded me of that story. thanks for that ;)

Diane said...

We are now the proud owners of a 1950's tractor, bulldozer, and two antique Mustang cars..... none of which were my idea..... :O)

Foursons said...

I LOVE onions. I'd eat them on everything if it tasted good. ;)

I have sacrificed my soul for my marriage. Hahaha- just kidding. I have sacrificed a clean, orderly home for my husband and my children.

Natalie said...

You do deserve a prize! I love onions, but I hate bell peppers (and my husband loves them). I haven't tried them yet--maybe someday.

Simon C. Larter said...

I occasionally suffer through reality TV with my wife. It's horrid. I die a little every time. I can feel my brain atrophying. In a few years, if this damn trend doesn't stop, I will be comparing life to a box of chocolates and running across the country without really knowing why. Jenny.

ali said...

This is awesome. But, I really have to think. Hmm.

To pick out all the tomato bits from my hubby's dinner because HE hates tomato bits, but I love them, so I compromise by taking the time to pick them out for him, if I really want something with tomatoes, lol. Does that even make sense? ;)

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Significant other? What significant other? Did you find him? Where is he? I've been looking everywhere for him.
I love onions but I can imagine how you feel. I feel the same way about Kale. Bleh.
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Bug said...

Onions are good, but in moderation, lol.


Krista Phillips said...

ur a better woman than I. I love my husband, but will NOT, I repeat, NOT eat an onion.

In fact, when my husband order's onion rings when we go out... he knows he must kiss me once BEFORE he eats because it will be another 24 hours before he's getting near this mouth!

Caffeinated Bliss said...

I don't attempt to kill him when he drops his dirty clothes on the floor.

:D Great post!