May 20, 2011

Bones vs. Grey's Anatomy

As a new born favorite show of mine, Bones has actually managed to trump Grey's on Thursday nights. Well at least since American Idol decided to bump Bones up to 9pm. (And it's not even a good season!) So on Thursdays I watch Bones, then Friday I Hulu Grey's Anatomy. It all works out.

BUT THEN ... it turns into Season Finale week. ARGH!

So I have to decide which one I want to watch more. So I'm pretty much ...


(That's me pulling my hair out by the way...MS Paint isn't very intuitive!)

So I had to go and make a pros and cons list.

Bones ... it has Hodgins ... and last weeks episode ... it was pretty good!


Grey's ...well it has a stellar history of spectacular season finales. Like SUPER spectacular finales.



Awesome Finale?

Possible awesome Finale too?


Definitely awesome finale?

So I caved. I let the past decide for me. And it was Grey's, no doubt. I still had McDreamy after all. He couldn't disappoint me ... could he? I mean I'm a die hard fan. I've been watching it since the first show. It's almost like I owe them my loyalty. How could I not watch it?

So I do it. I watch Grey's. I'm held in suspense. Something good is DEFINITELY going to happen. I mean Meredith totally just botched the Alzheimer's trial!

Alas ... I was disappointed. There was no cliff hanger! No dying heart patient boyfriends. No dying new doctors. No dying 007. (See the trend here) Nope. No one died. No one stood in the middle of a field saying they were in love with McDreamy. NOTHING!

Grey's Anatomy Season Finale FAIL!!!!

So I of course, first chance I get today, HULU Baby!  Must watch the Bones Finale.  It's going along and I'm all like, "Meh." I'm totally going to be disappointed again. I just know it!

But then ... 1 minute left ... and ***SPOILER ALERT***

O M G!!!! Best season Finale EVER!!! Bones totally pwned Grey's with authority!

Conclusion ... Next year. Totally watching Bones before Grey's. I never thought I'd see the day ...


Theresa said...

I watched Bones...and, can I just say...OH. MAH. GAWD!!!!
way to drop the bomb, there, eh?

Katie Ganshert said...

Marybeth - you have to watch Vampire Diaries. I'm not kidding. Best. Show. Ever. Watch it from the very beginning. Give it a few episodes. And tell me you are not completely 100% hooked. I can't remember if you're a Twilight fan, but I am. And I'm not kidding you, VD is better than Twilight.

Glynis said...

Grey's Anatomy is my fave but the ending was a little bland.

Bones is hotting up. I am lucky because DH has to download them for me to watch here in Cyprus. That way I get to watch one after the otherm in whatever order the mood takes me.

Marybeth Poppins said...

Definitely a dropped bomb! Glad I got left behind from the rapture...I NEED to see the season premier this fall!!!

Katie I've heard tons about that show, but have been resistant. I kinda got over the whole twilight thing. Plus I couldn't get into all the true blood stuff. Hmmmm....maybe I'll watch just ONE episode and see what I think :)

And bones is WAY hotting up! <3 <3 <3