May 31, 2011

Big Fat Awesometastic News!

So, unless you follow me on facebook (In which you've seen me announce this at least once or twice) I have some BIG NEWS!

Wait for it .....




Yes, I know that's probably not as big of a deal to everyone as it is to me, but I've never gone to college. Never knew what I wanted to go for. But now ...

Now it's like the heavens have drizzled upon my lack of direction and their puddles have formed little arrows that say, "UM IDOIT, what is it you do again every day?"

Ok, well I run a website about bipolar disorder, but what's that got to do with college?

And then it started to poor and all the little friendly raindrops got all nasty and slapped me in the face. (Jerks!)

I was all like, "Ok ok, I get it. I should go to college and study psychology. Now stop raining!"

And then since I live in Michigan, the rain obeyed and turned into sunny weather. Which would be great, had it not been accompanied by scorching hot and humid 90 degree temperatures.

So there you have it. I am going to school! 10 Years of Educational Bliss all to become a psychologist. Is it insane that I am EXTREMELY excited?


Theresa said...

gettin' all proud-like and ready to, baby sister is gonna dominate the frat parties!!! love ya!
Miss Charlotte

Rebecca said...

You are awesomesauce...not crazy! My BFF just finished her first year of medical school and she is a year older than you!

ajm said...

I love that you're asking if it's "insane" as you're heading into psychology! :) You will love it. I teach high school and Advanced Placement psychology, and it's really fun and interesting. Good luck!

Marybeth Poppins said...

LOL ajm. Leave it to me.

And thanks. I can't wait!!!

Shari said...

I am just proud of you my friend! AWESOME news! :-) I know you will do wonderfully!

Jaime Wright said...

congrats!! it IS exciting to have goals - so more power to ya!