Apr 12, 2009

An Easter with a Heavy Heart

There is no bounce in my step today, no sarcasm to share, no whit to be found. My heart is in pain as I hold my dear friend and her family in my prayers.

It was about 4 1/2 years ago when I met Crystal. We met through a mutual website. She posted looking for cheap Christmas gift ideas. I posted back with some of the Great Deals I had found while being a parent. Soon we got chatting and realized we had a great deal in common. We laughed because our youngest sons were both named Preston. We became excited to find we were both pregnant and due on the same exact day, March 21st, 2005. We waddled through our pregnancies together, becoming fast friends. Irony filled the air when I found out her husband had been best friends with one of my high school best friends. In fact, they had gone to our Junior Prom together. It was indeed a small world.

The world was not right on February 19th, 2005. Crystal was not online! When I called to make sure she was ok, I found her mother on the other end of the phone tell me she had had her son, Trenton, a month early. (I will admit, I was a tad jealous I had to remain pregnant a month longer than her...) I was so excited for her. When my son was born a month later our friendship grew.If it were not for Trenton and my son, Crystal and I may never have met.

Unfortunately Trenton was soon diagnosed with a condition called Alagille's Syndrome. In the first few years of his life he has survived a liver transplant and numerous heart surgeries. Trenton has been a fighter through every moment of it, and Crystal and I have remained close friends.

Last night I received a text message stating they were taking Trenton to the hospital. He had fallen out a two story window and was unconscious. This morning, it is with a heavy heart that I say, they informed me that he did not make it. My heart is aching for my dear friend at this moment. I can only imagine what she is going through. It was difficult to watch her lay next to her lifeless son in the hospital this morning. I feel helpless, as there was nothing I can do to ease her pain. So please dear friends and Blog followers, please say a prayer for my friend and her family as they go through this difficult time.


T. Anne said...

Praying. :(

Marybeth said...

Thank You

Jenny Penny said...

I'm so sorry. I'm speechless. Holding her -- and you -- in my thoughts.

Jessica said...

That's horrible! I'm so sorry and will be praying for all of you. :-(

Litgirl01 said...

Oh no! :-( Sending lots of prayers.

Mommy (That's my name, don't wear it out.) said...

Oh my, this is so awful. Sending thoughts to your friend, her family, you and Trenton.