Apr 24, 2009

Phantastic Phriday - Shampoo or Mountain Dew?

***In honor of it being Phriday, and in rephusal to submit to boredom, I have decided that the Letter F shall phrom here on out be replaced with a PH (except phor in pictures which I have no control over)***

Sitting in my shower the other day (Yes the cat is out oph the bag, I sit in my shower! I'm lazy, why stand when you can sit? Sitting is MUCH more relaxing!)

As I was saying...Sitting in my shower the other day (PHOCUS people! Sitting is perphectly normal!....I think...)

One more time...Sitting in my shower the other day, I looked at my Shampoo bottle and read "Now with Phructose and Glucose!" I paused a moment.....Phructose and Glucose eh?...in Shampoo....Am I the only one who phinds this to be awkward and slightly problematic?

Interpretation - By adding Corn Syrup and Yellow Number 5 to my Shampoo, I would have a excellent bottle oph Mountain Dew. No?


Theresa said...

skip the shampoo all together and just add sugar. i'm sure there's some sort of benefit there.

Cathie said...

Do the RP movement and don't wash the hair and drink the Dew instead! LOL

Jessica said...

Yikes. A little weird.

I want one of those showers where there's a little bench to sit on. LOL

Marybeth said...

Theresa...I think that might be grainy and uncomfortable...but you should try it and let me know!

Cathy...Not a Dew fan, but it was considered ;)

Jessica...weird what was in the shampoo or that I sit down in the shower? LOL A BENCH would be Marvelous!

Cathie said...

I forget to say I sit down in the shower and pretend it is my waterfall in Maui!

JM81 said...

I was just reading an article today on women who swear by using a little bit of baking soda and water instead of shampoo... If I wasn't lazy, I might be able to find it for you.

OOOOooooooo look: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30337386/

Not as lazy as I thought. Take that Phriday!!!