Apr 3, 2009

Flabbergasted Friday!

We know about the following....

Manic Monday
Treacherous Tuesday (ok I made that one up too....feel free to add your own word)
Hump Day
Thirsty Thursday

And now I am pleased to announce....

Flabbergasted Friday!

(flāb'ər-gāst') Pronunciation Key
.v. flab·ber·gast·ed, flab·ber·gast·ing, flab·ber·gasts
To cause to be overcome with astonishment; astound. See Synonyms at surprise.

Friday is the day of the week where we become astonished with the fact the week is FINALLY over!!! We are astounded that we have once again made it through a LONG week.
Today I have a case of the Fridays! I'm anxiously awaiting 5pm, the moment where I can watch the delicious red liquid pour delicately into my anxious round glass. Or is it I that is anxiously awaiting the consumption of heavenly fluids? Regardless, bring it on. Please let the weekend move slow and steady. I am in no hurry to make it back to Monday, the day my husband returns to work, leaving me here with my three children who are now on Spring Break. There is no rush to enter into the dreaded 5 days full of fighting and whining. Monday can wait.....for a very long time!

How bout you? Are you happy it is Friday? (I have a good feeling that is going to be considered a rhetorical question!)


Alexia said...

I am so glad it's Friday! I still work all weekend, but it's shorter and I have more time to myself. Plus, all the siblings are home which means playmates for my boys :)

T. Anne said...

It seems like it cycles around a lot faster than it use to. That's a testament to my busy lifestyle.

JM81 said...

I am beyond happy that it is Friday...and beyond happy that it's spring break! woo hoo. And thanks, now I have the song, Manic Monday, stuck in my head. Not that I'm complaining much. I love the Bangles!

Litgirl01 said...

I sm SOOOOOOO happy that it's Friday! *doing the it's Friday dance* Monday always comes too quick. :-/

Jessica said...

I'm a SAHM with little kids. Every day is basically the same. LOL My Friday is 8 PM every night. LOL