Apr 29, 2009

"Tiiiiiiimmmmmeeee is on my side. Yes it is!!!"

“When alive, we spend so much time worrying about time. When we are children we notice how slow it is going. Then, as we get older, how fast time has passed. When at work, while waiting for an appointment, at school, we watch the minutes as they tick away till that time has expired. We pay such close attention that most often; it seems to be all that matters. We worry about how long we spend happy, how long we spend sad. We agonize over how long or short the time is that we have with our loved ones before they die. Living Beings pay attention to the tiniest moments with impatience. They grow impatient watching water boil, waiting for a friend to arrive, wondering when the mail is going to come. Everything is centered on time.”

I could not help but think how silly it was that I too had once worried about all those small, insignificant t
hings. I too had placed the majority of my thoughts waiting, wondering and worrying. I now felt another tinge of regret for wasting so much of that precious time.
This is a small excerpt from my book that got me thinking the other day. (And the day I wrote it, and every time I read it, and when I think about it...) Another writer's blog, "On the Path" had done a posting about beign patient, something I would assume MOST writers (and about all of us mothers) have a problem with.

As a writer I want time to fast forward to the moment an Agent responds to my query and asks for a partial, a full, or wants to get a contract going! I'm like little Violet on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory..."I want it ALL NOW!!" But let's look at reality for a moment...Um Yeah, probably not going to happen. Instead, I am going to have to get off my bum and finish this editing process. I'm going to have to send out queries and get many rejections. I'm going to have to WAIT for that glorious day when my story catches an (the smartest and most intuiti
tive) agent's eye. and I'm going to have to do a whole LOT of waiting till I get published and noticed as well. So why am I wasting so much time worrying about it!?!?

As a mother...aahhh to be a glorious mother...I can't wait for my kids to finally start cleaning their rooms without me asking, taking a shower when THEY realize they are dirty, and ask me if they can do their own laundry while making ME dinner. REALITY CHECK! Not going to happen any time soon. So why am I wasting so much time wishing this will happen?!?!?

Time is a beautiful instrument. It moves on it's own accord and takes no orders from anyone. We can't speed it up, we can't slow it down, and there is no evidence that we will ever be able to turn it back. However, there is not a one of us who doesn't want to do at least one of the above. I myself would like to do ALL of the above in one way, shape, or form!

I want to speed up to the day where I am finally financially stable, with a publishing contract and a carreer I can be proud of. Instead, I should focus on the journey that gets me to that point. I should relish in the lessons I have learned and the friends I have made along the way.

I want to slow down time and keep my kids little and innocent for as long as possible. I am dreading the day I send my son to school finally. Can't he just be 4 forever (notice I say 4 and NOT 3...oh thank goodness 3 is over!!!) I want my daughter to be little and unteenaged! I want her to be innocent and confident for as long as possible. I want my older son to forever want to kiss me before the bus picks him up. He still likes me. Soon, I will be the cause for all embarrassment in his life. I dread that day! I can't slow down time though, but I can cherish these moments with my children, and every day I have with them.

I want to be 19 again! I had a perfect body, not a flabalanche in sight! No children, no repsonisbilities, and a wonderful lusty, lovey-dovey relationship with my husband. It was bliss, it was simple, and it was effortless. But do I really want to not have my children here? Not really. Do I really want to go back to all the insecurities and irresponsibilities? Not really. (I won't bother asking if I want that flaweless 19 year old figure back...because THAT would be a rhetorical question!) Instead, I should keep those memories close and remember how much I have grown since that time, and keep in mind all that I have GAINED as well.

Time is a beautiful instrument. In retrospect, we should all strive to be a little more like TIME, and stop waiting, worrying and wondering so much about it. Because we don't want to get to heaven and think to ourselves....
I could not help but think how silly it was that I too had once worried about all those small, insignificant things. I too had placed the majority of my thoughts waiting, wondering and worrying. I now felt another tinge of regret for wasting so much of that precious time.


Amanda said...

Flabalanche - priceless! I completely agree with the wishes on speeding up and slowing down. It is quite a conundrum some days!

Litgirl01 said...

Patience is SOOOOOOO important when writing!!!! It's a slow business for sure! I am learning this...LOL!

Jody Hedlund said...

You have such a creative way of expressing your thoughts! I've appreciated hearing your perspective and everyone else's thoughts on the whole waiting game that we end up playing with writing (and a lot of other things too!). I can honestly say, I did a lot of thinking about the whole matter. I'm trying to remind myself more often to enjoy each moment!

Jessica said...

LOL on being 19. I have to be honest. I totally did not appreciate the breasts I had. Sighhhh.
Great post.

Marybeth said...

Amanda...yes, flabalance...I've got a couple sitting on my jeans right now!

Litgirl...yeah, no one warned me about it being a slow business, I've had to realize that on my own. I'm sure that it will pay off for all of us in the end though!

Jody...thanks! You were definitely the inspiration for this post. It is amazing how much we dwell on time as if it was our enemy. Instead we should learn to embrace it!

Jessica...yeah...um...I would have had to have had breast to appreciate them! One thing time HAS given me...LOL

Robin said...

Great post! I enjoy taking my time to embrace what God has given. When life catches me and swoops me into a whirlwind, I need to learn to land lightly. Your blog title made me laugh and smile. I have always considered myself a real life Mary Poppins! I even have her bag. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face in the middle of a writing day.

Katie said...

Okay - seriously - I love your blog. Way too much fun!

Marybeth said...

Thanks girls...it makes my day when I can make someone (or a million people...) smile!

Krista Phillips said...

Time..... oh, I do this WAY too much, especially lately! First it's wishing for lunch break, then it's wishing for 4:30 to come, then bedtime so I put the kiddos to bed, then for my hubby to get home so I can go to bed, then... I start all over again. *slapping owns self hand* Not to MENTION the whole waiting on contest results, waiting for agent replies, waiting for....

Have you ever read Dr. Suess's "Oh, the Place's you'll Go!" I read it to my daughter at the dr.'s office the other day. LOVED the part about waiting...

Marybeth said...

Waiting sure does seem to be never ending! Might as well pull up a chair and enjoy the wait, find something to fill the time. :)

Jeannie Campbell said...

i just stumbled on your blog from some fellow author friends. i love your theme and how it looks! very creative! :)

Marybeth said...

Thanks Jeannie...your site is awesome...a therapist for characters.. classic :D