Mar 9, 2010

I have officially lost count!

It is possible that in my little attempt to make the biggest sacrifice I could think of, I may have unintentionally cheated. Unintentional being the key word here.

Let me give a small sample of my weeks as of late...

Monday - Mom Taxi. School the child (why yes I did say I was not fit for homeschooling, but I assure you this is temporary...I hope. I'm seriously not cut out for this job.) Find out the Realtor wants to show the house Tuesday. Start cleaning. Mom Taxi for the next two hours. Dinner. Catechism for the wee ones. Home. House, 24, Castle, Bed. And somewhere in between all of that I read.

Tuesday - Mom Taxi. School the child WHILE cleaning the house. Mom Taxi again while avoiding the house with a trip to the library to pick up 4 new books. Start reading one new book. Home. Dinner. American Idol. Read the rest of book 1. Bed.

Wednesday - Mom Taxi (Seeing a pattern here?) School the child. Relax for a bit with book 2. Did I mention I'm really not feeling well by this point? Finish book 2. Mom Taxi. Dinner. American Idol. Bed.

Thursday - Realtor wants to show the house Friday. UGH. Mom Taxi. Still not feeling well so pick up book 3 while schooling the kid. Mom Taxi while reading book 3. (Well not while driving, just while waiting. And you are correct, I did not start cleaning yet. Book 3 is good. Home. Dinner. Or something like that. I'm REALLY not feeling good by this point. Finish book 3. Grey's Anatomy. Fall asleep during Private Practice. (I was pushing it)

Friday - Mom Taxi. No school child, need to make the boys clean their room. Must clean the house AGAIN. Boys watch movies and play video games so they don't mess up their room while I clean, and clean, and OM FREAKING GOODNESS why isn't this house clean already and why does it smell funny? Oh great, something dead in the wall. Now I look like I can't keep my house smelling nice. Mom Taxi. Dinner. Rock Band with Neighbors. Bed. No book :(

Saturday - Recover from Rock Band while watching men cut down trees across the street.. Birthday Party with Neighbor. More watching of cutting down trees. Starting Book 4. Movie with the hubs. Bed.

Sunday - More of book 4. Church (this takes longer than expected.) Finish Book 4. Pack a little more. NOW I start craving twitter and facebook. No more books. Nothing on TV. House still semi clean. Don't feel like cleaning again till Monday even though I'll be rushing because they are showing the HOUSE AGAIN on Monday. Finally give in and just go to bed. Starting to feel better, might as well help it along.

Guess what I did on Monday?

BUT while the house was being shown I went to the library and picked up 10 more books. Finished on last night. I think I may have a problem. An addiction? Do normal people usually read a book a day?

Well the good news is I am through 5 of the recommended books.

13 Reasons Why
Love You, Hate You, Miss You
The Adoration of Jenna Fox
Identical (I think that one was an extra from the Ellen Hopkins books)

On the roster from the Library

I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to Kill You
Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy
When You Reach Me

And three I chose by myself by Maureen Johnson
13 Little Blue Envelopes
Girl at Sea
Suite Scarlett

10 Days worth of Reading. Which do I read first?!?!?

You don't even want to know what my "On Hold" list looks like! (Which includes AT LEAST 13 more books.)


Faith said...

Don't worry! You are not alone! I often read a book a day... it's a great way to get through that 'To Be Read' pile very quickly :)

Just last week I read '13 Little Blue Envelopes' AND 'Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy', which were both a lot of fun! Start with Maureen, she's got an excellent voice and very entertaining stories.

I also recently read 'The Adoration of Jenna Fox' and really liked it, especially compared to a lot of the disappointing bio-med ethics YA fiction out there lately... what did you think?

Christine Danek said...

You are a busy gal. I don't read a book a day. I wish I could. Good for you. I am just trying to find time to get through one book and revise my first draft. I so have a long list of books but I have to finish my MS first.

Scott said...

Well, there you are, I was beginning to worry about you!

There's nothing wrong with reading a book per day. I read a book Saturday, another one Sunday, and started a third Sunday evening. I have two more in line that I hope to get through by next weekend. Work really interferes with my reading time, as does writing . . .


Elana Johnson said...

No, "normal" people don't read a book a day. I do, but you know. If you like dystopian stuff, I'd definitely recommend Candor by Pam Bachorz and Feed by M.T. Anderson. They were my weekend reads.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

You poor thing! Hopefully it will level out a little soon. In the meantime, I recommend either Gone or Graceling. :-)

ali said...

Excellent books on your list! I'm sorry about the house-showing business. No fun.
And the schooling children? I can totally relate.

Good luck with EVERYTHING!

(so did that mean you really are feeling better?)

Kelly Lyman said...

You are busy! I feel your pain with the cleaning and cleaning. My husband and I hope to put our house on the market in May...ugh. Just reading about your realtor and showing the house makes me anxious!

I would love your opinion on my stuff! I tried to email you, but for some reason it the link wouldn't work. Shoot me an email and let me know where I can send it.

Dawn Hullender said...

I'm still dying without you on twitter and facebook. But I understand *sigh*.

Seriously, I feel your pain girl and hope things get better for ya.

When I'm in a serious reading mood (or hubby's working nights and I'm bored) I'll go through two paperback novels.

I tend to skip alot of the prolonged descriptions (I know, Le gasp) but I want story, not the freaking color of his bugger.

Where was I? Dang, I don't remember. I'm a rambler today. :D

Come back soon!

Tawnya said...

I actually read a book a day as long as I am left alone to do so. Lately though with school, it has been difficult to even pick up a non psychology text book. Ugh. I need to read for fun soon or my brain will explode! Hugs to you!

Elle Strauss said...

I'm reading a lot more these days than I used to, probably 2 books a week or more. I haven't been keeping track though, I just read.

Mindy said...

Oh I have done that many times... the shortest amount of time I read a book was about 4 hours actually less... we were driving to Montreal Quebec (my father was not me) so I read a 300 page biography during the ride there and back. Usually it takes me FOREVER to read anything anymore... these days it's getting much harder as the weather is turning out to be very nice and i'm constantly working these days

Tree said...'re doing good! LOL

I've given you a blog award in a post on my blog!! Come on over and snag it! Love your blog.

Tree aka Mother of Pearl

Fayth said...

I'm sure there are plenty of people that read a book a day. Sometimes I get into horrible loops of continuous reading and ignore absolutely everything else and wind up reading around two books a day. But then the break [or summer] will end and I have to go back to school. [but it's a good thing i was reading the whole time i was away...] I reccomend you try Sarah Dessen. She's great! And she has multiple books! Probably go for The Truth About Forever or Just Listen first. Those two are really great! You might also really like My Sister's Keeper. [btw i noticed you read the hunger games, did you know if there was another out? or was it just the one?] Happy reading!

Karen Akins said...

I so wish I were a faster reader. Of course, I also wish I were a faster writer.

But, oh my, that is some week you had...

Natalie said...

Hey Marybeth! Looks like you're taking a blogging break too. I would totally read a book a day if I could. The only times I ever get through a whole book in a day is if I desperately need to clean the house AND I have a great audiobook to listen too. Audiobooks are awesome.

I love Ally Carter's books and I just read When You Reach Me. You've probably finished them all by now. I'm reading Graceling now too.

And I totally agree with the above commenter--Sarah Dessen is wonderful. You should read some of her books.

Kristy said...

Congrats you won a sunshine award. Come over and collect your award.