Nov 15, 2010

Other Places where You can Find Me!

I know I've been missing for quite some time now. There is so much going on and since this is my happy fun blog ... well I haven't had a whole lot to say.


I don't want to ruin that with any long rants about life and living and all the lovely stuff.

I mean seriously ...

Queries, School Issues, and Money Oh my! Need I say more??? :)

So, how bout you? What's new. What have I missed? (Besides all of you!!! Duh!!!)

And hey....I could SUPER use some cheering up today. So um (**shameless self promotion alert**) if you could possibly go "follow" my new blog, we could be in love!!!

Just click here -------->

I swear there's lot's of good stuff to read. Super educational and hey, sometimes even entertaining. (I mean really, you can't expect me to be serious ALL the time (or possibly even most of the time)

Hope all is well. I really Do miss you guys!!!

OH and yeah .... I totally redid my personal website. It's pretty! Click here -------->


Lydia Kang said...

Will go check out the new blog. Sounds like you've had your plate full lately!

Kelly Lyman said...

I'm sending cheery thoughts your way....feel better yet? Did you send queries out already?

Marybeth Poppins said...

Thanks Lydia...and yes, quite full!

I did Kelly, got one really good rejection back, but haven't heard anything else on the others. Thinking I'm going to go the self publishing route.