Jan 11, 2018

What's Next? The Search for Something to Do

My workouts each day end with me promptly heading downstairs and plopping on the stool in my husband's home office to oh so considerately interrupt his work day with my sweaty, smelly presence. I have too cool down, might as well do it with company. For some reason this bothers him none, which both entertains me and pleases me.

However, there inevitably comes a point where he does need to actually do work. So far this week this has been no big deal as it's been late in the day and the kids are home to bother, but today annoying my teenagers is not an option because they are still in school. Today is the day I've been dreading. Today I have to entertain myself for the first time since my unemployed days began.

Unemployment was my own choice. I had a job, the job was sooooooo not right for me for many, many reason, and since it was fiscally not an issue to take some time off to look for the right job, I quit. So I know I shouldn't complain. Sure I just got my bachelor's degree, and I was sorta hoping to have a really nice cush, well paying job by now ... but according to the jobs unavailable, and the fact that apparently just having a bachelor's degree doesn't magically get you a job, that's not happening anytime real soon.

Unfortunately, I don't know what happens next. I can't spend my day cleaning because my children basically have that covered in their chores lists. (Yes, we are THOSE parents. The ones who make our kids work to prepare them for life. Whether they do it well or do it when they are supposed to is a whole other story.) So if I don't have a house to clean, and my meals are already planned, and I save my Netflix binging for the evenings, what's an unemployed gal (who is currently taking a break from job hunting to keep from going insane) to do all day while her kids are at school?

So far I've been told to:

  • Take up a new hobby
  • Take up an old hobby
  • Find something new I like to do
  • Join a club
  • Start a club
  • WRITE (technically and old hobby)
So here I am writing ... trying to fill my time. Trying to figure out what's next for me.

What do I do with my days?

What do I do in the afternoons when my children are actually doing their homework (hahahahahaha ... if only miracles did happen) and their chores and then entertaining themselves and don't need me?

I'm not really a hobby kind of gal. I'm so uncoordinated that if I tried to knit it would look like this ...

I have joined some clubs, but they only meet like once a month, and of course in the evening or on a Saturday. So that's a bust.

I'm not really sure what kind of club I would start ... "Bored People Being Bored Together." It'll be a hit! I just know it!

And as I'm not really sure what kind of something new to do is supposed to look like, that only leaves one thing ... Writing.

I've been told to write by every person I talk to about this conundrum. So I guess I could give it a try, but ...

What do I write about?

Do I write a blog? a book? a journal?

Will anyone read it?

Do I want anyone to read it?

These are all questions I don't seem to know how to answer.

So that leaves the big ol' question, what's next?

Why can't my kids just be little again and still need all my attention. It was so much easier in those days. Now I'm lucky to get 30 minutes of them telling me how their day was and reminding them they'll work at McDonald's if they don't do their homework (which I hear can be quite a decent job these days so at least there's that) and that they need to do the dishes/laundry/etc. before they scatter away to do their own teenage things.

Turns out I quit to stay at home and raise some teenagers who I find I need more than they need me.

Turns out ... I'm a bit lost.

Does anyone have a map to help me find myself? GPS?

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