Aug 31, 2016

Is Coffee the Key to Success? (The 2nd Reprise about what happens when you go back to work!)

So, back in April of 2009, I originally wrote the post entitled "Is Coffee the Key to Success?" At the time I was young and naive. I didn't understand the beautiful creation that is Caffeine.

I didn't understand how glorious a hot cup of coffee is on a cold winter day on your walk into work.

I didn't understand the joy of taking a break because you NEED an iced latte ... and/or 15 minutes of not staring at your damn computer screen and wondering how you're going to get two US senators into the same room on the same day and/or how the hell you are going to switch around 3 appointments for your boss because something more important came up that was surely NOT a golf outing.

I just didn't get it. I didn't understand why so many others felt the need to partake in a cup of java EVERY single day.

Even though it's true, I'm not going to say I was stupid. That would be cruel. But try as I may have, I just couldn't escape the gentle unrelenting grasp of a super grande with three shots of espresso tiny cup of joe.

I'm not exactly sure what happened in February 2010 that placed me into the reconsidering stages of my decision to, "Just Say No," but despite the lovely and almost totally convincing comments, I still remained a hater.

Nope, I wasn't gonna do it. The smell didn't match the flavor. It was too hot. It was too cold. It made your teeth more yellow than Goldilox's hair. (See how I did that?)

It wasn't freaking happening. Damn any success that could be had! I would forever remain coffeecelabate. (It's a word ... as of today.)

So what the frick happened?

Right now you're saying, "Oh, well you said it up above! You went back to work! Duh"

Oh no my friends.

I didn't just go back to work!

I went back to work where my office was right NEXT DOOR to a freaking Biggby!!! (Click the link if you haven't heard of them ... they are my favorite ... no haters allowed!)

Yeah ... that cold winter walk to work ... about 10 ft.

I know it shouldn't have mattered. I mean, I hated the taste right? It was awful.

Or was it just awful without anything in it?

I started small. Teddy Bear Latte. All that extra flavor, who can taste the coffee? Plus, it was practically just a cup of milk with a wee bit of espresso added. No Big Deal. It didn't mean anything. I was still a skeptic ... ish. I mean it was really warm and creamy and got me going when I was really tired first thing in the morning. I just needed a little bit of help! Okay!?!?!

And so yeah, maybe I would brag about it on instagram a time or two, but I still had control over the situation,

Then things got a little more serious. After a month or two of creamy, sugary lattes I started to notice my pants fitting a little differently. Something had to change.

"Can I get a Non Fat Butter Bear Latte with Light Flavor and no Whip, Please? Oh, and add and extra shot of espresso."

I was slipping fast. I could actually TASTE the espresso ... and I kinda liked it.

Before long they knew my order by heart.

And from there I was sucked in.

And let's not lie, for as much love as I have for the Big B, lattes are expensive yo! But coffee with a wee bit o' sugar ... that shit's cheap AF!

That's when I knew there was no going back.

Here I am now, having resigned from my job to once again go back to school, and I'm still drinking the damn sludge I'd told myself I'd never need.

It's all over.


I need it HARD!

So past Poppins, let me answer our own little question.

"Is Coffee the Key to Success?"

Who gives a shit! That stuff is gold and I'm going to drink it anyways. I'm only sorry I didn't start sooner. (Though my pearly white's thank me for taking my time to cross over to the dark side. You're welcome teeth!)

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