Feb 25, 2009

If life were like fruit snacks....

If life were like fruit snacks everyone would be happy. Think of all the variety they offer. With little gummies shaped like Spiderman and Barbie, in flavors like strawberry, grape and white (yes, apparently white is a flavor when shaped like a spider web or floral arrangement! Never underestimate Betty Crocker!) You can never go wrong with fruit snacks. The joy they bring to children. The temporary satisfaction they bring to one's stomach. Does it get any better than this?

I wish my life was a little bag full of fruit snacks. Granted it I was the one eating it, it would be gone in about 5.9 seconds.

SO in closing I retort my statement because I prefer my life to last much longer than a bag of fruit snacks. But would still enjoy it to be flavored white ;)

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