Mar 14, 2011

An epicly lame attempt to catch up ... but lame is good. Right? Now tell me what to read!

So thanks to my fantasticsause sister, I revisited this site for a moment or twelve ans tarted going over posts that I didn't even remember writing. I mean who knew my kids and The Hunger Games had so much in common!??!

So here's the last what? 132 months in review ....

  • I started a new site
  • It got kinda big
  • I wrote another book (or two)
  • I have no clue what to do with it (Agent, self publish, put it on a shelf and make it look pretty ... do they sell shiny paper for unpublished manuscripts?)
  • Started a new full time job
  • Got sick
  • Really sick
  • Just got better
  • Still working on booming new website
  • Trying to catch up on life
  • Are you bored yet?
Yeah, so not too exciting (unless making # 3 out of the 50 best blogs about bipolar is exciting...), but it's still keeping me busy.

BUT... my newest thing ....

I have read approximately 1.2 books so far this year. That is sad. As in fall down on the ground in a dramatic "Oh my world this life is going to end" sort of way. It's cry worthy I tell you.

SO I'm looking for your help. I've been out of it so long, I need help knowing what to read. Last year I gave up Facebook and Twitter for lent. This year I gave up going out to eat ... and I'm TRYING to watch less TV and read more.

What I've picked up and started (as in the first chapter) so far ...
  1. The Book Thief
  2. Gathering Blue (sequel to The Giver by Louis Lowery)
What should I add? What have I missed out on. HELP ME!!!

PS...did I mention I've gotten that itch back. You know...the writing itch. Does anyone have any cortisone cream for that? Or should I just start scratching?


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Theresa said...

All great writers are fantasticsauce with a dash of awesome sprinkled on the top. :)