Mar 15, 2011

To Self Publish or Not to Self Publish ... Is that even a question?

We all know how hard it is to get an agent/publisher these days. And I totally get why. But sometimes (and don't take this wrong agents because I super fabulouslike love you! You do amazing things and are practically heroes!) sometimes I wonder if going that route is even right for what I'm looking to do. Sure I'd love to be a number one best seller and be published by Harper Teen and have a million people like me on facebook ... BUT there's a lot that goes into that!

Reasons I think going the agent/big publisher route might not be for me ...

  • Time ... it's sorta limited ... like a LOT! And I'm not sure how well I would do being bound by contracts and deadlines and all that fun stuff!
  • I'm not really looking to make gobs of money. I write because I love it. And I want people to read my stuff. BUT, I mean, it'd be nice to make a wee bit of money. Wouldn't it?
  • I'm a control freak (I'm pretty sure you guys didn't know that already) and I don't know how I'd do answering to agents and editors and publishers. I like things my way dammit!
  • I've already got a really decent platform, as my website has really taken off. So the marketing efforts will be needed, but it would be slightly less than if I had no platform at all.
  • I don't know that any  agent/editor/publisher would really "get" my book. I feel super passionate about it because it relates closely to my life, I'm not sure the every day mentally healthy person would get that. And furthermore, the thought of someone tearing it apart to make it "sellable" (new word...made it up myself) just makes my stomach churn.
The only real benefit I can come up with for going the agent/big publishing house route is the validation of having published with one of the big guys.

So I know this is a VERY controversial subject, one that people have MANY opinions on ... but I'd LOVE to hear all those controversial opinions. Really! Tell me TELL me TELL ME! NOW!

Sorry for the over dramaticness there. Just really in a loop about this right now :)


Theresa said...

Considering the fact that you've already started the ball rolling here, I'm voting self.... :)

Mama Bear said...

Go for it on your own, there’s a lot of kuddos given to those who stand on their own, and you'll learn a lot too!

Paula Lonergan said...

I actually self-published several books. Over the years one especially has had good success in my estimation.

Now, I am seeking a large publishing house to publish with because there are definite limits as to how far a self-published book can go. Not all bookstores accept self-published books, not all distributors work with self-published books.

Either way, there's alot of hard work and time involved, whether it's in publishing or marketing. Just a few thoughts....

Michael said...

Unfortunately I don't have a suggestion, but felt compelled to comment as I am looking into the same issue. I am considering self-publishing a book on commissionable sales. I am pretty sure this is the way for me to go, but I, as Im sure you are as well, am curious about the "definite limits" that Paula referred to.